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Handbook for Designing Cement Plants Revised Edition, Reprint,8178001454,9788178001456

Handbook for Designing Cement Plants Revised Edition, Reprint



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Book Information

Publisher:B.S. Publications
Published In:2008
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:7.16 lbs
Pages:pp. 1181 in Various Pagings, Figures, Illus. (Some Col.), Charts, Maps, Graphs, Index, Appendices, References, Acknowledgemen

The Title "Handbook for Designing Cement Plants Revised Edition, Reprint" is written by S.P. Deolalkar. This book was published in the year 2008. The ISBN number 8178001454|9788178001456 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. The book displayed here is a Revised Edition, Reprint edition. This book has total of pp. 1181 in Various Pagings (Pages). The publisher of this title is B.S. Publications. We have about 544 other great books from this publisher. Handbook for Designing Cement Plants Revised Edition, Reprint is currently Not Available with us.You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.

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About the Book

This handbook is the result of the author's more than five decades experience in the cement industry.

The Book is structured as a practical handbook for designing cement plants from scratch, guiding the user step by step through various stages involved in setting up a cement plant. It starts with raw materials, various processes in making different types of cements, various machinery used in the different sections. It explains working out of sizes and capacities of machines and sections. It deals with preparation of techno economic feasibility, construction, electrical and instrumentation in cement plants.

About the Author

Mr. Deolalkar is a First Class Graduate in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. He has been associated with the Cement Industry for the last 50 years. He served with ACC Vickers Badcock Ltd,-leading manufactures of Cement Machinery for 23 years. He has also worked as a Consultant for about 20 years. As a result he has been designing Cement plants of sizes ranging from 200 tpd to + 3000 tpd capacity using different processes and machinery including new developments like calciners, vertical mills etc. Plants designed by him include new plants at green field sites as also expansions and modernizations of running plants.

Mr. Deolalkar initiated work on standardizing 'engineering' so as to obtain consistent results by taking help of computers about thirty years back. He took first steps to put on computer process calculations, sizing of machinery and even machinery design. These have become commonplace now but were pioneering steps in the 1970s and 1980s when computers were nowhere near the state of development that they are today.

Mr. Deolalkar was associated with a number of Institutions related to Cement Industry at the National Level like Bureau of Indian Standards (earlier known as ISI), National Committee for Science and Technology and National Council for Cement and Building Materials. He was a member of the Research Advisory Committee of the NCCBM and was also a Member of its Faculty. Mr. Deolalkar served as Secretary of the Cement Machinery Manufacturers' Association in the early 1980s. He has written a number of papers in national and international journals on cement.



Section I : BASICS :
Chap. 1 : Overview of Manufacture of Cement
Chap. 2 : Types of Cement-their Properties and Uses
Chap. 3 : Processes of Manufacturing of Cement
Chap. 4 : Selection of Process and Machinery
Chap. 5 : Raw Materials, Additives and Fuels
Chap. 6 : Taking up the Design of a Cement Plant
Chap. 7 : Technical Concepts-process Flowcharts
Chap. 8 : Technical Concepts-conversion Factors
Chap. 9 : Technical Concepts-design Margins to Arrive at Capacities
Chap. 10 : Technical Concepts-running Hours in Various Sections
Chap. 11 : Technical Concepts-sectional and Individual Capacities
Chap. 12 : Process Gases
Chap. 13 : Storages
Chap. 14 : Machinery Schedules
Chap. 15 : Drawing Specifications for Inviting Offers
Chap. 16 : Properties of Materials that Affect Sizing and Selection of Machinery

Chap. 1 : Quarrying Operations
Chap. 2 : Crushers
Chap. 3 : Stacker Reclaimer Systems
Chap. 4 : Grinding Mills
Chap. 4a : Ball Mills
Chap. 4b : Vertical Mills
Chap. 4c : Roller Press
Chap. 5 : Screens Separators and Classifiers
Chap. 6 : Blending Systems
Chap. 7 : Metering Systems for Raw Meal and Coal
Chap. 8 : Preheaters
Chap. 9 : Calciners
Chap. 10 : Kilns
Chap. 11 : Clinker Coolers
Chap. 12 : Pollution Control
Chap. 13 : Cement Mills and Cement Storage
Chap. 14 : Packing of Cement
Chap. 15 : Despatches of Cement and Bulk Despatches of Clinker
Chap. 16 : Material Handling Systems
Chap. 17 : Fans
Chap. 18 : Compressors and Blowers
Chap. 19 : Motors
Chap. 20 : Gearboxes

Chap. 1 : Investment Decision
Chap. 2 : Setting up a Cement Plant-techno-Economic Feasibility Studies
Chap. 3 : What Should the T.E.F.S Contain
Chap. 4 : Demand Forecast and Market
Chap. 5 : Limestone Deposits
Chap. 6 : Environment
Chap. 7 : Infrastructural Facilities
Chap. 8 : Manpower Requirements
Chap. 9 : Implementation Sechedule
Chap. 10 : Erection
Chap. 11 : Commissioning
Chap. 12 : Capital Costs of the Project
Chap. 13 : Costs of Production
Chap. 14 : Profitability and Investment Analysis
Chap. 15 : Executive Summary and Conclusion
Chap. 16 : Factors Governing the Size of a Cement Plant

Chap. 1 : Civil Design and Civil Engineering
Chap. 2 : Non-factory Buildings
Chap. 3 : Design Aspects of Some of the Non-factory Building
Chap. 4 : Colony, Guest Houses and Clubs
Chap. 5 : Storages, Silos, Bins and Hoppers
Chap. 6 : Water Supply

