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A Text Book of Botany 4th Edition, 3rd Reprint

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Book Information

Publisher:Rastogi Publications
Published In:2010
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:3.64 lbs
Pages:Various Pagings, Illus., Charts, Tables

The Title "A Text Book of Botany 4th Edition, 3rd Reprint" is written by V. Singh. This book was published in the year 2010. The ISBN number 8171339042|9788171339044 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 4th Edition, 3rd Reprint edition. This book has total of Various Pagings (Pages). The publisher of this title is Rastogi Publications. We have about 224 other great books from this publisher. A Text Book of Botany 4th Edition, 3rd Reprint is currently Not Available with us.You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.

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Introduction : Cryptogams

Unit A : Algae :
I. Algae : General Characters :
Occurrence; Range of Thallus Structure; Cell Structure in Algae; Reproduction; Types of Life-Cycle

II. Classification of Algae :
Important Classifications of Algae; Classification Proposed/Fritsch; Classification Proposed/Smith; Classification Proposed/Papenfuss; Classification Proposed/Chapman; Classification Proposed/Prescott; Classification Proposed/Round; Classification Proposed/Chapman and Chapman; Classification Proposed/Lee; Important Salient Features of Some Major Classes of Algae .

III. Cyanophyceae : General Characters And Classification :
General Characters; Cell Structure; Heterocysts; Nitrogen Fixation/Blue-Green Algae; Classification of Cyanophyceae

IV. Chroococcales : Gloeocapsa; Microcystis :
Family Chroococcaceae; Gloeocapsa; Microcystis

V. Nostocales : Oscillatoria; Spirulina; Nostoc; Scytonema; Gloeotrichia; Rivularia :
Family Oscillatoriaceae; Oscillatoria; Spirulina; Family Nostocaceae; Nostoc; Family Scytonemataceae; Scytonema; Family Rivulariaceae; Gloeotrichia; Rivularia

VI. Chlorophyceae : General Characters and Classification :
Classification of Chlorophyceae

VII. Volvocales : Chlamydomonas; Volvox :
Family Chlamydomonadaceae; Chlamydomonas; Family Volvocaceae; Volvox

VIII. Chlorococcales : Chlorella; Hydrodictyon; Scenedesmus :
Family Chlorellaceae; Chlorella; Family Hydrodictyaceae; Hydrodictyon; Family Coelastraceae; Scenedesmus

IX. Ulotrichales : Ulva :
Family Ulvaceae; Ulva

X. Cladophorales : Cladophora :
Cladophora; Life-Cycle of Cladophora Glomerata

XI. Chaetophorales : Fritschiella; Coleochaete :
Family Chaetophoraceae; Fritschiella; Coleochaete

XII. Oedogoniales : Oedogonium
XIII. Conjugales : Zygnema; Cosmarium :
Family Zygnemaceae; Zygnema; Family Desmidiaceae; Cosmarium

XIV. Siphonales : Codium; Vaucheria :
Family Codiaceae; Codium; Family Vaucheriaceae; Vaucheria; Taxonomic Position of Vaucheria

XV. Charales : Chara :
Chara; Taxonomic Position of Chara (149)

XVI. Bacillariophyceae : General Characters and Classification :
Classification; Occurrence; Thallus Structure; Movement; Reproduction

XVII. Pennales : Navicula :
Family Naviculoideae; Navicula

XVIII. Phaeophyceae : General Characters And Classification :
General Characters; Classification

XIX. Ectocarpales : Ectocarpus :
Family Ectocarpaceae; Ectocarpus

XX. Fucales : Fucus; Sargassum :
Family Fucaceae; Fucus; Family Sargassaceae; Sargassum

XXI. Dictyotales : Dictyota :
Family Dictyotaceae; Dictyota

XXII. Laminariales : Laminaria :
Family Laminariaceae; Laminaria

XXIII. Rhodophyceae : General Characters and Classification :
General Characters; Classification

XXIV. Nemalionales : Batrachospermum :
Family Batrachospermaceae; Batrachospermum

XXV. Ceramiales : Polysiphonia :
Family Rhodomelaceae; Polysiphonia

XXVI. Origin and Evolution of Sex in Algae :
Origin of Sex; Evolution of Sex

XXVII. Economic Importance of Algae :
Useful or Positive Importance; Harmful or Negative Importance

XXVIII. Culturing of Algae :
Importance of Algal Cultures; Isolation of Cultures; Culture Media; Culturing of Algae

XXIX. Professor M.O.P. Lyenga

Unit B : FUNGI Microbiology AND PLANT Pathology :
I. Fungi : General Characters :
General Characteristics of Fungi

