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Handbook Freshwater Molluscs of India

by  N.V. Subba Rao, Zoological Survey of India, Calcutta
Handbook Freshwater Molluscs of India


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Book Information

Publisher:Zoological Survey of India
Published In:1989
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:2.71 lbs
Pages:pp. xxiii + 289, Plates (8 Col.), Chart, Index, Appendix, Biblio., Abbreviations, Acknowledgement

The Title "Handbook Freshwater Molluscs of India " is written by N.V. Subba Rao. This book was published in the year 1989. The publisher of this title is Zoological Survey of India. Handbook Freshwater Molluscs of India is currently Not Available with us.You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.

About the Book

This book, dealing with 285 species of gastropods and bivalves, is the first attempt to review in detail all freshwater molluscs of India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Although it is mainly devoted to description and distribution of species, it also includes a general introductory" account and information on ecology, collection and preservation of freshwater molluscs.

The attention of researchers is also drawn to the role of the freshwater molluscs in aquaculture, a new area of research, which can be profitably pursued by students of malacology.

An exhaustive bibliography with the subject index will serve as a ready reference and save time for the would-be-specialist, who may like to make an in-depth study of a particular chosen aspect of the group.

As it is the only Book on the freshwater molluscs of the subcontinent it is an indispensable source of reference book for zoologists in general and to malacologists, helminthologists and limnologists in particular.

About the Author

Nalluri Venkata Subba Rao cal-survey-of-india" Title="zoological-survey-of-india">Zoological Survey of India ef="/books/subba-rao" Title="subba-rao">Subba Rao obtained his post-graduate degree from the Agra University and the Ph.D. degree from the University of Calcutta. He joined the Zoological Survey of India in 1960 and since then he has been actively engaged in the taxonomic studies of Indian molluscs. For a brief period he worked as an Associate Curator in molluscs in the Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle, Paris.

He has published several papers on the taxonomy of land, freshwater and marine molluscs of India. He is the co-author of the book "Sea-Shore Animals of Andaman & Nicobar Islands". His another book entitled "Fauna of India : Mollusca : Neritidae" is in preparation.


Author's Preface
Classification of Freshwater Mollusca

1. General Organization :
i. Gastropoda
ii. Bivalvia

2. Ecology
3. Collection and Preservation
4. Key to the Families

Key to Genera :
Genus I. Neritina Lamarck :
Key to Subgenera :
Subgenus Neritina S. Str. :
Species 1. Neritina (Neritina) Pulligera Linnaeus
Subgenus Vittina Baker

Key to Species :
Species 2. Neritina (Vittina) Variegata Lesson
3. N. (V.) Turrita Gmelin
4. N. (V.) Smithi Wood
5. N. (V.) Perottetiana (Recluz)

Subgenus Neripteron Lesson :
Species 6. Neritina (Neripteron) Auriculata Lamarck

Subgenus Dostia Gray :
Species 7. Neritina (Dostia) Violacea (Gmelin)
8. N. (D.) Platyconcha Annandale & Prashad

Genus II. Clithon Montfort :
Key to Species :
Subgenus Clithon S. Str :
Species 9. Clithon (Clithon) Corona (Linnaeus)
10. C.(C.) Bicolor (Recluz)
11. C.(C.) Reticularis (Sowerby)

Genus III. Neritodryas Von Martens :
Species 12. Neritodryas Subsulcata (Sowerby)

Genus IV. Septaria Ferussac :
Key to Species :
Species 13. Septaria Lineata (Lamarck)
14. S. Porcellana (Linnaeus)

Subfamily Bellamyinae :
Key to Genera :
Genus V. Bellamya Jousseaume :
Key to Species :
Species 15. Bellamya Bengalensis (Lamarck)
16. B. Crassispiralis (Annandale)
17. B. Crassa (Benson)
18. B. Dissimilis (Mueller)
19. B. Micron (Annandale)

Genus VI. Cipangopaludina Hannibal :
Species 20. Cipangopaludina Lecythis (Benson)

Genus VII. Angulyagra Rao :
Key to Species :
Species 21. Angulyagra Microchaetophora (Annandale)
22. A. Oxytropis (Benson)

Genus VIII. Taia Annandale :
Key to Species :
Species 23. Taia Crassicallosa Annandale and Rao
24. T. Elitoralis Annandale
25. T. Intha Annandale
26. T. Naticoides (Theobald)
27. T. Shanensis (Kobelt)
28. T. Theobaldi (Kobelt)

Genus IX. Valvata O.F. Mueller :
Species 29. Valvata Piscinalis (Mueller)
30. V. Stoliczkana Nevill

