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Book Review: The Rook by Daniel O’Malley

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Author: Sherry Helms

The Rook!!-  A catchy title to intrigue any thriller reader. Daniel O’Malley comes to the scene of suspense novels with full of promise through this debut novel- an entertaining read with an interesting story line. A fantasy debut novel by a fantastic debut author.

What has happened to Myfanwy Thomas before she finds herself in a London Park surrounded by dead bodies all wearing latex gloves. And she awakens from her long sleep with a letter in her hands from her own past, saying “The body you are wearing used to be mine.” Then she grabs another letter giving her choices of her life- either to flee London to take up a new life or to discover self- identity and find out the culprits behind her incident of memory loss. In the process she discovers that she is a Rook, a high- ranking member of an American high organization Chequy that combats supernatural forces working at large in Britain. She discovers that she is also gifted with many supernatural forces within herself.

In the process of her self-discovery she gets introduced with a supernatural personality, her Rook counterpart Gesalt, who is alive in four bodies and is much more powerful than her. More deadly conspiracies are discovered by Myfanwy in the process and finally she comes out successful in her mission and finds out the conspirators behind her loss of memory. So are you ready to take your ride through this twisted plot with lots of turns in the way? You will simply want more and more mystery from O’Malley after completing his debut one. The characters are as intriguing as the storyline, confusing you sometimes with so many twists and turns in the plot. The idea is very unique, quite different from that of vampire stories and other paranormal romances.

And we are sure this is going to be a very entertaining start for your 2012 readings!! A lot more mystery awaiting you, so stay tuned.


Book Review: Bloodrose (Nightshade #3) by Andrea Cremer

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Author: Sherry Helms

Did you love the previous novels in the Nightshade Series? If you have not read them then first read them and then grab your copy of Bloodrose as Bloodrose starts from the very point where Wolfsbane left off. Calla and Adne searches out Ren to bring him back with her to the Searchers. But as the rift between Ren and Shay increases over the position of the alpha of the pack and over Calla herself, Calla takes up the responsibility of the sole alpha of the pack.

Calla has always been fearless of wars but this time it is the question of life and death, of responsibilities, of final sacrifice. Calla has to save Ren defying Shay’s wrath, she has to ensure Ansel’s safety, though Ansel has already been branded as a traitor. The whole world is depending upon her to get rid of all the evil powers of magic upon them, bringing more tension and horror in Calla’s life. Bloodrose is just to watch if Calla survives so many threats to her life or not. Bloodrose keeps you uncertain on who would Calla finally prefer- Ren or Shay? And finally at the breathtaking end of the novel, Calla gets her final realization of the actual essence of all the past sacrifices as well as the yet- to- come ones.

The book has everything you were looking for: love, passion, longing, twisted plots, travels, adventures and lots and lots of action. Apart from the action- packed plot of the novel, you will just fall in love with Andrea Cremer’s wonderful portrayal of characters in this third book of the Nightshade Series. All the characters are once again brought to new life, with Calla being the most powerful woman character whom female readers would just love to connect with every time. The conflict begins among readers to choose the best hero among the two- Ren or Shay? To come to your final conclusion you have to just go through every page of the book without skipping any line and your preference will come clear within your consciousness in the process. There can be no particular judgment on this point as opinion is bound to vary from reader to reader.

But the ending may somewhat depress you. The love triangle remains unresolved. The suspense never ends and you keep thinking on what may have happened to the Searchers and the lovers. But Andrea Cremer being a very talented writer, her Bloodrose marks the most brilliant finishing to this excellent trilogy and though this is may not seem to be the best book in the entire series, it is very much worth reading and it heightens the standard of the entire Nightshade Trilogy.

Interviewing Austin Boyd on Nobody’s Child

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Austin Boyd is an award- winning author of technology- related and business books where he deals with issues of faith extensively. He has written six novels so far and has been a proud winner of Mount Hermon “Pacesetter Award.” Here in our interview with Austin Boyd, meet the author of “Nobody’s Child exclusively where he writes in reference to the myth of Pandora’s Box. This is a novel of worldly choices without foreseeing their consequences, not intended by the heaven, leading to some very uncommon consequences never seen before in this world. Austin Boyd honors us by giving this excellent interview on this novel of bioethics and faith.


What has been your biggest inspiration to start a bioethics suspense series The Pandora Files?

My inspiration began with my third novel, The Return. In that story, I used a theme that revolved around human cloning. In the process of doing the research for that novel, I came to realize that bioethicists needed a “story teller” to weave the difficult dimensions of bioethics into fiction so that people could understand and grapple with ethical dilemmas through the medium of an entertaining tale. So I set out to write this series of stories woven around tough ethical dilemmas in medicine and biotechnology.

How do you succeed to weave real science into true- to- life characters in such an amazing way?