II. Taxonomic Status and Classification of Fungi
III. Myxomycetes Psysarales : Physarum :
Class Myxomycetes; Order Physarales; Family Physaraceae; Physarum
IV. Chytridiomycetes Chytridiales : Synchytrium :
Order Chytridiales; Family Synchytriaceae; Synchytrium

V. Chytridiomycetes Blastocladiales : Allomyces :
Family Blastocladiaceae; Allomyces; Life-Cycle Patterns

VI. Oomycetes Saprolegniales : Achlya; Saprolegnia :
Order Saprolegniales; Family Saprolegniaceae; Achlya; Saprolegnia

VII. Peronosporales : Phytophthora; Pythium; Albugo :
Family Pythiaceae; Phytophthora; Pythium; Family Albuginaceae; Albugo Cystopus

VIII. Zygomycetes Mucorales : Mucor, Rhizopus
Order Mucorales; Family Mucoraceae; Mucor; Rhizopus

IX. Ascomycotina Hemiascomycetes; Endomycetales : Saccharomyces
Ascomycotina : General Characters; Degeneration of Sex in Ascomycotina; Classification; Order Endomycetales; Family Saccharomycetaceae; Saccharomyces Yeast

X. Eurotiales : Aspergillus; Penicillium :
Family Eurotiaceae (Aspergillaceae); Aspergillus (Eurotium); Perfect States of Aspergillus; Penicillium; Perfect States of Penicillium

XI. Erysiphales : Erysiphe; Sphaerotheca; Uncinula :
Family Erysiphaceae; Erysiphe ; Sphaerotheca ; Uncinula

XII. Sphaeriales : Neurospora; Claviceps; Xylaria; Chaetomium :
Family Sordariaceae; Neurospora; Family Claviceptaceae; Claviceps; Family Xylariaceae; Xylaria; Family Melanosporaceae; Chaetomium

XIII. Pezizales : Peziza', Morchella', Ascobolus :
Family Pezizaceae; Peziza Cup Fungi; Family Morchellaceae; Morchella (Guchhi); Ascobolus

XIV. Basidiomycotina Teliomycetes; Ustilaginales : Ustilago :
General Characters of Basidiomycotina; Cell Division in Basidiomycotina; Order Ustilaginales; Family Ustilaginaceae; Ustilago Smut Fungi

XV. Uredinales : Puccinia :
Family Pucciniaceae; Puccinia; Physiological Specialization; Life-Cycle; A-Stages of Puccinia Graminis on Wheat Plant; B-Stages of Puccinia Graminis on Berberis Plant; Annual Recurrence of Wheat Rust in India

XVI. Agaricales : Agaricus :
Family Agaricaceae; Agaricus Mushroom

XVII. Aphyllophorales : Polyporus :
Family Polyporaceae; Polyporus

XVIII. Gasteromycetes Lycoperdales : Lycoperdon :
Class Gasteromycetes; Family Lycoperdaceae; Lycoperdon

XIX. Deuteromycotina Hypomycetes; Moniliales : Alternaria; Cercospora; Helminthosporium; Fusarium :
General Characters of Deuteromycotina; Form-Order Moniliales; Form-Family Dematiaceae; Form-Genus Alternaria; Form-Genus Cercospora; Form-Genus Helminthosporium; Form-Family Tuberculariaceae"; Form-Genus Fusarium

XX. Melanoconiales : Colletotrichum
XXI. Heterothallism in Fungi
Morphological Heterothallism; Physiological Heterothallism; Homothallic Fungi

XXII. Parasexualilty :
Mechanism of Parasexual Cycle; Applications of Parasexuality

XXIII. Sex Hormones in Fungi :
Some Important Sex Hormones of Fungi; Significance of Sex Hormones

XXIV. Edible Fungi : Mushrooms and Their Cultivation :
Nutritive Value of Mushrooms; Cultivation of Mushrooms

XXV. Economic Importance of Fungi :
Useful Activities; Harmful Activities

XXVI. Lichens :
Distribution; Nature of Association of Phycobiont and Mycobiont in Lichens; Classification of Lichens; Structure; Reproduction; Economic Importance of Lichens

XXVII. Prof. Karam Chand Mehta
XXVIII. Diversity of Microbes : Introduction :
Position of Microbes in the Living World; Main Groups of Microorganisms; Metabolic Diversity Among Microorganisms; Environmental Diversity Among Microorganisms