Family D. PILIDAE :
Key to Genera :
Genus X. Pila Roeding :
Key to Species :
Species 31. Pila Globosa (Swainson)
32. P. Nevilliana (Annandale and Prashad)
33. P. Olea (Reeve)
34. P. Scutata (Mousson)
35. P. Theobaldi (Hanley)
36. P. Virens (Lamarck)

Genus XI. Turbinicola Annandale and Prashad :
Species 37. Turbinicola Saxea (Reeve)
38. T. Aperta (Philippi)

Subfamily Cremnoconchinae Preston :
Genus XII. Cremnoconchus Blanford :
Subgenus Cremnoconchus S. Str. :
Species 39. Cremnoconchus (Cremnoconchus) Syhadrensis (Blanford)

Subgenus Lissoconchus Thiele :
Species 40. Cremnoconchus (Lissoconchus) Carinatus (Layard)
41. C. (L.) Conicus Blanford

Subfamily Hydrobiinae :
Genus XII. Potamopyrgus Stimpson :
Subgenus Indopyrgus Thiele :
Species 42. Potamopyrgus (Indopyrgus) Nevilli Thiele

Subfamily Triculinae :
Genus XIV. Tricula Benson :
Key to the Species of Tricula :
Species 43. Tricula Gravelyi Prashad
44. T. Gregoriana Expansa Rao
45. T. Horae Annandale & Rao
46. T. Martini Rao
47. T. Montana Benson
48. T. Taylori Rao

Subfamily Iravadiinae :
Genus XV. Iravadia Blanford :
Key to Species :
Species 49. Iravadia Annandalei Preston
50. I. Ennurensis Preston
51. I. Funerea Preston
52. I. Princeps Preston

Key to Subfamilies :
Subfamily Bithyniinae S. Str. :
Key to Genera :
Genus XVI. Bithynia Leach :
Species 53. Bithynia Tentaculata Kashmirensis (Nevill)
54. B. Troscheli (Paasch)

Genus XVII. Sataria Annandale :
Species 55. Sataria Evezardi (Blanford) :
Genus XVIII. Gabbia Try on Key to Species :
Species 56. Gabbia Orcula Frauenfeld
57. G. Orcula Vat. Producta (Nevill)
58. G. Stenothyroides (Dohrn)
59. G. Physcus (Annandale)
60. G. Alticola (Annandale)
61. G. Travancorica (Benson)

Genus XIX. Digoniostoma Annandale :
Key to Species :
Species 62. D. Cerameopoma (Benson)
63. D. Pulchella (Benson)
64. D. Textum Annandale

Genus XX. Hydrobioides Nevill :
Key to Species :
Species 65. Hydrobioides Avarix Annandale
66. H. Nana Annandale
67. H. Nassa (Theobald)
68. H. Turrita (Blanford)

Subfamily Mysorellinae :
Genus 21. Mysorella Godwin-Austen :
Species 69. Mysorella Costigera (Kuester)

Key to Genera Genus :
22. Stenothyra Benson :
Key to Species :
Species 70. Stenothyra Blanfordiana Nevill
72. S. Deltae (Benson)
72. S. Echinata Annandale and Prashad
73. S. Foveolata Benson
74. S. Hungerfordiana Nevill
75. S. Minima (Sowerby)
76. S. Nana Prashad
77. S. Ornata Annandale and Prashad
78. S. Soluta Annandale and Prashad
79. S. Woodmasoniana Nevill

Genus XIII. Gangetia Ancey :
Species 80. Gangetia Miliacea (Nevill)

Key to Subfamilies :
Subfamily Thiarinae S. Str. :
Genus XXIV. Thiara Roding :
Key to Subgenera :
Subgenus Thiara S. Str. :
Key to Species :
Species 81. Thiara (Thiara) Scabra (Muller)
82. T. (T.) Amarula (Linnaeus)
83. T. (T.) Rudis (Lea)

Subgenus Stenomelania P. Fischer :
Key to Species :
Species 84. Thiara (Stenomelania) Punctata (Lamarck)
85. T. (S.) Plicaria (Born)
86. T. (S.) Aspirans (Hinds)
87. T. (S.) Torulosa (Bruguiere)

Subgenus Tarebia H. and A. Adams :
Species 88. Thiara (Tarebia) Granifera (Lamarck)
89. T. (T.) Lineata (Gray)

Subgenus Sermyla H. and A. Adams :
Species 90. Thiara (Sermyla) Riqueti (Grateloup)

