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Pfeiffer's Classic Activities for Developing Leaders

Pfeiffer's Classic Activities for Developing Leaders,0787968528,9780787968526

Spiral bound

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Book Information

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons
Published In:2003
Binding Type:Spiral bound
Weight:3.91 lbs
Pages:pp. 464

is written by Jack Gordon. The publisher of this title is John Wiley & Sons.

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About the Book

Good training builds good leaders. And there is no more powerful form of training than experiential learning. Pfeiffer's Classic Activities for Developing Leaders is a hands-on resource that offers twenty experiential learning activities, complete and ready to use in training sessions. These proven activities are designed to teach a wide variety of leadership skills to executives, managers, and supervisors. The Book also includes questionnaires and surveys that measure everything from the leadership behaviors of individual trainees to organizational factors that influence or determine the way leadership will be exercised. Finally, the book contains insightful and informative articles that lay the educational foundation for the study of leadership as a teachable skill. The articles, experiential learning exercises, and questionnaires were specially selected as the best and most useful in the thirty-year History of the Pfeiffer Annuals. The tools in this kit are timeless, time-tested, and ready to be put to work in a large number of leadership-training situations.

About the Author

Jack Gordon is the former chief editor of Training Magazine. A prolific writer, his articles and columns on training subjects have appeared in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, San Diego Chronicle, and Minneapolis Star Tribun e. He is the editor of Pfeiffer's Classic Activities for Building Better Teams and Pfeiffer's Classic Activities for Managing Conflict at Work.


How to Use This Resource. About the Editor. Introduction. PART 1: PRESENTATION AND DISCUSSION RESOURCES. 1. Leadership Is in the Eye of the Follower (James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner). 2. Leadership as Persuasion and Adaptation (Julia T. Wood). 3. Leadership from the Gestalt Perspective (H.B. Karp). 4. An Overview of Ten Management and Organizational Theorists (Marshall Sashkin). 5. McGregor s Theory X-Theory Y Model (Albert J. Robinson). 6. Impact at Ground Zero: Where Theory Meets Practice (Patrick Doyle and C.R. Tindal). 7. A Model for the Executive Management of Transformational Change (Richard Beckhard). 8. Visionary s Disease and the CEO (George M. Smart, Jr.). PART 2: EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING ACTIVITIES. Style and Approach. 1. Choose Me: Developing Power Within a Group (Larry Porter). 2. Successful Leadership Traits: Reaching Consensus (Robert Alan Black). 3. Motivation: A Feedback Activity (Donald F. Michalak). 4. Management Skills: Assessing Personal Performance (Carol J. Levin). 5. Leadership History: Searching the Past for Insight (Frank A. Prince). 6. Management Perspectives: Identifying Styles (Patrick Doyle). Organizations and Systems. 7. MACE: Demonstrating Factors that Affect Performance (Stephen Dakin and Russell Robb). 8. Organizational Structures: A Simulation (Rudi E. Weber). 9. There s Never Time to Do It Right: A Relay Task (Russell J. Denz). 10. The Flip-It Company: Exploring the Impact of Work Quotas (James L. Costigan). 11. The Robotics Decision: Solving Strategic Problems (Charles H. Smith). 12. Reviewing Objectives and Strategies: A Planning Task for Managers (Cyril R. Mill). Skill Building. 13. Feedback Awareness: Skill Building for Supervisors (Robert William Lucas). 14. Delegation: Using Time and Resources Effectively (Michael N. O Malley and Catherine M.T. Lombardozzi). 15. Constructive Discipline: Following Organizational Guidelines (Allen J. Schuh). 16. Vice President s In-Basket: A Management Activity (Annette N. Shelby). 17. Under Pressure: Managing Time Effectively (Glenn H. Varney). 18. Interviewing: Gathering Pertinent Information (Kenneth L. Murrell). 19. Meeting Management: Coping with Dysfunctional Behaviors (Patrick Doyle and C.R. Tindal). PART 3: INVENTORIES, QUESTIONNAIRES, AND SURVEYS. 1. Strategic Leadership Styles Instrument (Gaylord Reagan). 2. The Supervisory and Leadership Beliefs Questionnaire (T. Venkateswara Rao). 3. Motivational Analysis of Organizations Behavior (MAO-B) (Udai Pareek). 4. Motivational Analysis of Organizations Climate (MAO-C) (Udai Pareek) 5. Managerial Work-Values Scale (T. Venkateswara Rao). 6. Patterns of Effective Supervisory Behavior (Henry P. Sims, Jr.). 7. The Leadership Dimensions Survey (Gerald V. Miller).