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Kamakalavilasa of Srimanmahesvara Punyananda Natha Alongwith 'Cidvailli' Sanskrit Commentary of Sri Natanananda Natha and English Translation 1st Edition

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Book Information

Publisher:Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Published In:2004
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:0.94 lbs
Pages:pp. xii + 152, Index

The Title "Kamakalavilasa of Srimanmahesvara Punyananda Natha Alongwith 'Cidvailli' Sanskrit Commentary of Sri Natanananda Natha and English Translation 1st Edition" is written by Ramayana Prasad Dwivedi. This book was published in the year 2004. The book displayed here is a 1st Edition edition. This book has total of pp. xii + 152 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan. We have about 303 other great books from this publisher. Kamakalavilasa of Srimanmahesvara Punyananda Natha Alongwith 'Cidvailli' Sanskrit Commentary of Sri Natanananda Natha and English Translation 1st Edition is currently Available with us.

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Smrta - granth - sanketa - suchi
Sri - Cakra

1. The salutation of Lord Siva (the doer of five activities, vimarsatmaka and the illumination himself) and his nature - (visvamaya and visvatita) - all pervading and all surprising
2. The description of mirror-natured adya - vimarsasakti (Mahatripursundari) nature
3. Characteristics of Parasakti Mahatripursundari
4. Nature of Mahabindu (Sadasiva)
5. True nature of Ahamkar
6. Genuine nature of Bindu
7. Vidya - Kamkala and the importance of its knowledge
8. The origin of five vikrtis (ether, air, fire, water and earth) by white bindu
9. Ascertainment of identity of indicator (vidya or mantra) and the indicated one (vidya or devata)
10. Oneness of word (vak) and meaning (artha)
11. The characteristics of Dhamatraya, Bijatraya and Saktitraya
12. The nature of Matrikatraya, Vidya and Turiyapitha
13. The description of Suksmabhut (five tanmatras), virtues (fifteen gunas) and Nityayas-tithiyas (fifteen letters of vidya)
14. Atibhutas (fifteen gunas or properties) Nityas or Tithiyas (fifteen letters of Vidya)
15. Nature of Vidya (Tattvatmaka of 36 tattvas and tattvatit (transcends, nothing besides her
16. The oneness of Vidya and Devata
17. The oneness of Matrikas and cakras with Devi
18. Oneness of Devi and Cakra
19. The nature of Bindu and Trikona
20. The form of the original Trikona of Sakti cakra
21. The portion of Sricakra (Icchadik) and pasyanti (ekadesatmaka)
22. The form of Kamakala (Tri-bindvatmaka and sanyukta)
23. The description of form of Pasyanti and Madhyama
24. Oneness of subtle (Suksma) and gross (sthula) Madhayma
25. The form the cakra of eight triangles (Astakonacakra)
26. The dasar (dasaka) cakra (Antardasar and bahirdasar
27. The form of the triangles of ten and fourteen cakras
28. The origin of vaikhari (nityasodasika)
29. Sarvasamksobhana and sarvasa - pari - puraka cakras as vaikhari - varnatmaka
30. Description of the three cycles (vrittatraya)
31. Introduction of Avarana - devata and gurumandal
32. The form of Avarana-devata
33. Description of Mahatripursundari
34. Form of Tripursundari Devi
35. Declination of divine husband and wife (Kamesvar - Kamesvari
36. The form of Avarana-devatas of Astakona cakra
37. The nature of Sakties (Nigarbha - yogini) dwelling in sarvaraksa cakra
38. Sarvaraksa chakra and yognis there into
39. The form of Sampradaya - yoginis
40. The nature of guptatara - yoginis
41. Sixteen variations (vikaras) of the Devi or Devi's sixteen variations (vikaras)
42. Mudras and their form
43. Alternation of nine bases (adharas) into cakra
44. Eight mothers (Astamatraka)
45. Eight powers (Saktis) of Paramsiva
46. Nature of Kamesa
47. Teaching by Siva (as guru) to Kamesvari (vimrsa - rupini - sakti)
48. The nature of parabhattarika
49. Order of Gurus (Guru - krama) and Mitradeo
50. Importance of the work shown by the Author
51. The obeisance to the venerated Lord Srinatha
52. Karikardhanukrmanika
53. Cidvalyam smrita - granthah
54. Cidvalyam smrita - granthkartarah