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21st Century Guru Mantra for IIT-JEE - Physics,8190943871,9788190943871

21st Century Guru Mantra for IIT-JEE - Physics


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The Title "21st Century Guru Mantra for IIT-JEE - Physics" is written by Sachin Chhabra. The publisher of this title is Topchalks. We have about 10 other great books from this publisher. 21st Century Guru Mantra for IIT-JEE - Physics is currently Not Available with us.You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.

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About the Book

Topchalks brings to you IIT-JEE Physics in the form of fully explained Audio-Visual lectures of all the topics and sub-topics, including diagrams, pictures, equations, graph and previous year IIT-JEE problems as well as sample problems and new IIT-JEE problems.

About the Author

Mr. Sachin Chhabra is a B. Tech from IIT-Delhi. He is one of the founding faculties of Edusat program in Punjab which has made a significant positive difference in the lives of thousands of IIT-JEE aspirants of rural Punjab. He has also designed and implemented courseware for Gyan Seva Trust, working for education of rural students. He is very popular among Delhi and Chandigarh students and for incorporating novel teaching technologies in his exceptional course work. He has been producing extra-ordinary results every year in IIT-JEE by making Physics simpler for every aspirant.


1. Introduction
2. Reference Frame
3. Inertial Reference Frame
4. Free Body Diagram
5. Results from Kinematics
6. String Constraint "A"
7. Miscellaneous Problems

1. Introduction
2. Distance Vs. Displacement Definition
3. Definition of Average Speed
4. Illustration of Average Speed
5. Graphical Interpretations of Average Speed and its Illustration
6. Instantaneous Speed (a limiting case of average speed)
7. Illustration of Graphical Interpretation of Instantaneous Speed
8. Displacement Vs Time Graph for One-Dimensional
9. Uniformly Accelerated Motion
10. Conversion of Displacement vs Time into Distance-Time Graph
11. Elementary Problems
12. Problems
13. Projectile Motion
14. Projectiles on the Incline Plane
15. Miscellaneous Problems
16. Past Year IIT Problems
17. Introduction of Relative Motion
18. Illustration of Relative Motion

1. Wedge Constraint
2. String Constraint "B"
3. Problems
4. Past Year IIT Problems
5. Miscellaneous Problems

1. Introduction
2. Uniform Circular Motion (theory)
3. Illustration of Uniform Circular Motion
4. Non-Uniform Circular Motion (theory)
5. Conclusion of Non-Uniform Circular Motion
6. Illustration of Non Uniform Circular Motion
7. Past Year IIT Problems
8. Miscellaneous Problems

1. Introduction
2. Kinetic vs Static Friction
3. Static Friction
4. Kinetic Friction
5. Conclusion
6. Problems
7 Miscellaneous Problems

1. Work-Energy Theorem
2. Problems on Work-Energy Theorem
3. Mechanical Energy
4. Problems
5. Definition of Work Done
6. Conservative and Non-Conservative Forces
7. Conclusion
8. Past Year IIT Problems
9. Miscellaneous Problems

1. Centre of Mass
2. Introduction on Collision
3. Problems

1. Introduction
2. Moment of Inertia
3. Parallel Axis
4 Perpendicular Axis
5. Torque
6 Toppling
7. Rigid Body
8. Rotation about Fixed Axis
9. Planer Rotational Motion
10. Chastal Theorem
11. Rolling without Slipping
12. Rolling with Slipping
13. Energy Consideration
14. Angular Momentum
15. Problems on Angular Momentum and Angular Impulse
16. Problems on Rotational Motion

1. Universal Law of Gravitation
2. Spherical Symmetric Distribution
3. Finding Acceleration due to Gravity
4. Motions of Planets and Satellites in Circular Orbits
5. Keplar's Law
6. Escape Velocity
7. Gravitational Field
8. Gravitational Potential
9. Past Year IIT Questions

1. Pressure
2. Pascals Law
3. Hydrostatic Pressure and its Applications
4. Up Thrust and Centre of Buoyancy
5. Equation of Continuity
6. Bernoulli's Equation
7 Problems
8. Application of Bernoulli's Equation
9 Viscosity
10. Stoke's Law

