Top 10 Scary Books To Read This Halloween

Author: Sherry Helms

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween.”

High autumn is the season of chilly long nights, spooky costumes, and frightening stories!  Zombies, witches, ghouls and goblins all appear in good time for All Hallow’s Eve, and remain in the ascendant until Christmas Eve. It is the time of the year to sink your teeth in a book guaranteed to give you the shivers- or at least make you check under the bed before you go to sleep at night.

Here, for your terrifying pleasure, our editorial team picked 10 spine-chilling titles both contemporary and classic, adult and teens to get you in the spooky spirit. These delightfully gruesome books are divided according to age groups so people of all ages can enjoy this  scary festival.

For Adults


Dust & DecayDust & Decay by Jonathan Maberry:  If you are looking for a really gory story this Halloween then this second book in the Benny Imura adventure series by New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Macberry should be on your list. This non-stop action sequel of Rot & Ruin picks up six months after the end of terrifying battle of Benny Imura with Charlie Pink-eye and the Motor City Hammer in the zombie-infested world. Now, after months of meticulous training Benny was back at home with Nix. They also brought back Benny’s best friend Lou Chong and Lilah the Lost Girl. But there was a dreadful zombie attack in the town before they go out. They encounter with lots of wild animals, living dead, insane killers once they enter into the Rot & Ruin.

Handling the Undead by John Ajvide Lindqvist: This spine tinglingHandling the Undead novel by the master philosopher of horror genre will make you jump a little bit in your seat. A series of freak occurrences in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, -power grid has gone crazy, electric appliances won’t stay switched off and mass headaches – omens the “awakening”. In the city morgue and in cemeteries, the newly deceased are waking up and they want to come home. The scary and vivid graphic description of the effects of decay on the human body will sear into your mind.

Eternal NightThe Night Eternal by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan: A riveting conclusion to the New York Times best-selling vampire trilogy, The Night Eternal is a perfect book to indulge in around Halloween. This stunning and frightening vampire saga will appeal to even the most reluctant of readers. The novel starts two years after the vampiric virus smashed the world and a massive nuclear attack leaves the earth into constant darkness, poisoned and under heel. An exterminator, a scientist and a former gangbanger decides to disrupt and destroy the vampire new world order. You can’t put it down once you start reading this final installment of The Strain Trilogy.

 Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake:Anna Dressed in Blood

In Thunder Bay, Anna, who was murdered 60 years ago and a curse was placed upon her that kept her forever locked inside the house where she died, rips apart  anyone who enters her house- except Cas Lowood, a 17-year old who kills the evil spirits with his late father’s athame knife. This thrilling and chilling ghost story will keep you up all night turning the pages. A super fun and scary ride that you won’t regret.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar ChildrenMiss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar by Ransom Riggs: If you are looking for a good creepy book to read, this spine-tingling fantasy novel is definitely for you. Chock-full of mystery and suspense, this spine-tingling fantasy illustrated with haunting vintage photography will delight the adults as well as teens alike. As the unforgettable story opens, a shocking family tragedy sets a 16-year-old kid; Jacob sets out on a journey to the remote Welsh island, where he finds the kids from the photographs alive despite the islanders’ assertion that all were killed decades ago.


For Teens, Pre-Teens & YA fans


Summer of Night by Dan Simmons: Feel the chill of the HalloweenSummer of Night night with this outstandingly scary story about a group of young boys who experience a summer of terror. This masterfully crafted horror classic by Hugo Award-winning novelist Simmons will bring you to the edge of your seat and raise the hair on the back of your neck. Set in 1960s small-town America, this is the horrific tale of five pre-teen boys, in uneasy partnership with an outcast girl, stalked by a monster. The group of kids understands that they must kill that ghoulish, timeless monstrosity before it devours them, their friends, and probably the world.

The Halloween TreeThe Halloween Tree by  Ray Bradbury: This breathtaking book is to Halloween what Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol is to Christmas. A fast-paced, creepy story set on the backdrop of Halloween night, tells the tale of mysterious, sinister skeletal Mr. Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud who guides eight boys into a journey to the past. The adventure to distant lands from ancient Egypt to celtic druids, to Paris, this book will bring you shivers of fear on the dark Halloween night. You just can’t miss this uniquely gothic, heart pounding and uplifting story by the horror author Ray Bradbury on the occasion of Halloween that will take you to the wildly imaginative journey.

