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Cases and Materials on Intellectual Property

Cases and Materials on Intellectual Property,8175343621,9788175343627


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Book Information

Publisher:Sweet & Maxwell Ltd.Universal Law Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd.
Published In:2004
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:2.77 lbs
Pages:xlvii + 680 Pages

is written by W.R. Cornish. The publisher of this title is Universal Law Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd..

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About the Book

This is the second, edition of the leading intellectual property cases and materials Book by Professor W.R. Cornish. Cases and Materials on Intellectual Property is a "one-stop" source which enables readers to refer to actual statutory texts and relevant case Law in digested form. Professor Cornish draws upon a wide selection of intellectual property legislation that applies in the U.K. including much that is derived from the European Community. The book covers decisions of British and Commonwealth courts, the European Court of Justice and the European Patent Office.

The Second Edition has been fully updated to incorporate recent legal developments, including :

1. Amendment of copyright law to meet the terms of E.G. Directives
2. The Trade Marks Act 1994 and the introduction of the Community Trade Mark alongside a harmonised set of rules for national registration systems in the E.G.


Table of Cases Included in the Materials
Table of Statutes and Statutory Instruments
Table of Legislation

1. Granting and Maintenance of Patents :
i. International Connections :
a. Patents Act 1977, s. 130 (7)
b. Ibid., s.5
c. Asahi Kasei Kogyo's Application
d. Patents Act 1977, s.77
e. Ibid., s.89

ii. Patent Granting Procedure : Basic Provisions of U.K. Act :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.14
b. Ibid., s. 18

iii. Grant and Term :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.24
b. Ibid., s.25

iv. Amendment :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.19
b. Ibid., s.27
c. Ibid., s.75
d. Ibid., s.76

v. Revocation and Opposition :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.72
b. European Patent Convention, Arts. 99, 100

2. Validity :
i. Novelty :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.1(1), 2
b. Fomento V. Mentmore
c. Bayer's Application
d. Catnic Components V. C. Evans & Co
e. Du Pont's (Wietsiepe) Application
f. Mobil/Friction-reducing Additive
g. Merrell Dow V. Norton

ii. Inventive Step :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.3
b. Williams V. Nyman
c. Windsurfing International V. Tabur Marine
d. Hallen V. Brabantia
e. Bayer's (Baatz-Carbonless Copying Paper) Application
f. Fives-Cail Babcock's Application
g. Mobey Chemical's Application
h. Beecham Group's (Amoxycillin) Application
i. Johns-Manville's Patent
j. Olin Mathieson Chemical V. Biorex Laboratories

iii. Patentable Subject-matter :
a. Patents Act 1977, ss.1 (2), 1(3), 1(4), 1(5), 4
b. National Research and Development Corp. 's Application
c. Vicom's Application
d. Merrill Lynch's Application
e. Gale's Application
f. Koch & Sterzel/X-ray Apparatus
g. Ciba-geigys Propagating Material Application
h. Harvard Onco-Mouse
i. Plant Genetic Systems/Glutamine Synthetase Inhibitors
j. American Cyanamid V. Berk
k. Schering's Application
l. Unilever's (Davis) Application
m. Decision T 245/87 (Siemens-flow Measurement)
n. Decision T 116/85 (Wellcome-Pigs I)
o. Decision T 58/87 (Salminen-Pigs III)
p. Organon Laboratories' Application
q. Ciba-Geigy (Durr) Application
r. Schering's and Wyeth's Applications

iv. Adequate Disclosure :
a. No Fume V. Pitchford
b. Biogen V. Medeva

3. Infringement :
i. Scope of Monopoly :
a. European Patent Convention, Art. 69 and Protocol; Patents Act 1977, ss.125, 130(7)
b. Electrical and Musical Industries Ltd V. Lissen
c. Van der Lely V. Bamfords
d. Rodi & Wienenberger V. Showell
e. Beecham V. Bristol
f. Catnic Components V. Hill & Smith
g. Improver Corp. V. Remington Consumer Products Ltd
h. PLG Research V. Ardon International

ii. Acts Constituting Infringement :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.60
b. Smith Kline & French V. Harbottle
c. Kalman V. PCL Packaging

iii. Defence of Prior User :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.64

iv. Procedure and Remedies :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.61 (l), (2)
b. Watson Laidlaw V. Potts Cassels and Williamson
c. Patents Act 1977, ss.62, 63

