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Cheiro's Book of Fate and Fortune [Pamistry, Numerology, Astrology] Reprint



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Book Information

Publisher:Adarsh Enterprises
Published In:2002
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:1.14 lbs
Pages:[xiv] + 159 + 126 + 56 Pages, Figures, Plates

The Title "Cheiro's Book of Fate and Fortune [Pamistry, Numerology, Astrology] Reprint" is written by Count Louis Hamon. This book was published in the year 2002. The ISBN number 8187138041|9788187138044 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. The publisher of this title is Adarsh Enterprises. Cheiro's Book of Fate and Fortune [Pamistry, Numerology, Astrology] Reprint is currently Not Available with us.You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.

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About the Book

The topic "Destiny or Fate" has been thoroughly discussed by many writers like Shakespeare, Milton, Charles Dickens etc. How does "Chance" or "Fate" play a part in the lives of individuals has been proved efficiently by many saints and fortune tellers.

In fact the whole universe is governed by and is subject to a particular order and design which has been revealed by many palmists through their knowledge and experience.

"Cheiro" is one of them. He has been considered as one of the most experienced, widely travelled and knowledgeable man and fortune teller of his time. He had collected, samples of hand impressions, numerological and astrological data during his travel. He deduced these data in various publications. His assumptions prove true valid and tested and leave no place for guess, hunch or superstitions.

Most people work on "logy" or system and prove it true. "Cheiro" has worked on all the three in a combined way and proved all the three reaching on one point. He has proved the same thing by applying all the three systems in this book. This Book looks at palmistry, it also explains the importance of numbers in our lives and gives the characteristics and compatibility of the twelve birth signs.

Count Louis Hamon (Cheiro’) is considered the greatest and most successful seer of this century. This book is essential reading for all who are interested in the occult, and will give the skeptical pause for serious thought.


1. A Defence of Palmistry
2. Of the Shapes of Hands and Fingers
3. The Elementary, or Lowest Type
4. The Square Hand and Its Subdivisions :
i. The Square Hand with Short Square Fingers
ii. The Square Hand with Long Square Fingers
iii. The Square Hand with Knotty Fingers
iv. The Square Hand with Spatulate Fingers
v. The Square Hand with Conic Fingers
vi. The Square Hand with Psychic Fingers
vii. The Square Hand with Mixed Fingers

5. The Spatulate Hand
6. The Philosophic Hand
7. The Conic Hand
8. The Psychic Hand
9. The Mixed Hand
10. The Thumb :
i. The Supple-jointed Thumb
ii. The Firm-jointed Thumb
iii. The Second Phalange

11. The Joints of the Fingers
12. The Fingers :
i. The Length of the Fingers in Relation to One Another

13. The Palm, and Large and Small Hands :
i. Large and Small Hands

14. The Nails :
i. Long Nails
ii. Disposition as Shown by the Nails

15. The Hair on the Hands
16. The Mounts, Their Position and their Meanings :
i. The First Mount of Mars
ii. The Mount of Jupiter and its Meaning
iii. The Mount of Saturn and its Meaning
iv. The Mount of The Sun and its Meaning
v. The Mount of Mercury and its Meaning
vi. The Mount of the Moon and its Meaning
vii. The Mount of Venus and its Meaning

17. The Hands of Nations :
i. The Elementary Hand
ii. The Square Hand and the Nations
iii. Represented by it
iv. The Philosophic
v. The Conic
vi. The Spatulate
vii. The Psychic

18. On Reading the Hand
19. The Lines of the Head
20. In Relation to the Lines
21. The Right and Left Hands
22. The Line of Life
23. The Line of Mars
24. The Line of Head :
i. The Line of Head in Relation to
ii. The Line of Head in Relation to the Square Hand
iii. The Line of Head in Relation to the Spatulate Hand
iv. The Line of Head in Relation to the Philosophic Hand
v. The Line of Head in Relation to the Conic Hand
vi. The Line of Head in Relation to the Psychic Hand

25. Insanity as Shown by the Line of Head :
i. Murderous Propensities as Shown by the Line of Head

26. The Line of Heart
27. The Line of Fate
28. The Line of Sun
29. The Line of Health, or the Hepatica
30. The Via Lasciva and the Line of
31. The Girdle of Venus, the Ring of Saturn
32. The Line of Marriage
33. Children
34. The Star :
i. The Star on the Mount of Jupiter
ii. The Star on the Mount of Saturn
iii. The Star on the Mount of the Sun
iv. The Star on the Mount of Mercury
v. The Star on the Mount of Mars
vi. The Star on the Mount of Luna
vii. The Star on the Mount of Venus
viii. The Star on the Fingers

35. The Cross
36. The Square
37. The Island, the Circle, the Spot
38. The Grille, the Triangle, 'La Croix 39. The Ring of Solomon
40. Hands Covered with Lines - The Colour of Palm :
i. Smooth Hands
ii. The Skin
iii. The Colour of the Palm

41. The Great Triangle and the Quadrangle :
i. The Upper Angle
ii. The Middle Angle
iii. The Lower Angle
iv. The Quadrangle

42. Travel, Voyages, and Accidents
43. Time-the System of Seven
44. A Few Words on Suicide
45. Propensities for Murder
46. Various Phases of Insanity :
i. Melancholy and Religious Mania
ii. The Development of the Crank
iii. The Natural Madman

47. Modus operand
48. Some Interesting Hands
49. How To Make Clear Impressions of Hands