Ronald Dahl’s Book of Ghost Stories by Ronald Dahl: Roald Dahl Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories(1916-1990) is basically known for his amazing, though often dark, children’s novels. Yet he wrote several maliciously funny short ghost stories for youngsters and adults. When Dahl compiled this anthology, he read more than 749 horror tales from a group of ghost storytellers at the British Museum Library, and from those he chose 14 of the spookiest. This 1983 compilation of short ghost stories not only includes acknowledged classics by the celebrated ghost story writers such as Edith Warton, E.F. Benson, and Sheridan Le Fanu but also tales by lesser-known authors like A. M. Burrage, Jonas Lie, and L.P. Hartley. This anthology of short ghoulish stories will give you the creeps and disturb your thoughts.

For the Middle Grades & Little Ones


The 13 Nights of HalloweenThe 13 Nights of Halloween by Guy Vasilovich: This clever, creative and creepy picture book by debut author-illustrator is sure to encourage the children to start the creepy countdown to Halloween. On the first night of Halloween, a little witch-girl receives a bright, shiny Skelton key from her mother. And for each of the 13 nights leading up to the big night, her mother gives amusingly creepy gifts. The gifts include everything from demons dancing to icky eyeballs to singing skulls. There is everything from ghoulish giggles to the little risk of getting up again in the mid of the night lasting trauma for kids.Half-Minute Horrors

Half-Minute Horrors by Susan Rich:  How scared can you get in just thirty seconds? Find out in Half-Minute Horrors. Featuring a who’s who of authors and artists (James Patterson, Avi, Neil Gaiman, Jonathan Lethem, Lauren Myracle, Michael Connelley, Francine Prose and many more, this amazing book is the compilation of more than seventy instant thrills that range from darkly humorous to monstrous to morbid. This is an ideal book for every child who disdains fiction starring happy puppies or home-run heroes.

Hope this list will help you to pick a creepy Halloween book. You can add your scary favorites in the comments.

J.K. Rowling Will Release Harry Potter’s New Story On The Spooky Holiday

Author: Sherry Helms

ssGreat news, Harry Potter fans! J.K. Rowling has just announced the release of a brand new Harry Potter spin-off story as a treat for her beloved fans on Halloween. This news has been revealed by the author on her website, Pottermore.

This brand new 1700-word piece is about the incredibly evil Hogwarts teacher, Dolores Umbridge, who first appeared in the fifth book (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) of the massively popular series, which came out in the year 2003. The role of one of Hogwart’s most malicious professors, Dolores Umbridge, was played fabulously by Imelda Staunton on the big screen.  

On her website, J.K Rowling elaborated several new details about Umbridge’s 9781408803011life along with her own thoughts and insights about the character. There are several fun games and riddles also being posted on the Pottermore Insider Blog regarding this.

As per the reports of the Independent, several HP tales have been formerly published by Rowling on her interactive website. Back in July, she released a short story of the Harry’s meeting with a few Hogwarts friends- Ron, Luna, Hermione and Neville during the Quidditch World Cup final.

Last month, the bestselling-author tantalized her fans with a number of tweets about the new story from the magical wizarding world and the forthcoming follow-up motion picture based on her book: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” for which she is writing screenplay. According to the reports by the Daily Mail, penned by “magizoologist” Newt Scamander, the spin-off film purportedly will be the first in a trilogy and is slated by Warner Bros. for release in 2016. The expected release dates of the second and third movies are 2018 and 2020.

How excited are you with the News? Let us know by posting comments below!

A Tale of Two Inns

Guest Author: Amanda Cabot

Amanda CabotOn paper, they looked like two very similar places to spend a vacation. Both were family-oriented country inns featuring quaint accommodations, modified American plan meals and beautiful locations. One was nestled on the quiet side of Smoky Mountain National Park, the other on one of the gorgeous lakes in New York State’s Adirondack Mountain region. Both offered a variety of activities for the visitor.

The similarities ended there. When my husband and I arrived at the Smoky Mountain resort, we were welcomed by smiling innkeepers who showed us to our room, insisting that if there was anything we needed, all we had to do was ask. A rather surly clerk greeted us in the Adirondacks, giving us a map and telling us we couldn’t get lost finding our cabin. We didn’t.  But when we opened the door and found less than stellar accommodations, including mismatched bedspreads and towels with holes, we suspected that was part of the reason the clerk didn’t accompany us to the cabin. He didn’t want to hear any complaints.At-Bluebonnet-Lake

The Adirondack problems were more than superficial, as we discovered the first night when an unexpected rain demonstrated that the roof leaked. Over the bed, of course. Electricity was unreliable, particularly when I wanted to dry my hair. And when we took a paddle boat out to explore the lake, we discovered the reason a can had been left in the bottom. It was needed for bailing. Yes, it wasn’t only the roof that leaked.