4. Ownership and Dealings :
i. Ownership : General :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.7

ii. Transactions :
a. Patents Act 1977, ss.30, 33

iii. Co-ownership :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.36

iv. Employees' Inventions :
a. European Patent Convention, Art. 60(1)
b. Patents Act 1977, s.39
c. Worthington Pumping Engine V. Moore
d. British Syphon V. Homewood
e. Harris' Patent
f. Electrolux V. Hudson
g. Patents Act 1977, ss. 40-43
h. Memco-med Ltd's Patent

v. Abuse of Monopoly :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.44
b. Tool Metal V. Tungsten Electric
c. Hunter's Patent
d. Patents Act 1977, s.45
e. Hansen V. Magnavox

vi. Compulsory Licences and Crown Use :
a. Patents Act 1977, ss.48, 50
b. Ibid., ss.55, 56

1. Nature of Obligation :
i. Prince Albert V. Strange
ii. Saltman Engineering V. Campbell Engineering
iii. Seager V. Copydex (No. Ij
iv. Fraser V. Evans
v. Coco V. A.N. Clark (Eng) Ltd
vi. Thomas Marshall V. Guinle
vii. Smith Kline & French Laboratories (Australia) Ltd V. Secretary to the Department of Community Services and Health
viii. Hoechst U.K. Ltd V. Chemiculture Ltd

2. Protectable Secrete :
i. Fraser V. Thames Television :
ii. Mustad V. Allcock and Dosen
iii. Cranleigh Precision Engineering V. Bryant
iv. Interfirm Comparison V. Law Society of New South Wales
v. Potters-Ballotini V. Weston-Baker
vi. Dunford & Elliott V. Johnson and Firth Brown
vii. Hubbard V. Vosper
viii. Lion Laboratories V. Evans
ix. Stephens V. Awry
x. Att. - Gen. V. Guardian Newspapers (No. 2)

3. Extent of Obligation :
i. Employees :
a. Hivac V. Park Royal
b. Printers & Finishers V. Holloway
c. Faccenda Chicken V. Fowler
d. Triplex Safety Glass V. Scorab

ii. Indirect Recipients :
a. Morison V. Moat
b. Stevenson Jordan & Harrison V. MacDonald & Evans
c. Wheatley V. Bell

iii. No Relationship of Confidence :
a. Franklin V. Giddings
b. Malone V. Metropolitan Police Commissioner (No. 2)
c. Francome V. Mirror Group

4. Remedies :
i. Seager V. Copydex (No. 2)
ii. Peter Pan Manufacturing V. Corsets Silhouette

1. Copyright and Related Rights :
i. Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss. 171, 172:
General Provisions

2. Categories of Protected Work :
i. Basic Definitions :
a. Copyright, Designs-and Patents Act 1988, ss.1, 3(1), 4-8 : "Works" Protected

ii. Original Literary, Dramatic and Musical Works :
a. University of London Press V. University Tutorial Press
b. Ladbroke (Football) V. Wm. Hill
c. Cramp V. Smythson
d. Byrne V. Statist Co
e. Exxon Corp. V. Exxon Insurance Consultants
f. Express Newspapers V. Liverpool Daily Post
g. Green V. Broadcasting Corp. of New Zealand
h. Wiseman V. George Wiedenfeld & Nicolson
i. Wood V. Boosey

iii. Original Artistic Works :
a. Kenrick V. Lawrence
b. Interlego V. Tyco Industries
c. Merchandising Corp. of America V. Harpbond

iv. Sound Recordings :
a. A. & M. Records Ltd V. Video Collection International Ltd

3. Fixation :
i. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss. 3(2), 3(3), 58
ii. Walter V. Lane
iii. Roberton V. Lewis
iv. Express Newspapers V. News (U.K)

4. Qualification and Publication :
i. Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988
ii. Ibid., s. 175
iii. Francis Day & Hunter V. Feldman
iv. British Northrop V. Texteam Blackburn
v. Bodley Head V. Flegon