Subgenus Melanoides Olivier :
Species 91. Thiara (Melanoides) Prashadi Ray
92. Thiara (Melanoides) Tuberculata (Muller)
93. T. (M.) Tuberculata Crebra Lea

Subgenus Mainwaringia Nevill :
Species 94. Thiara (Mainwaringia) Puludomoidea Nevill

Subfamily Melanatriinae :
Genus XXV. Sulcospira Troschel :
Species 95. Sulcospira Hugeli (Philippi)

Genus XXVI. Brotia H. & A. Adams :
Subgenus Antimelania Crosse and Fischer
Species 96. Brotia (Antimelania) Costula (Rafinesque)

Subfamily Melanopsinae :
Genus XXVII. Faunus Montfort :
Species 97. Faunus Ater (Linnaeus)

Subfamily Paludominae :
Genus XXVIII. Paludomus Swainson
Key to Subgenera :
Subgenus Paludomus S. Str. :
Species 98. Paludomus (Paludomus) Andersoniana Nevill
99. P. (P.) Annandalei Preston
100. P. (P.) Blanfordiana Nevill
101. P. (P.) Burmanica Nevill
102. P. (P.) Conica Gray
103. P. (P.) Chilinoides Reeve
104. P. (P.) Dhuma Rao
105. P. (P.) Inflatus Brot
106. P. (P.) Nana Nevill
107. P. (P.) Obesus (Philippi)
108. P. (P.) Ornatus Benson
109. P. (P.) Palustris Layard
110. P. (P.) Parvula Rao
111. P. (P.) Pustulosa Annandale
112. P. (P.) Reticulata Blanford
113. P. (P.) Rotunda Blanford
114. P. (P.) Stephanus (Benson)
115. P. (P.) Regulata (Benson)
116. P. (P.) Tanschauricus (Gmelin)

Subgenus Philopotamis Layard :
Species 117. Paludomus (Philopotamis) Bicinctus Reeve
118. P. (P.) Nigricans Reeve
119. P. (P.) Regalis Layard
120. P. (P.) Sulcatus Reeve

Subgenus Tanalia Gray :
Species 121. Paludomus (Tanalia) Loricatus Reeve
122. P. (T.) Neritoides Reeve
123. P. (T.) Solidus Dohrn

Subgenus Stomatodon Benson :
Species 124. Paludomus (Stomatodon) Stomatodon Benson
i. Subclass Pulmonata
ii. Order Basommatophora

Genus XXIX. Lymnaea Lamarck :
Key to Species :
Subgenus Pseudosuccinea Baker :
Species 125. Lymnaea (Pseudosuccinea) Acuminata Lamarck
126. L. (P.) Biacuminata Annandale and Rao
127. L. (P.) Luteola Lamarck
128. L. (P.) Ovalior Annandale and Prashad
129. L. (P.) Horae Annandale and Rao
130. L. (P.) Gedrosiana Annandale and Prashad
131. L. (P.) Mimetica Annandale
132. L. (P.) Shanensis Annandale

Subgenus Galba Schrank :
Species 133. Lymnaea (Galba) Bowelli Preston
134. L. (G.) Laticallosa Annandale and Rao
135. L. (G.) Hookeri Reeve
136. L. (G.) Andersoniana Nevill
137. L. (G.) Truncatula (Mueller)

Submenus Radix Montfort :
Species 138. Lymnaea (Radix) Persica Issel
139. L, (R.) Auricularia (Linnaeus)
140. L. (R.) Brevicauda Sowerby
141. L. (R.) Peregra (Mueller)

Subgenus Lymnaea S. Str. :
Species 142. Lymnaea (Lymnaea) Stagnalis (Linnaeus)

Subgenus Stagnicola Leach :
Species 143. Lymnaea (Stagnicola) Tungabhadraensis Ray

Genus XXX. Ferrissia Walker :
Key to Species :
Species 144. Ferrissia Baconi (Bourguignat)
145. F. Ceylanica (Benson)
146. F. Tenuis (Bourguignat)
147. F. Verruca (Benson)
148. F. Viola Annandale and Prashad

Key to Genera
Subfamily Bulininae :
Genus XXXI. Indoplanorbis Annandale and Prashad
Species 149. Indoplanorbis Exustus (Deshayes)

Genus XXXII. Camptoceras Benson :
Key to Species :
Subgenus Camptoceras S. Str. :
Species 150. Camptoceras (Camptoceras) Austeni Blanford
151. C. (C.) Terebra Benson

Subgenus Culmenella Clench :
Species 152. Camptoceras (Culmenella) Lineatum Blanford
153. C. (C.) Subspinosum Annandale and Prashad

