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Devi Bhagwat-Purana



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Book Information

Publisher:Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Ltd.
Published In:2009
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:0.45 lbs
Pages:pp. 108 + [iv], Frontispiece, Plate

The Title "Devi Bhagwat-Purana" is written by B.K. Chaturvedi. This book was published in the year 2009. The ISBN number 8171828329|9788171828326 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. This book has total of pp. 108 + [iv] (Pages). The publisher of this title is Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Ltd.. We have about 4988 other great books from this publisher. Devi Bhagwat-Purana is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Puranas are almost like an encyclopaedia listing the human achievements in this part of the world till the time they were edited or compiled. In every cycle of time the master editor called Vedavyas emerges to edit, vet and compile these records. Their significance is enormous even in the present, as they give a peep into the distant past of Hindus when the world was evolving and the psyche of the race was being formed. These Puranas record the arguments that make us to decide as to what is holy and what is vile; what is good and what is bad. By going through them we can compare our present day jurisprudence vis-a-vis the ancient norms. Apart from that, they are a huge store-house of information conceiving every subject under the sun. It is with the view of unearthing these gems that the present series of the puranas has been planned.


The Origin of Devi Bhagwat Puran

Chap. I :
Haya-greeva's Tale; Madhu-Kaitabh's Story; Urvasi-Puroorava Episode; Birth of Shukadeva; Shukadeva's Quitting his Mortal Coil; Sage Vyas Goes to Hastinapur; The Niyog

Chap II :
Sage Vyas's Birth; Shantanu's Marriages; Bheeshma's Birth; Bheeshma's Terrible Vow; The Pandavas Birth; Parikshita and Janmejaya

Chap III :
The Story of The Beginning; Utathya's Enligthtment Sudershana's Worship; The Goddess's Ritual Worship

Chap IV :
The causes of The Krishna Incarnation; Prahled and Nara-Narayana; Sage Bhrigu and Vishnu; The Sage Nara-Narayana 's Promise; Lord Krishna's Story

Chap V :
Mahishasur's Slaying; Surath's Story

Chap VI :
Indra-Vritra's Duel; Nahush's Fall; Vashishtha and Vishwamitra's Confrontation; The Tale of Haihaya Dynasty; Narad-Becomes Monkey-Faced

Chap VII :
Creation Commenced; Sukanya-Chyavan Story; The Ikshavaaku Dynasty; Vashistha And Vishwamitra's Second Feud

Chap VIII :
Veridicious Harishchandra's Story; Demon Ruru's Tale The Supergods's Arrogance; The Jambudweep and its Subdivision. The Description of Hells; The Ritual Worship of The Super Goddess

Chap IX :
Fight Between Ganga and Saraswati; Radha and Ganga; Tulsi-Shankhchooda's Story; Savitri's Story; Goddess Lakshmi's Origin; Manasa Devi; Mount Vindhya 's Anger; Origin of Rudraksha; Counclusion