5. Duration :
i. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.12-15A
ii. Ibid., ss.57, 66A

6. Infringement :
i. Substantial Taking of Expression :
a. Plix Products V. Frank M. Winstone
b. Independent Television Publications V. Time out
c. Ravenscroft V. Herbert
d. Elanco Products V. Mandops
e. Geographia V. Penguin Books
f. Bauman V. Fussell
g. Krisarts V. Briarfine
h. M.S. Associates V. Power
i. Williamson Music V. Pearson Partnership

ii. Proof of Copying :
a. Francis, Day & Hunter V. Bron

iii. Acts of Infringement :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.2, 16-27, 178
b. Turner V. Performing Right Society
c. Sillitoe V. McGraw Hil
d. Interstate Parcel Express v, Time-Life B.V
e. L.A. Gear Inc. V. Hi-Tec Sports plc

iv. Authorising Infringement :
a. Moorhouse V. University of New South Wales
b. Performing Right Society V. Harlequin Record Shops
c. CBS Songs V. Amstrad

v. Permitted Acts : General :
a. Note on material included on Permitted Acts
b. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.28-31, 76, 178
c. Beloff V. Pressdram
d. Commonwealth of Australia V. Fairfax

vi. Permitted Acts : Reprography :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.37 (1)-(2), 38-40
b. Ibid., ss.36, 130

vii. Permitted Acts : Education :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.32(1), 34, 35(1)-(2)

viii. Permitted Acts: Rental Right and Home Taping :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.66, 70
b. Ibid., 1988, s. 296(1), (2), (4), (5)

ix. Permitted Acts : Computer Material, etc :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988,
ss.29(4), 50A-C, 56, 296A
b. John Richardson Computers V. Flanders
c. Ibcos Computers Ltd V. Barclays Mercantile

x. Remedies :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.96, 97, 100, 104

7. Moral Rights :
i. Right to be Identified
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.77-79

ii. Right against Derogatory Treatment :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.80-82, 178

iii. False Attribution :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, s.84

iv. Right of Privacy in Photographs and Films :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, s.85

v. General Provisions affecting Moral Rights :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.86, 87, 94, 95, 103

8. Authorship, Ownership and Dealings :
i. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.9, 11, 178 : Authorship and ownership of copyright
ii. Gumming V. Bond
iii. Noab V. Shrub
iv. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.90-93 : Assignment, Licences, Prospective Ownership, Transmission on Death
v. Barker V. Stickney
vi. Scbroeder Music Publishing V. Macaulay

9. Copyright Tribunal :
i. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.116-119, 121, 129 : Licensing Schemes and Licensing Bodies : References and Applications to Copyright Tribunal

10. Rights in Performances :
i. Rights Granted :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, Part II, ss.180, 181, 185
b. Ibid., ss.206, 208

ii. Duration and Transmission of Rights :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.191, 191A, 192

iii. Infringement :
a. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, s.194

1. Copyright :
i. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.51-53 : Limitations on Copyright in Designs
ii. Hensber V. Restawile
iii. Merlet V. Mothercare
iv. Wbam-O Manufacturing V. Lincoln388
v. Breville Europe plc V. Thorn EMI Domestic Appliances Ltd
vi. British Leyland V. Armstrong Patents

2. Registered Design :
i. Registered Designs Act 1949 (as amended), ss.1, 4 : Registrable designs and proceedings for registration :
a. Ford Motor Co. Ltd's Design Applications

ii. Registered Designs Act 1949, s.2 : Ownership, Dealings
iii. Ibid., ss.3, 4, 6 : Registration, Priority, Factors Affecting Novelty
iv. Ibid., s.8 : Duration
v. Ibid., s.7 : Infringement, Compulsory Licences, Crown use
vi. Ititerlego V. Tyco Industries

3. (Unregistered) Design Right :
i. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, ss.213, 258-260 : Right granted, Interpretation
ii. Ibid., ss.214, 215 : Ownership, Dealings
iii. Ibid., s.216 : Duration
iv. Ibid,, s.217 : Qualification
v. Ibid., ss.237, 246, 247 : Licences of Right, Crown us
vi. Ibid., ss.226, 236, 229 : Infringement
vii. C. & H. Engineering V. F. Klucznik & Sons Ltd