Subfamily Segmentininae :
Key to Genera :
Genus XXXIII. Hippeutis Charpentier
Subgenus Hippeutis S. Str. :
Species 154. Hippeutis (Hippeutis) Fontanus (Lightfoot)

Subgenus Helicorbis Benson :
Species 155. Hippeutis (Helicorbis) Capitis (Annandale)
156. H. (H.) Umbilicalis Umbilicalis (Benson)

Genus XXXIV. Segmentina Fleming :
Subgenus Polypylis Pilsbry
Species 157. Segmentina (Polypylis) Calatha (Benson)
158. S. (P.) Taia (Annandale and Rao)
159. S. (P.) Trochoidea (Benson)

Subfamily Planorbinae S. Str. :
Genus XXXV. Planorbis Geoffroy :
Species 160. Planorbis (Planorbis) Tangitarensis Germain
161. P. Rotundatus Poiret

Genus XXXVI. Gyraulus Charpentier
Species 162. Gyraulus Barrackporensis (Clessin)
163. G. Convexiusculus (Hutton)
164. G. Euphraticus (Mousson)
165. G. Labiatus (Benson)
166. G. Ladacensis Nevill
167. G. Pankongensis (Von Martens)
168. G. Rotula (Benson)
169. G. Saltensis Germain
170. G. Velifer (Annandale)

Class Bivalvia
Order Arcoida
Family M. ARCIDAE :
Subfamily Anadarinae
Genus XXXVII. Scaphula Benson :
Species 171. Scaphula Celox Benson
172. S. Deltae Stanford
173. S. Pinna Benson

Order Unionida :
Subfamily Unioninae :
Key to Genera :
Genus XXXVIII. Lamellidens Simpson
Species 174. Lamellidens Consobrinus Lea
175. L. Corrianus Lea
176. L. Generosus (Gould)
177. L. Indawgyiensis Prashad
178. L. Jenkinsianus (Benson)
179. L. Jenkinsianus Daccaensis (Preston)
180. L. Jenkinsianus Obesa (Hanley and Theobald)
181. L. Lamellatus Lea
182. L. Marginalis (Lamarck)
183. L. Phenchooganjensis Preston
184. L. Scutum (Sowerby)

Genus XXXIX. Arcidopsis Simpson :
Species 185. Arcidopsis Footei (Theobald)

Genus XL. Oxynaia Haas :
Species 186. Oxynaia Pugio (Benson)

Subfamily Ambleminae :
Genus XLI. Pseudodon Gould :
Subgenus Pseudodon S. Str. :
Species 187. Pseudodon (Pseudodon) Inoscularis (Gould)

Subgenus Trigonodon Conrad :
Species 188. Pseudodon (Trigonodon) Crebristriatus (Anthony)
189. Pseudodon (Trigonodon) Peguensis (Anthony)

Subgenus Indopseudodon Prashad :
190. Pseudodon (Indopseudodon) Ova (Theobald)
191. Pseudodon (Indopseudodon) Salwenianus (Gould)

Genus XLII. Solenaia Conrad :
Species 192. Solenaia Soleniformis (Benson) :
Subfamily Parreysiinae :
Genus XLIII. Parreysia Conrad :
Key to Subgenera :
Subgenus Parreysia S. Str. :
Species 193. Parreysia (Parreysia) Annandalei Preston
194. P. (P.) Bhamoensis (Theobald)
195. P. (P.) Burmanus (Blanford)
196. P. (P.) Choprae Prashad
197. P. (P.) Corbis (Benson)
198. P. (P.) Corrugata (Mueller)
199. P. (P.) Corrugata Laevirostris (Benson)
200. P. (P.) Corrugata Nagpoorensis (Lea)
201. P. (P.) Cylindrica Annandale and Prashad
202. P. (P.) Favidens (Benson)
203. P. (P.) Favidens Assamensis Preston
204. P. (P.) Favidens Chrysis (Benson)
205. P. (P.) Favidens Deltae (Benson)
206. P. (P.) Favidens Viridula (Benson)
207. P. (P.) Feae (Tapparone-Canefri)
208. P. (P.) Feddeni (Theobald)
209. P. (P.) Gowhattensis (Theobald)
210. P. (P.) Houngdaranicus (Tapparone-Canefri)
211. P. (P.) Mandelayensis (Theobald)
212. P. (P.) Olivacea Prashad
213. P. (P.) Perconvexa Preston
214. P. (P.) Rajahensis (Lea)
215. P. (P.) Sikkimensis (Lea)
216. P. (P.) Smaragdites (Benson)
217. P. (P.) Tavoyensis (Gould)
218. P. (P.) Triembolus (Benson)