1. Theory of Linear Simple Harmonic Motion
2. Applications and Examples of Simple Harmonic Motion

1. Heat and Work
2. Work Done by Gas
3. Internal Energy, Work done and Heat
4. First law of Thermodynamics
5. Specific Heat and its Examples
6. Polytrophic Process
7. Illustration of Specific Heat
8. Deriving Equation for Adiabatic Process
9. Isochoric Process
10. Isothermal Process
11. Equation for Adiabatic Process
12. Cp - Cv = R
13. Summary of Thermodynamics
14. Cyclic Process
15. Problems
16. Application of Calorimeter
17. Postulates of Kinetic Theory of Gases
18. Kinetic Theory of Gases
19. Cv for Polyatomics and Monoatomic Gas
20. Degree's of Freedom
21. Equipartition Principle
22. y(Adiabatic Gas Exponent) = 1 + 2/f
23 Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution
24. Applications of Kinetic Theory
25. Radiation
26. Heat Transfer by a Conduction
27 Problems

1. Introduction to Waves
2. Theory of Waves
3. Equation of Travelling Wave
4. Wave velocity Vs Particle Velocity
5. Equation of Plane Wave
6. Wavefront
7. Phase Velocity
8. Average Power Transmitted along String by Sine Wave
9. Principle of Superposition
10. Interference
11. Reflection of Waves
12. Standing Wave
13. Open Organ Pipe
14. Closed Organ Pipe
15. Beats Frequency
16. Doppler Effect
17. Conclusion of Doppler Effect
18. Problems
19. Equation of Spherical and Cylindrical Wave
20. Pressure Waves

1. Surface Tension
2. Problems
3. Hook's Law and Young Modulus

1. Coulomb's Law
2. Principle of Super Position
3. Vector Form of Coulomb's Law
4. Dipole Moment
5. Illustration of Dipole Moment
6. Flux
7. Gauss Law
8. Application of Gauss law
9. Properties of Metallic Object
10. Defining Potential
11. Defining Potential Difference
12. Defining Interaction Energy of System of Charges
13. Illustration of Interaction Energy
14. Potential Function
15. Past Year IIT Problems

1. Earthing
2. Spherical Capacitor
3. Cylinderical Capacitor
4. Capacitive Circuit
5. Charging and Discharging of Capacitor C-R Circuit
6. Forces on the Dielectric Slab

1. Introduction
2. Drift Velocity and Current
3. Drift Velocity and Electric Field
4. Kirchoff's Law (KVL and KCL)
5. Equivalent Resistance
6. Conclusion
7 Problems
8 Heating Effects of Current and its Illustrations
9 Past Year IIT Problems

1. Introduction
2. Lorentz Force
3. Force on a Current Carrying Conductor in a Uniform Magnetic Field
4. Problems
5. Biot-Savart Law
6. Ampere's Circuital Law
7. Ideal Galvanometer Vs Ideal Ammeter
8. Conversion of Galvanometer into Ammeter and Voltmeter

1. Electromagnetic Induction
2. Motional E.M.F
3. Problems on Motional E.M.F
4. Hall's Effects
5. Problems on Hall's Effect
6. Time Varying Magnetic Field and its Problems
7. Self Induction
8. Energy Stored in Inductor of Solenoid
9. L-C Oscillation
10. Growth of Current in the L-R Circuit
11. Decay of Current in L-R Circuit
12. Problems on L-R Circuit
13. Series and Parallel Combinations of Inductors
14. Problems on Inductors
15. Mutual Induction and its Problems
16. Representing A.C Signal Via Complex Number
17. Phase of I and V
18. Impedance of Capacitor
19. Series of LCR Circuits
20. Problems

1. Prism
2. Combination of Prism
3. Snell's Law and Total Internal Reflection
4. Problem on Total Internal Reflection
5. Glass Slab and its Problem
6. Laws of Reflection
7. Introduction to Sign Conventions
8. Lens Maker Formula and its Applications
9. Diverging and Converging Lenses
10. Silvering of Lens
11. Miscllaneous Problems
12. Velocity of Image if Object is Moving and its Illustration
13. Image Formation
14. Problem on Variable
15. Problems on Lens with Different Media on Two Sides
16. Problem on the Snell's Law
17. Multiple Spherical Surface's Separated by Some Distances

1. Young's Double Slit Experiment
2. Refraction through Spherical Surface and its Illustration
3. Refraction through Planar Surface and its Illustration
4. Problems

1. Postulates of Bohr's Theory
2. Bohr's Theory
3. Matter Waves
4. Conclusion
5. X-Rays
6. Moseley's Law
7. Photoelectric Effect
8. Conclusion of Photoelectric Effect
9. Past Year IIT Problems
10. Radioactivity

1. Introduction

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