4. Design Right (Semiconductor Topographies) Regulations 1989 :
i. Regulations, para. 2(1): Definitions
ii. Regulations, paras 4(2), (4), 5 : Qualification
iii. Regulations, para. 5 : Ownership
iv. Regulations, para. 6 : Duration
v. Regulations, para. 7 : Confidence
vi. Regulations, para. 8 : Infringement

1. Liability at Common Law : Passing off and Injurious Falsehood :
i. Passing off : General Principles :
a. Reddaway V. Banham
b. Spalding V. Carnage
c. Samuelson V. Producers Distributing
d. Wamink V. Townend
e. Cadbury Schweppes V. Pub Squash
f. Moorgate Tobacco V. Philip Morris
g. Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma V. Marks and Spencer

ii. Passing off: Plaintiffs Reputation :
a. Star Industrial V. Yap Kwee Kor
b. Ad-lit Club V. Granille
c. Anheuser-Busch V. Budejovicky Budvar
d. Bristol Conservatories Ltd" V. Conservatories Custom Built Ltd
e. Hodgkinson & Corby Ltd V. Wards Mobility Services Ltd.

iii. Passing off : Defendant's Misrepresentation :
a. Keckitt & Caiman V. Borden
b. Parker Knoll V. Knoll International
c. Vine Products V. Mackenzie

iv. Passing off : Likely Damage :
a. Henderson V. Radio Corporation
b. Hogan V. Pacific Dunlop
c. Tavener Rutledge V. Trexapalm
d. Lego System V. Lego M. Lemelstrich
e. Stringfellow V. McCain Foods
f. Mirage Studios V. Counter-feat Clothing Co
g. Taittinger S.A. V. Allbev Lid
h. Gillette U.K. Limited V. Edenwest Limited

v. Injurious Falsehood :
a. Wilts United Dairies V. Robinson
b. White V. Mellin
c. De Beers V. International General Electric
d. Customglass Boats V. Salthouse Brothers
e. Kaye V. Robertson

2. Registered Trade Marks :
i. Basic Matters :
a. Note on Trade Marks Act 1994
b. Trade Marks Act 1994, s.2 : Relation to Common Law Rights
c. Ibid., s.1 : Definitions
d. Aristae V. Rysta
e. Smith Kline & French V. Sterling Winthrop Group

ii. Registration :
a. Trade Marks Act 1994, ss.32, 34, 37, 8, 13, 38, 42
b. Dee Corporation's Applications

iii. Absolute Grounds for Refusal of Registration :
a. Trade Marks Act 1994, s.3
b. British Sugar V. James Robertson
c. Crosfield's and other Applications
d. "York" Trade Mark
e. "Genette" Trade Mark
f. "Rawhide" Trade Mark
g. "Holly Hobbie" Trade Mark
h. Coca-Cola Trade Marks

iv. Relative Grounds for Refusal of Registration :
a. Trade Marks Act 1994, ss.5, 6 : the Relative Grounds
b. Pianotist Co.'s Application
c. William Bailey (Birmingham) Ltd's Application
d. Aristae V. Rysta
e. Anglo-Swiss Consolidated Milk Co. V. Metcalf
f. Ferodo's Application

v. Revocation and Invalidity of Registered Marks :
a. Trade Marks Act 1994, ss.46-48 : Grounds and Limitations
b. Lyons' Application
c. Imperial Group V. Philip Moms
d. "Hermes" Trade Mark
e. "Daiquiri Rum" Trade Mark
f. General Electric Co. V. General Electric Co. Ltd

vi. Ownership, Assignment and Licensing :
a. Trade Marks Act 1994, ss.22-24, 28
b. "McGregor" Trade Mark

vii. Infringement :
a. Trade Marks Act 1994, ss.9-12 : Grounds and Exceptions
b. Saville Perfumery V. June Perfect
c. Ravenbead Brick Co. Ltd V. Ruabon Brick & Terra Cotta Co, Ltd
d. Wagamama V. City Centre Restaurants
e. BASF V. CEP (U.K.) [1996]
f. Barclays Bank V. RBS Advanta
g. Bismag V. Amblins
h. News Group Newspapers Ltd V. The Mirror Group Newspapers (1986) Ltd
i. Chanel Ltd V. Triton Packaging Ltd
j. Revlon V. Cripps & Lee
k. Colgate-Palmolive V. Markwell Finance