Subgenus Radiatula Simpson :
Species 219. Parreysia (Radiatula) Andersoniana (Nevill)
220. P. (R.) Bonneaudi (Eydoux)
221. P. (R.) Caerulea (Lea)
222. P. (R.) Caerulea Gaudichaudi (Eydoux)
223. P. (R.) Chaudhurii (Preston)
224. P. (R.) Crispisulcata (Benson)
225. P. (R.) Involuta (Benson)
226. P. (R.) Khadakvaslaensis (Ray)
227. P. (R.) Lima (Simpson)
228. P. (R.) Nuttalliana (Lea)
229. P. (R.) Occata (Lea)
230. P. (R.) Olivaria (Lea)
231. P. (R.) Pachysoma (Benson)
232. P. (R.) Shurtleffiana (Lea)
233. P. (R.) Theobaldi (Preston)

Genus XLIV. Scabies Haas :
Species 234. Scabies Crispata (Gould)

Subfamily Rectidentinae :
Genus XLV. Trapezoideus Simpson :
Species XLVI. 235. Trapezoideus Exolescens Exolescens (Gould)

Genus XLVI. Physunio Simpson :
Subgenus Physunio S. Str. :
Species 236. Physunio (Physunio) Ferrugineus Annandale
237. P. (P.) Micropteroides Annandale

Subgenus Velunio Haas :
Species 238. P. (Velunio) Velaris (Sowerby)

Genus XLVII. Acostaea d'Orbigny :
Subgenus Pseudomulleria Anthony :
Species 239. Acostaea (Pseudomulleria) Dalyi E.A. Smith

Genus XLVIII. Margaritifera Schumacher :
Subgenus Margaritanopsis Haas :
Species 240. Margaritifera (Margaritanopsis) Laosensis (Lea)

Order Veneroida :
Key to Genera :
Genus XLIX. Corbicula Megerle Von Muehlfeld :
Species 241. Corbicula Annandalei Prashad
242. C. Arata (Sowerby)
243. C. Assamensis Prashad
244. C. Bensoni Deshayes
245. C. Cashmiriensis Deshayes
246. C. Iravadica Blanford
247. C. Krishnaea Ray
248. C. Noetlingi Von Martens
249. C. Peninsularis Prashad
250. C. Solida Clessin
251. C. Striatella Deshayes
252. C. Subnitens Clessin
253. C. Sylhetica Preston
254. C. Tibetensis Prashad

Genus L. Villorita Griffith and Pidgeon :
Key to Species :
Species 255. V. Corbiculoides Prashad
256. V. Cornucopia Prashad
257. V. Cyprinoides (Gray)

Genus LI. Batissa Gray :
Species 258. Batissa Inflata Prime
259. B. Similis Prime

Genus LII. Geloina Gray :
Species 260. Geloina Bengalensis (Lamarck)
261. G. Erosa (Solander)

Key to Genera
Genus LIII. Sphaerium Scopoli :
Subgenus Sphaerium S. Str. :
Key to Species :
Species 262. Sphaerium (Sphaerium) Austeni Prashad
263. S. (S.) Avanum Theobald
264. S. (S.) Indicum Deshayes
265. S. (S.) Kashmirensis Prashad
266. S. (S.) Montanum Tapparone Canefri

Genus LIV. Pisidium Pfeiffer :
Subgenus Pisidium S. Str. :
Species 267. P. (P.) Casertanum (Poli)

Subgenus Odhneripisidium Kuiper :
Species 268. Pisidium (Odhneripisidium) Annandalei Prashad
269. P. (O.) Appressum Prashad
270. P. (O.) Atkinsonianum Theobald
271. P. (O.) Kuiperi Dance
272. P. (O.) Stewarti Preston
273. P. (O.) Yarkandense Prashad
274. P. (O.) Zugmayeri Weber

Subgenus Afropisidium Kuiper :
Species 275. Pisidium (A.) Clarkeanum G. & H. Nevill
276. P. (A.) Ellisi Dance
277. P. (A.) Nevillianum Theobald
278. P. (A.) Stoliczkanum Prashad

Subgenus Eupisidium :
Species 279. P. (E.) Mitchelli Prashad

Genus 55. Tanysiphon Benson
Species 280. Tanysiphon Rivalis Benson

Genus LVI. Neosolen Ghosh :
Species 281. Neosolen Aquaedulcior is Ghosh

Subfamily Novaculininae
Genus 57. Novaculina Benson
Species 282. Novaculina Andamanensis Preston
283. N. Gangetica Benson

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