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Krishna Theme in the Visual Arts of Rajasthan A Study of the Representation 1st Published,818678232X,9788186782323

Krishna Theme in the Visual Arts of Rajasthan A Study of the Representation 1st Published



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Book Information

Publisher:Publication Scheme
Published In:1998
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:2.42 lbs
Pages:pp. ix + 224, 94 Plates (Partly Col.), Index, Biblio.

The Title "Krishna Theme in the Visual Arts of Rajasthan A Study of the Representation 1st Published" is written by Vandana Khanna. This book was published in the year 1998. The ISBN number 818678232X|9788186782323 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 1st Published edition. This book has total of pp. ix + 224 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Publication Scheme. We have about 282 other great books from this publisher. Krishna Theme in the Visual Arts of Rajasthan A Study of the Representation 1st Published is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

The present work is an exhaustive study of Krishna theme in literature Painting and sculpture of Rajasthan from 200 B.C. to 1900 A.D. It deals with a vast area of research on the depiction of Krishna in reliefs of temples, baoris, chhatris etc. on the one hand and murals, pichhavais and miniatures on the other. The themes of literature have been interpreted in the paintings and Sculptures of Rajasthan which addresses to our emotions and sensibilities. It will be of interest to art historians, artists, critics and anyone concerned with Indian paintings and sculpture.

The work dwells upon deeply with different aspects of the personality of Krishna as an incarnation, as a child God, a youth, a saviours and an amourous lover. The Author has dealt with the devotional as well as Sringarika literature in interpreting and studying the various themes of Krishna's life and its representation in different art forms of painting and sculpture.

The analysis of a vast number of paintings and sculptures keeping in view the stylistic characteristics of different schools of Rajasthan's visual arts is being achieved with competence in this work. The study also reveals the origin, development and transformation of various motifs in these art which have their origin in the legend of Krishna, the flute player cowherd. The Book carries no less than 90 plates in colour and black and white exhibiting the wide survey of the subject made by the author. The relevant sculptures, painting and pichhavais from different art collections of private and Government agencies India have been included in this book.

About the Author

Dr. Vandana Khanna Gauba (birth-11th February, 1968) has obtained her graduation and post graduation Degrees from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. She is well conversant with the traditions of Art both in theory and practice.

Her field of interest centres around the art history of Rajasthan. She has published a number of research papers on Krishna legend and its visual representation in the arts of Rajasthan. She was awarded the degree of Ph.D. on her work. The Representation of Krishna theme in the Visual Arts of Rajasthan (200 B.C. - 1900A.D.) in the year 1993.

Of her numerous activities as an artist, mention may be made of few exhibitions arranged at Faridabad Kala Mela by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy between 1988-97.


1. Origin and Development of Krisna Theme
2. Representation of Krisna in Sculptural Art of Rajasthan
3. Visual Representation of Krisna Based on Pauranika and Sanskrit Literature
4. Krisna in Paintings Based on Devotional Literature
5. Krisna as a Hero of Sringarika Works
6. Representation of Krisna in Pichhavais and Murals of Rajasthan
7. Conclusion