1. Treaty and Convention Provisions :
i. Treaty Establishing the European Community ("E.G. Treaty") :
a. E.G. Treaty, Arts. 2, 3, 6 : Basic Principles
b. Ibid., Arts. 30, 34, 36 : Elimination of Quantitative Restrictions
c. Ibid., Art. 59 : Freedom to Provide Services
d. Ibid., Arts. 85, 86 : Rules of Competition
e. Ibid., Arts. 169, 173, 177, 222 : Community Institutions

ii. Community Patent Convention (1975-1989), Arts. 25, 45, 46, 76 : of Rights, Compulsory Licences
iii. Collins. Imtrat

2. Free Movement of Goods and Intellectual Property :
i. General :
a. Consten & Grunding V. E.G. Commission
b. Deutsche Grammophon V. Metro-SB-Grossmarkte
c. Centrafarm V. Sterling Drug : Centrafarm V. Winthrop
d. Merck V. Stephar
e. Keurkoop V. Nancy Kean Gifts
f. EMI Electrola V. Patricia
g. Deutsche Renault A.G. V. Audi A.G
h. EMI Records V. CBS U.K
i. Polydar V. Harlequin Records

ii. Application to Patents, Designs, Copyright and other Rights against Misappropriation :
a. Dansk Supermarket! V. Imerco
b. Musik Vertrieb Membran V. GEMA
c. Pharmon V. Hoechst
d. Alien & Hanburys V. Generics
e. Thetford V. Fiamma
f. Warner Brothers V. Christiansen
g. Basset V. SACEM
h. Industrie Diensten Groep V. Beele
i. Volvo V. Veng

iii. Application to Trade Mark and Related Cases :
a. Sirena V. Eda
b. CNL-sucal V. Hag
c. IHT V. Ideal Standard
d. Terrapin (Overseas) V. Terranova Industrie
e. Hoffmann-la Roche V. Centrafarm
f. American Home Products V. Centrafarm
g. Pall V. Dahlhausen
h. Verband Sozialer Wettbewerb V. Clinique Laboratories
i. Keck and Mithouard

3. Free Provision of Services and Intellectual Property :
i. Coditel V. Cine Vog (No. 1)

4. Application of Rules of Competition to Intellectual Property :
i. RTE and lTP V. B.C. Commission :
a. Nungesser and Eisele V. E.G. Commission

ii. E.C. Commission Regulation 240/1996 Application of Art. 85(3) to Certain Technology Transfer Agreements

1. Civil Actions :
i. Interlocutory Injunction :
a. American Cyanamid V. Ethicon
b. BBC V. Talbot
c. Belfast Ropework V. Pixdane
d. Catnic Components V. Stressline

ii. Order to Obtain Discovery and Preserve Evidence and Assets :
a. Anton Filler V. Manufacturing Processes
b. Columbia Picture Industries V. Robinson
c. Supreme Court Act 1981, s.72
d. Chappell V. United Kingdom
e. Universal Thermosensors Ltd V. Hibben
f. Practice Direction : Mareva Injunctions and Anton Filler Orders
g. Anton Filler Orders
h. CBS U.K. V. Lambert
i. Norwich Pharmacal V. Commissioners of Customs and Excise
j. British Steel V. Granada Television

iii. Threats to Sue :
a. Patents Act 1977, s.70 : Groundless Threats of Infringement
b. Granby Marketing Services V. Interlego

2. Criminal Offences :
i. Trade Descriptions Act 1968, ss.1(1), 2(1), 14(1), 34
ii. Bulmer V. Bollinger
iii. Scott V. Metropolitan Police Commissioner
iv. DPP V. Withers

3. Customs Authorities :
i. Trade Marks Act 1994, ss.89, 91 : Restrictions on Importation of Goods Bearing Infringing Trade Marks