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Happy New Year: Special Greetings with Best January Releases

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Author: Sherry Helms

Today is the last day of the year 2011. This is the occasion which comes every year, but still so special when we ring out the old year and approach towards a new one with open arms. Today is the day when we recall all the happy and sad moments of the year and we fill our hearts with new hopes, new dreams, new aspirations and new expectations and move on towards welcoming a new year. This is the day of joy, happiness, celebrations and festivities when we forget all our sorrows and enmities and celebrate altogether to collect some more golden memories in our albums.

Check out the books that are coming on the first week of January, 2012 to greet you with more thrill and chill and let you start the New Year with some fun reads. So here are some brief details on those books that you would love to purchase on the first brand new week of the New Year and get a boost to have more fun.

Private: #1 Suspect (Jack Morgan): The year starts with another unstoppable thriller and crime fiction by James Patterson. While Jack Morgan’s investigation firm is the most powerful and smartest one in the whole industry to uncover all truths, this time Jack Morgan himself falls prey to the suspicion of murdering his former lover. There are also cases of thefts and treacheries against him from where it’s hard for him to find a way out to save his life. With lots of twists and turns, this is another uncommon best from James Patterson that is going to be the finest treat on this New Year week.

With a very exciting storyline, James Patterson is once more going to be at the highest peak on your to- be- read list. So ready for the action?

Bloodrose (Nightshade #3): Another best teen read is awaiting you. After the first two thrilling novels in the internationally bestselling series Nightshade Trilogy, Andrea Cremer is all set to publish her third and final installment in the series and it is called Bloodrose. Keep your fingers crossed to know with whom finally Calla ends up with- Ren or Shay? Some ultimate sacrifice for true love is on the roll. The tension and anxiety that follows reading Wolfsbane is going to end very soon just next week and there can no more a dynamic ending to such an engrossing series.

It shall keep you breathless and sleepless from the beginning to the final pages until you end it at a single reading.

Breakdown (V. I. Warshawski Series #15): This time it’s turn for Sara Paretsky to rock the reading world with another bestselling novel. Another murder happens, in an abandoned cemetery and now it’s V.I. Warshawski’s responsibility to come out with all answers to the uprising questions. And while looking for the answers to all her questions, she finds out the most dangerous truth about her surroundings that her enemies are something more powerful than to be called some normal humans.

A complicated story of a private investigator with some very interesting character portrayals, breathless excitements and some very convincing action- packed storyline.

We hope that you take the best joyride on this New Year celebrations with most interesting reads of the coming first week of the New Year, and share all the fun with your loved ones. As joy increases by sharing it. Happy New Year friends!!

Douglas Preston on his Second Book of Helen Trilogy- “Cold Vengeance”

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Following the interview with Lincoln Child on Cold Vengeance we are again blessed to have his co- author Douglas Preston over here in our interview forum. Here goes another interview on their latest release, the second installment in bestselling “Helen Trilogy”- Cold Vengeance. After learning so many things from Lincoln Child on their books, it’s our turn to learn a lot more from Douglas Preston on their Pendargast books and forthcoming releases from this interview.


  • What is Cold Vengeance all about?

It is about vengeance on many levels, both the pleasures of it and the corrosive effects of it.

  • Tell us something about the framing of the character Special Agent Pendargast.

He is a man out of his time, a gentleman from an old, decaying New Orleans family who finds himself in a world very different from the one he grew up in. And yet, in a curious way his stubborn adherence to an antique code of conduct and a set of values put him in a unique position to solve heinous crimes, and give him insight into the criminal mind that few share.

  • You are mostly popular among your readers to be a master storyteller. So can we know something about your storytelling or writing style?

