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Ancient Indian Aircraft Vaimanika Saastra of Maharshi Bharadwaaja

Ancient Indian Aircraft Vaimanika Saastra of Maharshi Bharadwaaja



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Book Information

Publisher:Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage
Published In:2003
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:0.34 lbs
Pages:pp. iv + 117

The Title "Ancient Indian Aircraft Vaimanika Saastra of Maharshi Bharadwaaja" is written by Maharshi Bharadwaaja. This book was published in the year 2003. This book has total of pp. iv + 117 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage. We have about 52 other great books from this publisher. Ancient Indian Aircraft Vaimanika Saastra of Maharshi Bharadwaaja is currently Available with us.

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1. Definition
2. The Pilot
3. Aerial Routes
4. Aircraft (vimana) Parts
5. On Clothing
6. On Food
7. On Metals
8. Heat absorbing metals
9. Melting
10. Mirrors
11. Power
12. Yantras or Machinery
13. Parts of Yantras
14. Varieties of Vimanas
15. Shakuna Vimana
16. Sundara Vimana
17. Rukma Vimana
18. Tripura Vimana


It is said that Maharshi Bhardwaaja was famous for his contributions in yanthras (machines and tools). He has written Amsubhodhini describing a number of yantras (machines). A part of Amsubhodhini is said to be yanthra sarvaswa. The Yantra sarvasva describes in many chapters a variety of yanthra. Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage has published a small book on Dvaantha pramaapaka yanathra which is the spectrophotometer of Maharshi Bharadwaaja. He has described the Dvaantha pramaka yantra with very specific description and clarity, item-wise mentioned all the dimensions, temperatures, compositions, reference code numbers, etc as we use in modern machine tools.

Here we are publishing the Vaimaneeka Saastra by Bharadwaaja Maharshi, whose English translation was available from an old book, as a photocopy. We are presenting the details as such without any modificatioa The aim of brining this book is to specifically inform our brothers that many ancient Indian Rishies have brought out very so called novel concepts, ideas and machines tools including the most sophisticated air-crafts many centuries ago.

More and more studies should follow and the scientists should come forward for informing the scientific community of the world , where our Risheies stood in these discoveries, filtering out all superstitions with an open mind and scientific temper and vision.

In Maharshi Bharadwaaja's Vaimaaneeka saastra, commentary is also given by Swamy Bhodananda, in a book known as Bhodananda vrutti. (Bhodananda vrutti is the commentary of Vaimaneeka saastra).

Indian Institute of scientific heritage, the registered charitable trust has only one aim : learning and teaching ancient Indian scientific heritage, using all the ultra modern scientific tools and methods. Hence we used the part of the old book, available for us, Vaimaneeka saastra for spreading the message of ancient India on this subject, by printing it, so as to carry it thousands of interested people.

We are sure that the book will be of use for all Indians to go through the depth of the knowledge existed in India, many centuries ago.

Let us all learn and teach the true heritage of India, feel proud of, and serve our motherland and people to build self confidence, patriotism and contribute to the human race through science and spirituality, which are/ were the key words and message of ancient and modern India.

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