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Crazy Readers and Their Bizarre Bookmarks

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Author: Sherry Helms

Last day on Printsasia Facebook wall, we asked our readers what’s the most bizarre item they’ve ever used as a bookmark. And, the answers we received brought us a face splitting grin, though took us by surprise. Now, with an intent to share our joy with you, we’ve made a list of those bizarre items (as bookmarks) along with our personal comments in bracket (just for fun), for a quick glance. This list includes things that are more weird than we had anticipated, further cleaving our belief that booklovers are a little bit crazy. Here goes the list:

Needle (how??)

Grocery receipts and a scrunchie (on separate occasions though…)

Cigarette paper! (Spoiling the book smell)

Feather (a nice pick)

Dry leaf (a correct substitute)

A hair clip (harmful for pages)

Piece of flower (lovely marking)

A comb with hair (eww!!)

Kremil S tablet (

Condom wrapper (????…)

A toothpick (unused is ok but…)

Charger cable (real bizarre)

A french fry (please, have mercy on books)

Payslip (please read without stress)

A lesser book (two books at one time, good one)

Unused pantyliner (no comments…)

Compact mirror (Please, concentrate on reading)

Safety pin (too small to be a bookmark)

10 pound note (can be used to buy a bookmark)

Emery boards (good one)

A package of bobbi pins (Why, this?)

A CD case! (too hard for books)

Wrapped slice of gum (Better chew it)

A cucumber slice (Oh!, please)

A coffee stirrer (Good while reading with coffee)

Reese’s cardboard (——-)

A squashed bug! (perhaps the craziest one)

Now, we welcome you all to add more stuff by posting your comments below.

6 Innovative and Interesting Bookmarks

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Author: Sherry Helms

An interesting bookmark can add more fun and appeal to your reading experience. By using the following fantastically designed Bookmarks you can make your reading easier, quicker as well as more interesting than ever:

CUT & TEAR’s Funky Paper-doll Bookmarks: Affectedly quaint, funny and sweet, these quirky paper-dolls, when you slipped them between the pages of book(s) you were curled up with, would pull you back to your bookshelf strongly than what you left reading in mid way.

Pointing Finger: An intelligent bookmarking idea, this uniquely designed bookmark is a solution to the weakness of regular bookmarks of not being able to point exactly out which line is to start from. Just place the finger symbol at the very line you stopped reading, and mark exactly from where you will need to resume next time.

DIY Bookmarks: Kids would love to use these bookmark for its colorful yet cute and funnier look. Easy to design and create, these crazy bookmark idea can be picked for do-it-yourself projects. To learn making these zany bookmarks, click here.

Burning Bookmark: Are you diving into a smoldering novel or browsing through some incendiary literature? Add more fire to your reading with this flaming placeholder. Insert this stylized flame snugly between the pages of your book, and it will take you swiftly to your saved spot as and when you come back to your reading.

Green Leafs Bookmark: Brought to you by Yuruliku, this innovative Eco-elegant bookmark will fetch greenery to your bookshelf while contributing to the interior decoration of your home.

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark: With digitization trending everywhere, Make-My-Time brings you high-tech digital bookmarks that are designed to monitor the reading time of your children, letting you keep track as to how long they have been studying.

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