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Human Impact on Desert Environment 1st Edition

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Human Impact on Desert Environment 1st Edition,8172333501,9788172333508


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Book Information

Publisher:Arid Zone Research Association of IndiaScientific Publishers
Published In:2004
Binding Type:Hardback
Pages:pp. xii + 629, Figures, Illus., Tables, Maps, Index

The Title "Human Impact on Desert Environment 1st Edition" is written by Pratap Narain. This book was published in the year 2004. The ISBN number 8172333501|9788172333508 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 1st Edition edition. This book has total of pp. xii + 629 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Scientific Publishers. We have about 808 other great books from this publisher. Human Impact on Desert Environment 1st Edition is currently Not Available with us.You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.

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Indira Gandhi ace

1. Ecological Fluxes in the Thar Desert/R.P. Dhir
2. Role of Space Technology in Assessment and Monitoring of Drought and Desertification/D.P. Rao, R.S. Dwivedi and A.T. Jayaseelan
3. Desertification in Arid Kachchh Region of Gujarat : Present Status and Responsible Factors/Amal Kar and Nepal Singh
4. Agro-Ecological Assessment of arid Regions of Gujarat for crop Planning/B.L. Jain, R.S. Singh, J.D. Giri, J.P. Sharma and R.L. Shyampura
5. Impact of human Activities on land use Changes in arid Rajasthan: Retrospect and Prospects/Balak Ram
6. Malaria Conflagration Under the Impact of Changing Thar Desert Environment/B.K. Tyagi
7. Micro-Climatic Quantification and Drought Impacts on Productivity of Green-Gram Under Different Cropping Systems of Arid Zone/R.S. Singh, J.P. Gupta, A.S. Rao and A.K. Sharma
8. Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration: a Case Study/R.K. Goyal and V.P. Gupta
9. Climatic Fluctuations and Trends at Banaskantha, Gujarat/K.I. Patel, S.B.S. Narasimha Rao, A.M. Shekh, M.B. Savani, Vyas Pandey, B.K. Bhatt, A.J. Dave and R.S. Parmar
10. Terrain Modeling to Understand Fluvial Erosion Hazards/P.C. Moharana

II. LAND AND WATER Management : -
1. Status of Land Resources in Drought Prone Areas/M. Velayutham, R.L. Shyampura and R.K. Saxena
2. Four water Concept: a new Paradigm for Indira Gandhi Canal Area/J. Venkateswarlu
3. Rainwater Harvesting and Utilization/H.P. Singh and K.D. Sharma
4. Integrated Watershed Management for Sustainability/M.A. Khan and Pratap Narain
5. Effects of Soil and Water Conservation in Jhanwar Watershed/T.K. Bhati and R.K. Goyal
6. Integration of Mining Activities and Environment in Thar Desert/P.B. Rastogi
7. Technology Approach for Rehabilitating Degraded Arid Lands/S.S. Rathore and J.P. Gupta
8. Characterization of Limestone Mine Spoils for Rehabilitation in Thar Desert/B.K. Sharma, K.D. Sharma and Suresh Kumar
9. Effect of Tree Plantation on Soil Fertility in Arid Region of Rajasthan/Pramila Raina
10. Model Prediction of Physico-Chemical Changes in Brackish Water-Irrigated Sodic Soils During Amelioration/D.C. Joshi, Tibor Toth and Diana Sari
11. Performance of Vegetative Barriers on Sloping land in Semi-Arid Region/S.C. Sharma, J.S. Mann, R.S. Mehta and L.R. Meena
12. Studies on in Situ Rain Water Harvesting in Ber/K. Satyanarayana Reddy and P. Umamaheswari
13. Vegetation Status of a Salt-Affected Soil Five years After Plantation/Ranjana Arya
14. Comparative Efficiency of Olsen and Modified Kelowna Soil Tests for Available Phosphorus in Rajasthan Soils/V.K. Garg
15. Assessment of Industrial Effluents Induced Degradation of Natural Resources in Arid Environment/Balak Ram and I.C. Gupta

1. Sustainable Crop Production in Arid Region : Strategies and Research Priorities/J.P. Gupta and Pratap Narain
2. Systems Analysis and Simulation in Agronomy/N.L. Joshi
3. Simulation of Pearl Millet Yield Under arid Environment/G.J. O’Leary, N.L. Joshi and E.J. van Oosterom
4. Response of Pearl Millet to N and FYM Under Rainfed condition/N.D. Yadava and B.K. Beniwal
5. Guar Breeding : What has been Done and what lies Ahead?/J.V. Singh and R.N. Arora
6. Clusterbean : An Industrial Crop for Arid Zone/A. Henry
7. Influence of Spacing on Performance, Water use and Nutrient uptake of Clusterbean/B.K. Garg, S. Kathju, S.P. Vyas and A.N. Lahiri
8. Effect of Single and Multiple Inoculation of Clusterbean on Growth, Nutrition and Tolerance to Infection by Macrophomina Phaseolina/P.P. Gupta, Vivek Gupta, Rakesh Kumar, J.V. Singh and D.S. Jatasara
9. Variability and Correlation Studies for Seedling Traits in cowpea/R.N. Arora and D.S. Jatasara
10. Studies on Seed Microflora of Cowpea/P.P. Gupta, Vivek Gupta, A.S. Rathi and D.S. Jatasara
11. Effect of Fertility Levels and Azotobacter Inoculation on Yield Attributes and Yield of Barley/N.K. Gaur, O.P. Sharma and T.K. Bhati
12. Importance of Udaipur Rock Phosphate as P Fertilizer/R.S. Yadav
13. Impact of Changing Cropping Patterns on the Insect pest Spectrum in the arid Agroecosystem/M.P. Singh, Satyavir and Nisha Patel
14. Incidence of Indian Field Mouse, Mus Booduga Gray in Thar Desert/Mohd. Idris, R.S. Tripathi, V. Chaudhary and B.D. Rana
15. Management of Die-Back in Chilli Through Seed and Spray Treatments/Arun Kumar and N.L. Vyas
16. Economic Assessment of Cropping Systems for Western arid Zone/Anurag Saxena, D.V. Singh and N.L. Joshi

