Top Meditation Books For Beginners

Author : Sherry Helms

We tend to lose touch with the peace that is present in every moment due to rush and pressure of modern life. If one wishes to discover the truth of their self-being and live in the experience of it, then meditation is a valid approach. It is a metaphor of enlightenment in self that enhances our focus on one point, reduces stress and overwhelms our lives with general feelings of happiness.

As per the surveys of Times Magazine, over 15 million Americans now do meditation regularly. Meditation techniques were in existence since years, but it is most widely come in use from the past few years after seeing its astonishing results in the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Now, these practices can easily be personalized to the needs of clinicians and their patients.

But, meditation is not as simple as it looks; one has need a correct guidance and support to meditation. Because, those who have tried meditation tell that keeping mind still and concentrate on one part is the toughest battle one will have to face. Therefore, I have enlisted here some books on meditation that are written by great people- who have attained success in meditation by meditating for years. These scholars are very well conscious about the problems that people have to face while starting meditation.

Meditation For Dummies by Stephan Bodian

Meditation For Dummies
This best-selling guide is very well written by Stephan Bodian, which has long been a favorite with the meditation newcomers. This book contains a newly recorded audio CD in which there are more than 70 minutes of guided meditations that are keyed to topics in the book, from tuning in to your body, transforming pain to grounding yourself and finding a peaceful place in the chaos of world.


Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English (An Introductory guide to Deeper States of Meditation)

Beyond Mindfulness
Written in plain English this book explains about the Vipassana meditation through concepts that could be applied to any tradition. The erudite Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka has written this step-by-step guide to meditation in which he concentrates on the Jhanas, those meditative states of deep tranquility and awareness in which the mind becomes fully immersed and absorbed in the chosen object of attention.


The Miracle of Mindfulness (The Classic Guide to Meditation)

The Miracle of Mindfulness
By the World’s Most Revered Master by Thich Nhat Hanh: A best-selling author and a great teacher of meditation- Thich Nhat Hanh has explained in this beautiful and lucid book that mindfulness means being awake and fully aware. One can do this while doing daily activities like eating, answering the phone, washing the clothes, etc.


Mindfulness for Beginners by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness for Beginners
Perhaps no other person in America has done more to bring mindfulness meditation into the mainstream than Jon Kabat-Zinn. He has done an excellent job in bridging the gap between the meditation and modern science. With Mindfulness for Beginners, he provides insights and instructions that help in making loving connection with the world and ourselves. This book comprises a CD with five guided mindfulness meditations to help people in reducing stress and alleviating pain, and more.


8 Minute Meditation Quiet Your Mind by Victor Davich

8 Minute Meditation Quiet Your Mind
As interest in meditation continues to grow, this book offers a simple, no-nonsense program to help beginners experience reduced stress and increased focus in only eight minutes a day. Designed by meditation expert and bestselling author Victor Davich, this program teaches the basic principles of meditation while clearing up the misconceptions and myths that too often get in the way.


Chakras for Beginners (A Guide to Balancing Your Chakra Energies)

Chakras for Beginners
Chakras for Beginners will convince you that all the difficult situations and emotions you experience are not caused by random events or situations in the outer world—instead, your imbalances create the situations that interfere with your sense of well-being and peace. With the help of this book, you will learn how to align your energy on different levels to attain balance and overcome imbalances that block your spiritual progress.

Meditation is a simple and life-transforming way, where we can really experience our full being, beyond all customary patterns. Therefore, meditation is indispensable for complete accomplishment in life. I hope that all these books will instruct beginners the method of developing understanding about self and improving innate potential.

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