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Payments Methods

Is paying through credit/debit card a safe option?

At all sensitive information are conducted on https:// secure server. All Credit/Debit card details remain confidential and private. We use SSL encryption technology to protect your card information.

What is card authorization?

Card AUTHORIZATION means your bank has reserved the amount specified for for the order you have placed with You may receive an alert from bank that your card is authorized by but that does not means it is yet charged. You have to pay nothing when your card is just authorized.

Is card charging different from authorization?

Yes, when your card is charged it means the amount is actually taken out from your card, which is not the case when your card is authorized.

Will I be receiving different alerts from the bank regarding authorization and an alert when card is actually being charged?

Yes, depending on bank policy and your alert setting you may receive messages at both the stages.

At what stage of order processing do you authorize or charge card?

We authorize your card the moment you place the order with us. But we charge your card only when we ship your order. Kindly be informed that your credit/debit card bill contains only the amount that has been charged and never any amount for authorization. Any authorization made is automatically removed by the banks in 15 days time if a capture/charge does not happens

What are the steps involved in credit/debit card processing?

Here are the steps for card processing:
  1. Placing the order at - Card details get stored over secured connection.
  2. Authorization of Card before we begin to process your order.
  3. Capture amount when your book is being shipped out.

What is the process of charging card when orders are shipped partially?

If your Order is shipped partially or from our other locations you may receive multiple alerts for payment authorization as well as when card is actually charged. But be assured you will NEVER be charged more than the total order price and your card will be processed for the correct amount.

Can I use wire transfer or transfer fund directly to your bank account?

Yes, please find the details below if you are looking for a Bank Transfer or International Wire.

Beneficiary name: Pletos Inc. (
Account Number: 483020806953
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
Address: NEW YORK
Country: USA
While sending the wire transfer please put your order number in the message box. Wire transfers should be made in exact US dollars amount as shown in the Order Summary. Additionally intimate us by email at when you send a wire payment.

Can I pay through checks?

Instructions for Check Payment
Checks drawn in USD can be posted in favor of:
Pletos Inc.
244 Madison Ave. Apt 405
New York, NY 10016-2817
Please include a printout of the Order summary along with the check for easy posting to your account. Note:- It will take an additional 7-10 days for the payment to get processed initiating the processing of order.

Are there any Credit Line options for libraries and universities?

Yes, we do have such options available for Libraries and Universities. Please drop us a mail at to create a credit line account or for knowing more details on this.