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Acu-Yoga Self Help Techniques to Relieve Tension Reprint Edition

by  Carolyn Marco, Michael Reed Gach
Acu-Yoga Self Help Techniques to Relieve Tension Reprint Edition,8131907155,9788131907153


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Book Information

Publisher:Health Harmony
Published In:2009
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:1.20 lbs
Pages:pp. 248, Fig., Tables, Index, Glossary, Biblio., Acknowledgement

The Title "Acu-Yoga Self Help Techniques to Relieve Tension Reprint Edition" is written by Carolyn Marco. This book was published in the year 2009. The ISBN number 8131907155|9788131907153 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. The book displayed here is a Reprint Edition edition. This book has total of pp. 248 (Pages). The publisher of this title is B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.. We have about 3484 other great books from this publisher. Acu-Yoga Self Help Techniques to Relieve Tension Reprint Edition is currently Available with us.

About the Book

With the fast pace of modern living, people need ways to release stress more than ever before. Acu-Yoga is a powerful, practical tool that people can easily learn and use to relieve their stresses and tensions, and replace them with energy and vibrant health. Look around you and see how most of us deal with stress nowadays. Mostly what we do is avoid it or try to suppress it by overeating, smoking, drinking or using over-the-counter medications or other drugs. Of course, all of these only compound the problem.

Many physical disorders such as headaches or backaches are either caused by or worsened by tension. We have the ability to turn these "minor" ailments around, to actively work toward health. Acu-Yoga is a health practice that can benefit many physical disorders, especially problems that involve muscular constriction.

Acu-Yoga is written to serve people with a wide range and variety of experience, from beginners to health teachers and practitioners. Its aim is to show the interconnections between the ancient practices of Yoga and the traditional systems of Acupressure. It is written as a self-help manual. The first section of the Book discusses the Origins and basic principles of Acu-Yoga. The second section contains four exercise series that can be used for daily practice. The last section covers twenty four common disorders that are related to stress and tension. Each section deals with the causes and gives practical self Acupressure techniques.

About the Author

Michael Reed Gach founded the Acupressure Workshop of Berkeley, California in 1976. As Director of the Workshop he teaches classes on various forms of Acupressure : Jin Shin, Shiatsu, Acupressure Massage, Reflexology, Do-In, and Acu-Yoga. He originated Acu-Yoga, which is based on his own experience and research in Acupressure and Yoga. His current focus is on teaching Acupressure for stress management.

During the past live years Michael has led hundreds of classes, workshops, and seminars, locally and nationally for various schools, centers, clinics, associations and colleges throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and has developed a training program specifically for nurses and other health professionals. The Acupressure Workshop offers nurses Continuing Education credit for the courses he teaches.

Michael teaches classes to people in all walks of life throughout California and abroad. He is dedicated to helping people learn to help themselves and Others in a holistic way, using safe and effective methods. Michael encourages people to be responsible for their health and improve the quality of their life by using Acupressure and Yoga, along with good nutrition, exercise, productive work and positive thinking. Information about his activities, and for arranging workshops in other locations can be obtained from the Acupressure Workshop, 1533 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, Ca. 94709.

Carolyn Marco is a freelance writer-editor living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has extensive experience in the holistic health Held in general, and with acupressure in particular, Carolyn has studied and practiced many elements and techniques of Oriental culture including philosophy, meditation, Yoga, health care theory and practices, and martial arts. Her pursuits in the areas of personal growth—for physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development provide her with the foundation from which she contributes to other people's health and well-being



I. An Introduction TO ACU-YOGA :
1. The Background of Acu-Yoga :
i. Holistic Health
ii. The Origins of Acu-Yoga
iii. The Philosophy of Acu-Yoga

2. Basic Principles of Acu-Yoga :
i. Discipline
ii. Body Awareness
iii. The Flexibility of the Spine
iv. Breathing Techniques
v. Meditation
vi. Meditative Exercises
vii. Meditation for Exploring the Cause of Disease
viii. Deep Relaxation

Part A : Acu-Yoga Series of Exercises Based on Yoga :
3. A Whole-Body Self-Treatment Emphasizing Flexibility of the Spine
4. The Chakras

Part B : Acu-Yoga Series of Exercises Based on the Channels of Acupressure :
5. The Eight Regulatory Channels
6. The Organ Meridians

1. Abdominal Weakness
2. Back Problems
3. Body Tension
4. Circulation
5. Colds
6. Constipation
7. Cramps and Spasms
8. Depression
9. Eye Problems
10. Fatigue
11. Frustration
12. Headaches
13. Hypertension
14. Indigestion
15. Insomnia
16. Menstrual Tension
17. Neck Tension
18. Nervous Disorders
19. Pelvic Tension
20. Potency
21. Resistance to Illness
22. Shoulder Tension
23. Sinuses
24. Spinal Disorders.