List of Plates

1. Krisna the Vatapatrasayin Courtesy, Amit Ambalal 'Krisna as Srinathji'
2. Krisna Lifting Mount Govardhana, Courtesy, Herman Goetz, The Art and Architecture of Bikaner State
3. Danalila, Courtesy Herman Goetz, The Art and Architecture of Bikaner State
4. Mandor Pillar showing Krisna Lila scenes 5th century AD, 3666 * 610 cms., Jodhpur, Sardar Museum No. 65/2107, Courtesy, American Institute of Indian Studies, Ramnagar, Varanasi (hereafter abbreviated as AIIS)
5. Mandor Pillar showing Krisna Lila Scene, 5th century AD, 3666*610 cms. Jodhpur, Sardar Museum no 65/2107, Courtesy, AIIS
6. Krisna Lila Scenes of 750 AD from Surya Temple 1, Osia, Jodhpur Courtesy, AIIS
7. Krisna Janma of Harihara Temple 1, Osia (ca 8th century AD) Courtesy, AIIS
8. Sakata-bhanga, Harihara Temple 2, Osia (ca 8th Century AD) Courtesy, AIIS
9. Putana Vadha, Harihara Temple 2, Osia (ca 8th Century AD) Courtesy, AIIS
10. Krisna uprooting Yamal-Arjuna tree, Harihara temple 1, Osia (ca 8th Century, AD) Courtesy, AIIS
11. Krisna stealing butter, Harihara Temple 1, Osia (ca 8th century AD) Courtesy, AIIS
12. Krisna killing Dhenuka, of Harihara temple 2, Osia (ca 8th Century AD) courtesy, AIIS
13. Krisna killing Kesi of Harihara temple 2, Osia (ca 8th Century AD) Courtesy, AIIS
14. Krisna killing Kesi (11*15) Amber Museum, 9th Century AD' Courtesy, Amber Museum, Jaipur
15. Krisna Lila scene of Harihara temple 3, Osia (ca 800 AD) Courtesy, AIIS
16. Kaliyamardana Scene from Harihar temple 2, Osia (ca 8th Century AD) Courtesy, AIIS
17. Kuvalayapida Vadha of Harihara temple 1, Osia (ca 8th Century AD) Courtesy, AIIS
18. Krisna subduing Kamsa's wrestlers at Harihara Temple 1, Osia (ca 8th Century AD) Courtesy, AIIS
19. Krisna playing flute, Ghatesvara temple, Badoli (Kota) ca 11th Century AD), Courtesy, AIIS
20. Birth of Krisna, Arthuna, (ca 12th Century, AD) Ajmer Rajputana Museum no. 440, size 790*340 cms. Courtesy, AIIS
21. Yasoda Patta of Dodh (Bhilwara) (ca 12th Century, AD)
22. Radha and Krisna in a plantain grove, Rajsamand, 17th Century, AD)
23. Complaint of Gopis for Krisna's Mischiefs Rajasmand, 17th Century, AD)
24. Stealing of Clothes by Krisna at the bank of Yamuna, Rajsamand, 17th Century AD
25. Krisna playing manjira and gopis playing dholak and flute Rajsamand, 17th Century, AD
26. Radha and Krisna under a lotus leaf umbrella taking cows for grazing, Rajsamand, 17th Century, AD
27. Krisna as a Sringarika hero, Rajsamand, 17th Century,AD
28. Raslila in a rectangular ceiling slab, Rajsamand, 17th Century, AD
29. Rasalila in a circular ceiling slab, Rajsamand, 17th Century, AD
30. Balarama and Revati, Anandimata temple Nosal Ajmer (ca 9th Century AD) Courtesy, AIIS
31. Balarama of Bareh (Bharatpur) ca (11th Century, AD) Bharatpur, State Museum, size 970*590 m Courtesy, AIIS
32. Flute playing dwarf, 9th Century AD
33. Flute playing figure on the rathika, Mira temple Ahar Udaipur (ca 10th Century AD)
34. Krisna and Balarama bestowing grace on Kubja, Cenotaph of Sawai Jai Singh II, Gaitor, Jaipur (ca 1880 AD')
35. Flute playing figure on the bracket of the dome, Mewar (11th Century, AD)
36. Celebrations on birth of Krisna at Gokul (ca 18th Century AD) 113/4"*71/2 "), Allahabad Museum No. 1044, Mewar School