Storytelling is one of the most ancient and I believe important of human activities. Stories tell us who we are, where we’ve been and where we’re going on the deepest levels. A good story, I think, places ordinary human beings in extraordinary circumstances and by so doing tells us something about being human and what values we should live by. (more…)

Larry Dossey on his book “The Power of Premonitions”

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Larry Dossey, the doctor turned author famous for his book “Healing Words” has always come up with some unconventional writings, with some groundbreaking observations, supported by strong case studies. After proving the power of prayers in his last book, in his latest book The Power of Premonitions he has documented some real cases of influences of premonitions on our lives. It is a book for both believers and non-believers that premonition is all about science and nothing else.

In this interview he has provided some self-made questions with some most helpful answers and we are happy that we can share these answers (with some editing on our end) with our readers with due permission of the honorable author.


What’s your book about?

Premonitions — knowing what’s about to happen.

What’s a premonition?

“Premonition” literally means “forewarning.” Premonitions come in all flavors.  Sometimes they provide information about positive, pleasant happenings that lay ahead — a job promotion, where the last remaining parking place is, or, in some instances, the winning lottery numbers.

Why did you write this book?

During my first year in medical practice as an internist, I had a dream premonition that shook me up and made me realize the world worked differently than I had been taught.  Then patients of mine began telling me about their own premonitions. Even my physician colleagues would occasionally open up and share their premonitions with me. So I decided this was a well-kept secret in medicine that needed telling.

The time is right for this book because science has come onto the premonitions scene.  There are now hundreds of experiments that confirm premonitions, which have been replicated by researchers all over the world. So there’s a new story to tell.  It’s no longer only about people’s experiences, but it’s also about science. (more…)

Merlin: The Book of Magic – Why Merlin?

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Author: T.A.Barron

Often, I’m asked why I chose to write about Merlin—especially before he became the greatest wizard of all times, when he was just a troubled boy growing into his amazing powers, with no idea of his glorious future as the fabled mage of Camelot.  Sure, he’s a remarkable character, full of surprises, someone who is destined to live backward in time, change himself (or his future student, Arthur) into whatever creature he chooses.  And sure, he’s someone whose wisdom ultimately sprouts as much from his flaws, his dark side, as from his virtues and his dreams.

But when I started writing about him—18 years and 12 books ago, books that have now been translated into 15 languages—I knew that there was something more going on.  And I’m even more certain now.  What was that mysterious, compelling quality about this young man?  What made me want to put everything else aside to listen to his secret story and be his scribe?

It all started with a dream.  Back in 1993, I dreamed of a boy, half-drowned and barely alive, who washed ashore on a strange rocky coastline.  He was weak, nauseous, and terribly confused.  Not to mention utterly lost and alone.  But he was also something else: the boy who would someday be called Merlin, the original wizard who has inspired stories worldwide for over 1500 years. (more…)

Author Interview: Heather Newton (Under the Mercy Trees)

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Under the Mercy Trees is one of the best debut novels ever by any author in the world of literary excellence. Heather Newton, the debutante author has recently won 2011 Thomas Wolfe Memorial Literary Award for her Under the Mercy Trees- a novel that directly strikes the strings of your heart with its heartwarming storyline of past and present. Heather Newton gives us a pleasant interview on her debut novel, her characters, themes, settings and her message for readers and aspiring writers.
How do you want to describe your journey as a novelist so far with your novel “Under the Mercy Trees”?

From beginning to end, Under the Mercy Trees took me ten years to complete. In that time I became a better writer (practice makes better, if not perfect!) and learned the value of perseverance. It has been a delight to see the novel in the hands of readers and to hear how people have been touched by this story that danced around in my head for so long.

Give us a brief plot description of your debut novel “Under the Mercy Trees”. How far do you relate the plot of the book to real life?

Under the Mercy Trees is the story of Martin Owenby, who is forced to return home to rural western North Carolina when his older brother Leon goes missing from the family home place. When he goes back, Martin’s family and old friends help him come to terms with past regrets that have weighed him down for decades. The idea of the brother’s disappearance came from an incident in my husband’s family, when an uncle disappeared and the family never got closure on his death. Against that background I created characters and a story of my own. (more…)

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