XXIX. Viruses; Viroids and Prions :
Viruses; Origin of Viruses; General Characteristics of Viruses; General Morphology of Viruses; Classification And Nomenclature of Viruses; Tobacco Mosaic Virus TMV; Bacteriophage; Replication of Bacteriophages; Phage Growth And Estimation of Phage Number; Types of Viral Infections; Replication of Animal Viruses; Common Symptoms of Viral Infection; Diagnostic Symptoms of Some Common Viral Diseases; Transmission of Virus; Nature of Viruses; Viroids; Prions

XXX. Bacteria : Structure and Reproduction :
General Characters of Bacteria; Classification of Bacteria; Distribution; Size; Shape; Structure of Bacterial Cell; Gram Stain Procedure; Nutrition of Bacteria; Reproduction

XXXI. Economic Importance of Bacteria :
Harmful Activities of Bacteria; Useful Activities of Bacteria

XXXII. Cyanobacteria; Actinomycetes; Mycoplasmas and Rickettsias :
Cyanobacteria; Actinomycetes; Mycoplasmas; Rickettsias

XXXIII. Distribution of Microorganisms in Nature :
Soil Microflora; Water Microflora; Air Microflora; Milk Microflora; Food Microflora; Microflora of Human Body

XXXIV. Isolation And Cultivation of Microorganisms :
Sterilization; Culture Media; Isolation of Microorganisms; Cultivation of Viruses

XXXV. Infection and Immunity :
Infection; Immunity

XXXVI. Applications of Microbiology :
Dairy Industry; Alcoholic Fermentation; Production of Organic Acids; Production of Enzymes; Production of Vitamins; Production of Antibiotics And Medicines; Baking Industry; as Food; in Agriculture; in Production of Bio-Gas; in Petroleum Industry; in Waste Treatment And Recycling; in Mining; Microbial Immobilization; in Bioassay And Biological Warfare

XXXVII. Antibiotics :
Qualities of an Ideal Antibiotic; Mode of Action of Antibiotics; Some Therapeutically Important Antibiotics; Non-Medical Uses of Antibiotics

XXVIII. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome AIDS :
Causes of AIDS; Structure of AIDS Virus; Mechanism of Action; Symptoms of AIDS; Transmission of HIV; AIDS Diagnosis; Prevention From AIDS; Treatment of AIDS

XXXIX. Plant Diseases : Introduction :
Pathogenicity; Effect of Infection on Host Physiology; Host Resistance; General Symptoms of Plant Diseases; Classification of Plant Diseases

XL. Important Plant Diseases :
Bacterial Diseases of Plants; Some Important Bacterial Diseases; Viral Diseases of Plants; Mycoplasmal Diseases of Plants; Fungal Diseases of Plants; Some Important Fungal Diseases; Annual Recurrence of Wheat Rust in India; Control of Wheat Rust

XLI. Plant Diseases : Control :
Prophylatic Measures; Curative Measures; Biological Measures

I. Bryophyta : General Characters and Classification :
General Characters; Origin of Bryophyta; Affinities of Bryophyta; Classification of Bryophytes

II. Hepaticopsida Marchantiales : Riccia; Marchantia; Plagiochasma :
General Characters of Hepaticopsida; Classification of Hepaticopsida; Order Marchantiales; General Characters of Marchantiales; Classification of Marchantiales; Family Ricciaceae; Riccia; Family Marchantiaceae; Marchantia; Plagiochasma

III. Jungermanniales : Pellia; Porella; Frullania :
Jungennanniales : General Characters; Classification of Jungermanniales; Family Pelliaccae; Pellia; Family Porellaceae; Porella (Madotheca); Frullania

IV. Anthocerotopsida Anthocerotales : Anthoceros; Notothylus :
General Characters; Classification of Anthocerotopsida; Family Anthocerotaceae; Anthoceros; Family Notothylaceae; Notothylus; Affinities of Anthocerotopsida

V. Bryopsida Musci or Mosses : Sphagnobrya : Sphagnum :
General Characters of Bryopsida; Classification of Bryopsida; Sub-Class Sphagnobrya; Sphagnum Bog Moss Or Peat Moss; Affinities of Sphagnum

VI. Bryidae Eubrya : Funaria', Polytrichum', Pogonatum :
General Characters of Bryidae Eubrya; Funaria; Polytrichum; Pogonatum

VII. Evolution of Sporophyte in Bryophytes :
A-Evolution of Sporophyte/Progressive Sterilization of Potential Sporogenous Tissue; B-Evolution of Sporophyte By Progressive Reduction Or Simplification