1. Thar Desert Biosphere Reserve and Conservation of Phytodiversity of Thar/M.M. Bhandari
2. Agroforestry for Sustainability in arid Regions/R.M. Singhal and G. Singh
3. Potential of Certain Multipurpose Tree Species Under Rainfed Condition in North Gujarat/S.N. Jaimini, S.B.S. Tikka, J.M. Patel, N.M. Patel, P.M. Patel and S.B. Patel
4. Influence of Intercropping and Tree Density on Forage Production in Ardu-Based Silvopasture System/l.r. Meena, s.c. Sharma, j.s. mann and r.s. Mehta
5. Effect of tree Species on Inter Space Grass yield under Silvopastoral System/A.K. Kothari and P.M. Jain
6. Quick Raising of Salvadora Oleoides (Decne) Saplings/R.S. Mertia and T.K. Kunhamu
7. Propagation Techniques to Conserve Endemic and Threatened Plants in arid Region/M. Nagarajan and R.S. Mertia
8. In Vitro Multiplication of Important Desert Trees/R. Raj Bhansali
9. Improved Biomass Production and Nutrient Uptake in Acacia Leucophloea by Inoculation with AM Fungi/Jitendra Panwar and Anil Vyas
10. Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) Fungi on the growth of Desert tree Saplings/Sher Mohammed and Pawan K. Kasera
11. Arresting the Degradation of Productivity of Marginal lands Through Silvopasture System in Dry Areas/R.S. Mehta, J.S. Mann, S.C. SHARMA and L.R. Meena
12. Suitable Land use Model for Maximization of Production on Sandy Loam Soils/J.S. Mann, S.C. Sharma and R.S. Mehta
13. Studies on Some Multipurpose Tree Species as a Source of Rural Energy/D.I. Gohil and S.P. Singh
14. Increased Production of Gum-Arabic from Acacia Senegal/Hamid A. Khan, L.N. Harsh and M.D. Bohra
15. Prospects of Saffron Cultivation in Cold arid Zone of Kargil (Ladakh)/A.M. Munshi, Gul Zaffar and G.H. Zargar
16. Microbial and Soil C, N and P in Prosopis Cineraria and Acacia Nilotica- Based Agroforestry Systems/S.K. Mehar, Usha Purohit, M. Nagarajan and S. Sundaramoorthy
17. Arid Horticulture/B.S. Chundawat
18. Genetic Diversity in Pomegranate Germplasm in arid Regions/B.B. Vashishtha, D.K. Samadia and P. Nallathambi
19. Advances in Jujube Cultivation in arid Zone/P.R. Meghwal and S.K. Purbey
20. Studies on the Maturity Standards of Date Palm (Phoenix Dactytlifera L.)/G. Lal, M.S. Fageria, R.S. Dhaka, N.L. Sen and J.P.S. Pundeer
21. Diversity in Kachari and Matira in arid Region of Rajasthan/N.K. Dwivedi, D.C. Bhandari, Neelam Bhatnagar and D.K. Samadia
22. Propagation and Production Techniques for five Important Medicinal Plants of the Thar Desert/Pawan K. Kasera, Jitendra K. Shukla, Jai Prakash, Priya Saharan and D.D. Chawan

1. Breeding and Selection for Disease Resistance in Farm Animals/S.C. Mehta and V.K. Singh
2. Livestock: Human need for Sustainability in arid Environment/B.K. Mathur
3. Marwari sheep: its Improvement in hot arid Rajasthan/Gopal Dass and V.K. Singh
4. Effect of grass Legume Intercropping on soil properties in the arid zone of Rajasthan/K.P. Tripathi and K.C. Singh
5. Relative Performance of Prominent Grasses under Varying Rainfall Situations in arid Gujarat/S.P. Vyas
6. Degradation of soil Resources of Rajasthan due to biotic Stress/Vimlesh Chaudhary, B.L. Kakralya and Karan Singh

1. Energy Management in arid zone/Anwar Alam
2. Design and Development of Solar Devices for arid Region/P.C. Pande
3. Energetics of Crop Production in arid region/Harpal Singh, D. Mishra and N.M. Nahar
4. Tillage for Moisture and Energy Conservation in Clusterbean-Pearl Millet Rotation in Arid Zone/M. Patidar and A.K. Singh

1. Impact Assessment of farm Technologies for Desert Development/Mruthyunjaya
2. Socio-Cultural Practices and Peoples’ Perception in Desertification Processes in an Indian arid Village/D.K. Saha, A. Tsunekawa, K. Anantha Ram and T. Miyazaki
3. Resource use Efficiency in vegetable Production in arid Region of Rajasthan/Pratibha Tewari, Z.D. Kavia, B.L. Gajja and T.K. Bhati
4. Achievement Motivation of Farmers and Extension Personnel/Amtul-Waris, M.P. Singh and K.N.K. Chauhan
5. Participation of Farmers in tree Plantation in Western Rajasthan/Rajendra Prasad, R.K. Gupta and R.R. Lohra
Author Index