Chap. 1 : Electrical Systems, General
Chap. 2 : Power Distribution and Cables
Chap. 3 : Power Consumption and its Calculation
Chap. 4 : Instrumentation and Process Control
Chap. 5 : Lighting
Chap. 6 : Communications
Chap. 7 : Quality Control and Laboratory
Chap. 8 : Computer in Cement Industry

Section VI : LAYOUTS AND DETAILED Engineering :
Chap. 1 : Cement Plants General Layouts
Chap. 2 : Departmental Layouts
Chap. 3 : Layouts of Crushing Plants
Chap. 4 : Auxiliaries in Crushing Section
Chap. 5 : Storage of Crushed Limestone and Stacker Reclaimer Systems
Chap. 6 : Raw Mills and Separators
Chap. 7 : Maintenance of Mills
Chap. 8 : Layouts of Coal Mills
Chap. 9 : Conveying of Raw Meal/Pulversied Coal/Cement
Chap. 10 : Batch Blending and Storage Systems for Raw Meal
Chap. 11 : Continuous Blending Systems
Chap. 12 : Kiln Feed Systems
Chap. 13 : Pyroprocessing Section
Chap. 14 : Preheaters Lepol Grate
Chap. 15 : Cyclone Preheaters
Chap. 16 : Preheater Fan
Chap. 17 : Calciners
Chap. 18 : Teritary Air Duct, Dust Chamber and Connecting Duct
Chap. 19 : Rotary Kiln
Chap. 19A : Coal and Oil Firing and Metering Systems
Chap. 20 : Clinker Coolers-planetary Coolers
Chap. 21 : Grate Coolers
Chap. 22 : Clinker Cooler-collecting Spillage and Product
Chap. 23 : Cooling Air Fans
Chap. 24 : Clinker Coolers-cooler Vent and Dust Collectors
Chap. 25 : Other Clinker Coolers
Chap. 26 : Clinker Conveying and Storage
Chap. 27 : Handling Coal and Gypsum
Chap. 28 : Handling Slag to Make Slag Cements
Chap. 29 : Handling Fly Ash to Make Pozzolana Portland Cement
Chap. 30 : Cement Mills
Chap. 31 : Cement Storage
Chap. 32 : Cement Storage and Packing
Chap. 33 : Bags Godown
Chap. 34 : Layout of Packing Plant and Dispatches
Chap. 35 : Simultaneous Loading of Trucks and Wagons
Chap. 36 : Bulk Loading and Transport by Road and by Rail
Chap. 37 : Bulk Loading of Clinker
Chap. 38 : Exporting Cement
Chap. 39 : Import of Coal
Chap. 40 : Railway Siding
Chap. 41 : Venting
Chap. 42 : Chutes
Chap. 43 : Ducts
Chap. 44 : Chimneys
Chap. 45 : Pipelines and Supports Compressed Air and Pneumatic Conveying Pipelines
Chap. 46 : Oil Lubrication and Cooling Water Systems
Chap. 47 : Bed Plates
Chap. 48 : Foundations and Load Data
Chap. 49 : Civil Drawings and Design of Departmental Buildings
Chap. 50 : Working Platforms
Chap. 51 : Conveyor Gantries
Chap. 52 : Lifts, Hoists and Lifting Tackles
Chap. 53 : Safety
Chap. 54 : Sampling
Chap. 55 : Refractories
Chap. 56 : Insulation and Lagging
Chap. 57 : Fans
Chap. 58 : Compressors and Blowers
Chap. 59 : Good House Keeping
Chap. 60 : Co-generation

Chap. 1 : Ordering Machinery
Chap. 2 : Formulating Enquiries 3-6 ENQS
Chap. 3 : Technical Data Sheets TDS 1-8
Chap. 4 : Evaluation
Chap. 5 : Crtical Operational and Design Parameters
Chap. 6 : Time Factor

1. General -rs1-rs4
2. Basic Laws of Physics-rs5-rs9
3. Psychrometry-rs10-rs11c
4. Properties of Materials-rs12-rs16
5. Specific Heats-rs17-rs18
6. Hardness and Grindability-rs19-rs21
7. Temperatures and Pressures-rs22-rs26
8. Slopes and Gradients-rs27-rs29
9. Comparison of Sieves Blaines and Wagner-rs30-rs31
10. Slurry-rs32-rs32
11. Fuels Calorific Values-rs33-rs35
12. Combustion and Products of Combustion-rs36-rs39
13. Kiln Gases-rs40-rs43
14. Drying-rs44-rs47
15. Quality control Formulae-rs48-rs58
16. Log Mean Temperature Difference-rs59
17. Heat Balances-rs60-rs61
18. Quarry Equipment-rs62-rs63
19. Crushers Screens-rs64-rs67
20. Grinding Media-rs68-rs70
21. Ball Mills-rs71-rs77
22. Vertical Mills-rs78
23. Separators-rs79
24. Fan Laws-rs80
25. Preheaters-rs81-rs83
26. Kilns-rs84-rs95
27. Burners-rs96
28. Coolers-rs97-rs99
29. Materials Handling Mechanical Conveyors-rs100-rs105
30. Pneumatic Conveyors-rs106-rs110
31. Vent Volumes and Dust Burdens-rs111-rs112
32. Log Log, Semi Log Sheets-rs113-1-rs113-3
33. Motors-rs114-1-rs114-6
34. Gearboxes-rs115

Section IX : SOURCES :
1. Reference Books
2. Reference Manuals
3. Sources of Plates
4. Sources of Layouts
5. Sources of Text and Figures
6. Sources for Reference Section 8 in CD Format

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