Meals were another major difference. The Smoky Mountain resort served its meals family style at large round tables with what seemed like an endless supply of delicious foods placed on lazy Susans in the center of each table. In the Adirondacks, the food, while nourishing, lacked variety. There must have been a sale on chicken, because we had roast chicken for dinner one night, chicken salad the next day, and chicken noodle soup the third. I like chicken, but even for me that was too much. 

Can you guess which resort we enjoyed so much that we visited it at least once a year? No question about that, is there? And yet, which one do you think provided the inspiration for At Bluebonnet Lake? Yes, the one in the Adirondacks. 

I’ve always claimed that writers need irritation rather than inspiration, and the Adirondack resort certainly provided its share of irritation. While I was grousing over the all too obvious problems, I kept asking myself “why?” And that led to “what if?” The result was not one but three books set at a fictional resort called Rainbow’s End.  All of which proves that writers can find inspiration … er, irritation anywhere.

About Author:

Amanda Cabot is the bestselling author of more than thirty novels including the Texas Dreams trilogy, the Westward Winds series, and Christmas Roses. A former director of Information Technology, she has written everything from technical books and articles for IT professionals to mysteries for teenagers and romances for all ages.  Amanda is delighted to now be a fulltime writer of Christian romances, living happily ever after with her husband in Wyoming. Learn more about her at

Killer In God’s Land

Guest Author: Mahendra Jakhar

Mahen My book The Butcher of Benares is a murder mystery with Naga Sadhus, Aghoris, Benares, the Ganges, the royal family of Benares and the mystery of Bhrigu-Samhita. It entertains and educates. At time its kicks you in the gut and jolts you to think about the crimes happening in the society. It grabs you and takes you on a journey through the lanes of Benares and into its dark secrets, its history and the murderer.

Let me tell you, I was writing a film script with the same title and approached a lot of film directors and producers but none showed any interest. There are still not many murder mysteries being made in Bollywood. So I had this title and then I started writing the book. The story changed totally from what I had in the film script. And I am a big History lover so yes somewhere I have put history into the book. The history that becomes a part of the book also is something that’s unknown to the common man. It’s not taught in schools and colleges so I turned it into a thriller with historical undertones.

For me, crime writing is an art that combines craft along with keeping the story thrilling and interesting. Also, I write crime fiction not just for thrills and entertainment it provides me a platform to try and understand what is going on in our society, what is wrong with our society that in spite of all the development, education, stringent laws and all the crime rate continues to spiral upwards. So in my own way I try to understand it, look for solutions if there are any and see where we as a society are heading.

While researching for the book, I took three trips to Benares and stayedbutcher cover there for a week each time. I met with Sadhus, Aghoris, Naga Sadhus and spent a lot of time roaming on the Ghats and talking to pundits and touts. It was there I found some interesting characters. I also met with a senior astrology scholar who enlightened me with Vedic astrology and its connection to astronomy. I had to read a lot of background on the royal family of Benares and make sure that I don’t hurt their sentiments and still can turn my book into a thriller that I aspire.

The greatest challenge to crime writing is that so much has already been done worldwide that it’s difficult to come up with something that has not been done before. Even today, world over there are hundreds of crime writers churning out hundreds of books every week and to have a book that stands out in this crowd is itself a great challenge. And to make a crime fiction book from an Indian author shine on a global platform is a big challenge. The great advantage is that if your book is really, really, very good, the crime fiction sells like hot cakes. Then it has to be very good and with my first book The Butcher of Benares, I feel I have been successful in this regard. Being an avid reader and writer of crime fiction myself and being the author of the book, I would go and buy the book. Apart from just being a murder mystery, it combines the mysticism of Benares, the mysteries of Vedic astrology and astronomy, the varied religious sects, the history of Benares, the royal family, the many historic sites and temples and how it all connects to the 1857 Revolt. With these ingredients The Butcher of Benares stands out in the crowd. A whole lot of foreign travellers are picking up the book from airport and superb five star reviews are pouring in from all over.