VIII. Vegetative Reproduction in Bryophytes :
Fragmentation; Tubers; Gemmae; Adventitious Branches; Innovations; Primary and Secondary Protonema; Cladia; Persistent Apices

IX. Professor Shiv Ram Kashyap :
Comparative Study of Bryophytes

I. Pteridophyta : General Characters :
Characteristic Features of Pteridophyta; Affinities of Pteridophytes

II. Pteridophyta : Classification :
Important Characters of Various Sub-Divisions of Pteridophyta

III Palaeobotany and Geological Time Scale :
Nomenclature of Fossils ; Geological Time Scale ; Objectives of Palaeobotanical Studies

IV. Fossilization and Types of Fossils :
Fossilization; Types of Fossils : Factors Affecting Fossilization; Some Useful Techniques for Fossil Study

V. Psilophytopsida Psilophy Tales : Rhynia', Horneophyton; Asteroxylon :
Rhyniaceae ; Rhynia ; Horneophyton ; Asteroxylaceae ; Asteroxylon

VI. Psilotopsida :
Psilotales : Psilotum Sporophyte; Gametophyte

VII. Lycopsida Lycopodiales : Lycopodium :
Sporophyte; Gametophyte

VIII. Lepidodendrales : Lepidodendron
IX. Isoetales : Isoetes :
Sporophyte; Gametophyte

X. Selaginellales : Selaginella :
Sporophyte; Gametophyte

XI. Sphenopsida Calamitales : Catamites :
Sporophyte; Fructifications

XII. Sphenophyllales; Sphenophyllum; Sphenophyllostachys :
Sphenophyllum; Sporophyte; Sphenophyllostachys Sphenophyllostachys Dawsonii; Sphenophyllostachys Fertilis

XIII. Equisetales : Equisetum :
Sporophyte; Gametophyte

XIV. Eusporangiatae Marattiales : Angiopteris :
Sporophyte; Gametophyte

XV. Ophioglossales : Ophioglossum :
Sporophyte; Gametophyte

XVI. Osmundales : Osmunda :
Sporophyte; Gametophyte

XVII. Leptosporangiatae Filicales : Pteris; Dryopteris; Adiantum; Polypodium; Nephrolepis :
Order Filicales; Pteris; Sporophyte; Gametophyte; Dryopteris Male Shield Fern; Sporophyte; Gametophyte; Adiantum Maiden Hair Fern : Sporophyte; Gametophyte; Polypodium Polypody; Sporophyte; Nephrolepis Sword Fern; Sporophyte

XVIII. Marsileales : Marsilea :
Sporophyte ; Gametophyte

XIX. Salviniales : Azolla; Salvinia :
Azolla Mosquito Fern; Sporophyte; Gametophyte; Salvinia; Sporophyte; Gametophyte

XX. Stelar System in Pteridophytes :
Types of Steles in Pteridophytes

XI. Heterospory and Seed Habit :
Heterospory; Origin of Heterospory; Importance of Heterospory; Seed Habit

XXII. Apospory and Apogamy :
Apospory; Factors Regulating Apospory; Apogamy; Induction of Apogamy; Factors Regulating Apogamy

XXIII. Telome Theory :
What Are Telomes; Telome and the Origin of Higher Land Plants; Origin of Sporophylls; Origin of Leaves; Merits of Telome Theory; Demerits of Telome Theory

XXIV. Prof. Birbal Sahni (1891-1949) : Father of Indian Palaeobotany

I. Gymnosperms : General Characters And Affinities :
General Characters; Affinities of Gymnoperms

II. Gymnosperms : Classification and Distribution :
Important Characters of Various Orders of Gymnosperms ; Distribution of Gymnosperms in India

III. Pteridospermopsida Lyginopteris; Heterangium; Glossopteris :
Order Lyginopteridales; Lyginopteris; Heterangium; Order Glossopteridales; Glossopteris

IV. Cycadeoidopsida Bennettiopsida Cycadeoidales : Ptilophyllum; Williamsonia; Cycadeoidea :
Family Williamsoniaceae; Ptilophyllum; Williamsonia; Family Cycadeoidaceae; Cycadeoidea

V. Cycadales : Cycas :
Sporophyte; Gametophyte

VI. Coniferales : Pinus :
Sporophyte ; Gametophyte

VII. Taxales : Taxus :
Sporophyte; Gametophyte

VIII. Ephedrales : Ephedra :
Sporophyte; Gametophyte

IX. Gnetales : Gnetum :
Sporophyte; Gametophyte