37. Birth of Krisna (ca 18th Century) 113/4"*71/2", Allahabad Museum No. 1048, Mewar School
38. Scene from the Bhagavata Rituals on birth of Krisna (ca. 18th Century D) 113/4"*71/2", Mewar School, Allahabad Museum, No. 1004, Courtesy, AIIS
39. Scene from the Bhagavata, Mewar (ca 18th Century) 111/2"*71/2" Allahabad Museum no 14, Courtesy, AIIS
40. Scene from the Bhagavata, Late 18th Century, Mewar, 11 3/4"*73/4" Allahabad Museum No. 1050, Courtesy, AIIS
41-49. Illustration from the set of Gita Govinda, manuscript 1723 AD., Courtesy Prachya Vidya Praisthan, Udaipur
50-55. Illustration from the set of Sursagar, (ca 18th Century AD.) Courtesy, Rajasthan Govt. State Museum, Udaipur
56-57. Illustration from Bhramargita, Courtesy, Oriental Research institute, Jodhpur
58-61. Paintings from a manuscripts of Veil Krisna Rukamani, Courtesy, Oriental Research Institute, Jodhpur (ca. 17th Century, AD)
62. Painting from Rasikpriya, Mewar 18th century AD. Courtesy, Government Museum, Udaipur
63-64. Krisna as a Dhiralalita Nayaka, Mewar, 18th Century AD. Courtesy, A1IS
65. Painting from Rasikriya, Mewar, 18th century AD, Courtesy, Government Museum, Udaipur
66. Radha Visiting Krisna, 1750 AD. Bharat Kala Bhawan, Ace No. 1767 Courtesy, AIIS
67-70. Painting from Rasikriya set. Mewar, 18th Century AD. Courtesy, Government Museum, Udaipur
71. Painting Illustrating Sringara, 18th Century AD., Allahabad Museum Courtesy, AIIS
72. Painting form Rasikpriya, 18th century AD, Courtesy AIIS
73. Painting from Bihari Satsai, Bundi school, Ca. 1775 AD, Bharat Kala Bhawan, Ace. No. 98992, Courtesy AIIS
74. Painting from Bihari Satsai, Amber Museum, Jaipur
75. Krisna milching a cow, Bundi, ca. 18th Century AD. Allahabad Museum Ace No. 1533, Courtesy AIIS
76. Radha attired in dress of Krisna ca 18th Century, 11" x 7" Allahabad Museum No. 1094, Courtesy, AIIS
77. Illustration from Bihari Satsai, Krisnalila, 18th Century, Size 8 1/4"*7" Allahabad Museum No. 1085, Courtesy, AIIS
78. Illustration of Rasraj Gutka, 1895 VS' size 24*206 cms. Courtesy, Oriental Research Institute, Udaipur
82. Illustration of the month of Sravan, ca 1750 AD, Kota
83. Illustration of Raga Megha Malhar, Bundi, ca 18th Century AD. Courtesy, Klaus Ebeling, Ragamala
84. Illustration of Vasant Ragini, Amber, ca 1700 AD Courtesy, Sangram Singh, Jaipur
85. Illustration of Hindol Raga, Marwar, ca 17th Century AD, Courtesy, Klaus Ebeling, Ragamala
86. Illustration of Megha Raga, Sirohi, ca 1690 AD Courtesy, Sangram Singh, Jaipur
87. Krisna killing Aghasura, Late
88. The Pichhavai of Nathadwara belonging to ca 1910 AD
89. The Pichhavai of Gopastami, Late 18th Century AD. Courtesy, Amit Ambalal, Krisna as Shrinathji
90. The Pichhavai represents Dolatsava Late 18th Century AD
91. Pichhavai of Nandamahotsava Late 18th century A.D. Courtesy, Amit Ambalal Krisna as Srinathji
92. Nandababa with child Krisna in Bade Devtaji ki Haveli, Kota, ca. 1840 AD. Courtesy, Amit Ambalal Knsna as Srinathji
93. Pichhavai representing Nana yatra of Srinathji. Courtesy Amit Ambalal, Knsna as Srinathji
94. Kaliya Daman, from the manuscripts of Braja Vilas, Courtesy Reserach Oriental Institute, Jodhpur

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