About Author:

Mahendra Jakhar was born in a small town in UP, Mainpuri, India. The place was infested with criminals and dacoits so his mother sent him away to a boarding school near Delhi. After passing out from the school where he picked up reading and writing, he went on to do B.A, English Literature Hons. from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University. After graduation Mahendra worked as a freelance reporter and photographer for various newspapers and magazines in Delhi. He was offered a job with The Times of India where he worked for over six years as a crime-reporter. Post that he shifted to Mumbai to start working as a script-writer for films and television shows. His first film was with Mahesh Bhatt, The Killer, starring Irrfaan Khan and Emraan Hashmi. He writes for several TV shows like CID, Maano Ya Na Maano, Seeta aur Geeta, Dwarikadhish and various documentaries.

10 Benefits Of Reading: Why Should We Read ?

Author: Sherry Helms

Reading makes your education worthwhile. If you have the habit of reading you are one of the few blessed educated ones who will not only benefit from their own learning but also share his/her knowledge with the world. Actually you are one of those who make world civilized and a better place to live in.

read good books

Here we are enlisting 10 benefits of reading, which we hope will be an interesting read for everyone. Do share this post, especially if you want to inculcate reading habits in all your near and dear ones.

10.Inexpensive Entertainment
Books are generally not that expensive plus it is everlasting. This can be shared and can be read by all ages. These all makes a book an immense as well as inexpensive source for entertainment. If you have the habit of reading, you do not need any one or need not to go anywhere. Just a couch or a comfortable chair, sufficient light, peace of mind and a good book to read is all you need to entertain yourself.

9. Strengthens Friendships/Relationshipstress remove
Reading inculcates values and increases moral. You not only start respecting yourself but also people around you. This is one of the biggest traits of human being to love fellow human being.  But this trait is not so commonly found.  Reading helps you increase this trait.

Besides two good readers connect themselves so easily and quickly develops good rapport.

8. Encourages Positive Thinking
Life is all how you perceive things around you, specially the events, the relationship and the situations. A well read man fears none and has solutions to every problem that comes in his/her way.  Nothing shapes your thoughts better then the habit of reading. Reading a good author book is actually like sitting and discussing the topic with the finest thinkers. Read a lot and pass this habit to next generation to make this world full of positive energy.

7. Enhances Memory
People who read regularly have good learning and retaining power. According to a study, those who read daily both early and late in life had a slower rate of decline in brain power to those who did not.

expand minds

6.Improves Vocabulary
Reading helps in increasing your mental dictionary. According to researchers, the more you read the more words you will come across and they’ll certainly become a part of your everyday vocabulary. Being well-spoken, educated and knowledgeable on a variety of subjects is of great help in getting a good job and promotions. Hence, reading not only helps in getting good career but also it helps in boosting their self-esteem, who speaks confidently in front of their higher-ups.

5. Improves Writing Skill
Vibrant and lucid style can make your piece sticky. Writing styles can be improved and the best way to improve it is reading good writers.  Whatever we learn as readers, we can use that as writers.

4. Spurs Brain To Think And Concentrate
As we mentioned in the first point that reading improves your mental stimulation. Your daily activities like chatting with a number of people, checking internet posts or e-mails, tweeting, may create an ADD-(attention deficit disorder) like behavior that increases stress levels and lowers productivity. However, when you immerse yourself in a good book, your all attention is focused on the story,  and parts of the brain that are developed for other functions associate in a specific task of reading. This will help in increasing the thinking and concentrating power of your brain.

3. Improves Reasoning and Analytical Skills
The most important aspect of thinking is “how you think”.  You think hard versus you think smart. Honing your cognitive skills can open a lifetime of intellectual curiosity and can make your brain analytical.

2. Slash Stress LevelsKeep the Stress away read a book today
Reading is a great stress buster.  Immerse yourself into a literary world to distract yourself from daily stresses. According to a study conducted in 2009 at the University of Sussex, those who read regularly are free from the stressors that plague their daily life. Reading is a great stress buster that relaxes your body by tamping down your heart rate and reduces stress by up to 68%.

1. Encourages Life Goals
Life goals are dependent on the ambition that you have. If you want to set your goals high and rise above the ordinary just keep reading and see where you go. Sky is the limit for a well read man or women. Just look around you and find the list of successful as well as happy people. I am sure all those people would be having at least one habit in common and that is of reading voraciously.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Do share this post to increase awareness and inspire people who are yet to be in the list of good readers.

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