I try very hard to take what I understand about technology (as a spacecraft engineer) and the human body (as a trained physiologist) and put that technical information into a language that would make sense to my mother’s garden club. If the character in my novel has something real about her that makes you want to know her better, and if she thinks and speaks about science in a way that anyone can understand, then the challenge of conveying truth and tough bioethical dilemmas can be done almost invisibly.  

Tell us some basic facts about your first book in the series “Nobody’s Child”?

The novel is set in a real place, Tyler County, West Virginia, a county that most people will never see or hear of, but it’s full of history and natural beauty. I used the hamlet of Middlebourne as the town setting for the novel, including the real-to-life locale called The Jug… a seven-mile loop of the Middle Island Creek that joins back on itself. The main character, Laura Ann McGehee, is named for my wife’s aunt Laura Ann Jones, and for my dear friend and mentor, Jim McGehee. Those two people epitomize empathy, sacrificial love, perseverance, and deep faith. (more…)

Kim Edwards on The Lake of Dreams

Friday, January 20th, 2012

The New York Times bestselling author of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, Kim Edwards is a painter of words and the canvas of her storytelling is her mesmerizing novels. Her latest bestseller The Lake of Dreams is a captivating story of a woman who discovers some life-changing family secrets on her homecoming after a long time that transforms her concept of her heritage as well as her entire life. A powerful family drama focusing on lost and found love and self-discovery. Kim Edwards in her interview with us talks about why this novel would be a pure delight for all lovers of her The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.


You have already written many stories and received many awards for your stories. And recently you have released your second novel The Lake of Dreams that is going a bestseller worldwide. So how and where do you want to see yourself in the next ten years?

I love what I’m doing–I never wanted to be anything but a writer, from the time I was very small–so I imagine that ten years from now I’ll still be writing books–I can’t imagine a more rewarding life than a life of words.

Give us a brief description of your novel The Lake of Dreams.

The Lake of Dreams is the story of Lucy Jarrett, a scientist, who has been living a rather nomadic life overseas ever since her father drowned in a boating accident the summer before she left for college. Now, nearing 30, Lucy finds herself in an unfamiliar country, between jobs, her relationship in an uncertain place. When she gets a call saying that her mother has been in a minor accident, Lucy decides to go back to The Lake of Dreams, her home town, sensing that she needs to resolve some of the things from the past that haunt her.

Once there, Lucy discovers scraps of letters that suggest she had an ancestor she’s never heard of, a woman apparently excised from all the family stories, and she sets off on a quest to discover who this woman was, and why she has been erased. Lucy’s search takes her through archives and libraries and the intricate stained glass windows where some clues have been left. It takes her too on an inward journey as she’s forced to consider that what she’s always believed to be true about her family has been, instead, a fiction. In discovering this lost woman from the past, Lucy also discovers herself. (more…)

Interviewing Darynda Jones on her Paranormal Romances

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

After having a dashing debut with the first novel First Grave on the Right, Darynda Jones, winner of the RWA 2009 Golden Heart Award for Paranormal Romance at the Annual RWA Conference has never looked back and another fantastic story followed her first book in mid- 2011- Second Grave on the Left. Now lovers of paranormal books worldwide are awaiting her third book with baited breath that is ready to be released on January 31st, 2012- Third Grave Dead Ahead. In her interview with us, Darynda speaks on her writing journey so far, her portrayal of Charley Davidson and her creation of wonderful storylines throughout all her three lovely books.


When did you start your writing journey and who has been your biggest inspiration in your life? Share some of the most memorable moments in your ride so far.

I started when I was about five years old.I did not know how to write, but I loved to tell stories, and I wanted to write them for people.My first “written” story was in the dirt using a stick.Of course, I had to do a lot of explanation as to what it said, and I could not tell you what that story was about, but my love for stories and writing grew from there.I think my love for writing got a big push when my best friend and I started writing our novels together in our senior year.We had more fun doing that.

As for inspiration, Joanna Lindsey and Kathleen Woodiwiss were two of the first authors that I read that really moved me as a reader, and I wanted to be able to create stories and characters that could stand beside theirs and move people the way theirs did.

One of the most memorable moments in my ride was winning the RWA a 2009 Golden Heart Award for Paranormal Romance at the Annual RWA Conference. That was a stunning moment.I was literally so shocked at hearing my name I was unable to move for a brief moment.And standing in front of all of those people and accepting the award, knowing that a large number of my favorite authors were in the audience, was tremendously intimidating. Exciting, but intimidating.

First Grave started out fairly differently than what it is today.Charley was Harley and saw dead people. That was pretty much it.A literary agent read a partial and liked it but said the story had been done before. A lot. It needed a fresh twist. After much pondering, I decided to turn the lead character into a grim reaper. I was able to keep my basic plot and keep my heroine’s spirit and sass in tact, which was very important to me. Making that change and watching the new story unfold was amazing. That agent later rejected me, a fact that I’m actually grateful for today. I would never have submitted to the incredible agent I have today if he’d made an offer. So obtaining the agent and editor that I am working with now was and has continued to be spectacular.And, of course, the release of First Grave. What a memorable day! (more…)

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