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Plantation and Nursery Technique of Forest Trees

by  Ram Parkash
Plantation and Nursery Technique of Forest Trees


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Book Information

Publisher:International Book Distributors
Published In:2006
Binding Type:Paperback
Pages:vi + 452 Pages, Tables, Appendix, Acknowledgements

The Title "Plantation and Nursery Technique of Forest Trees " is written by Ram Parkash. This book was published in the year 2006. This book also comes in Hardback . This book has total of pp. vi + 452 (Pages). The publisher of this title is International Book Distributors. Plantation and Nursery Technique of Forest Trees is currently Available with us.

About the Book

The Book gives information about nurseries and plantation techniques of the species in general, with special and detailed reference to 100 important Indian Forest Tree species; briefly covering Bamboos and Tropical Pines. The object of this publication is to familiarise the foresters as well as other enterprising individuals, voluntary organizations and institutions, involved in tree planting activities, under various afforestation schemes. Each of the 100 species is dealt with, Distribution: Particulars about Seed(e.g. time and methods of collection, storage, weight, pre-sowing treatment, germination capacity and plant percent, etc.). Nursery Technique : Methods of Natural and Artificial Propagation. Tending: Rate of Growth: Injuries (biotic and Climatic) to which liable: Silvicultural Characters, Utilization and Management, in brief, under a general paragraph. A Chapter on Forest Types of India has also been added, particularly for the benefit of Forestry Students. It is hoped that the book will serve as a useful reference and guide for the Students of Forestry at the Forest Colleges as well as the Agricultural Universities, and also for the personnel engaged in tree planting.



1. Abies Densa
2. Abies Pindrow
3. Acacia Auriculiformis
4. A. Catechu
5. A. Dealbata
6. A. Leucophloea
7. A. Mearnsii (A. Mollissima)
8. A. Melanoxylon
9. A. Modesta
10. A. Nilotica
11. A. Senegal
12. A. Tortolis
13. Acrocarpus Fraxinifolius
14. Adina Cordifolia
15. Ailanthus Excelsa
16. Albizia Amara
17. A. Chinensis (A. Stipulate)
18. A. Lebbeck
19. A. Odoratissima
20. A. Procera
21. Alstonia Scholaris
22. Anthocephalus Chinensis (A. Cadamba)
23. Azadirachta Indica
24. Bamboos-(General Note)
25. Bauhinia Malabarica
26. B. Purpurea
27. B. Racemosa
28. B. Variegata
29. Bombax Ceiba
30. Buchanania Lanzan
31. Butea Monosperma
32. Calophyllum Elatum
33. Cassia Fistula
34. C. Siamea
35. Casuarina Equisetifolia
36. Cedrus Deodara
37. Celtis Australis
38. Chukrasia Velutina (C. Tabularis)
39. Cinnamomum Camphora
40. Cochlospermum Religiosum
41. Cryptomeria Japonica
42. Cupressus Torulosa
43. Dalbergia Sissoo
44. Delonix Regia
45. Dendrocalamus Strictus
46. Diospyros Melanoxylon
47. Dipterocarpus Indicus
48. D. Macrocarpus
49. Erythrina Suberosa (E. Variegata; E. Indica)
50. Eucalyptus Globulus
51. E. Tereticornis (Hybrid) (E. Camuldulensis; E. Citriodora; E. Grandis)
52. Fraxinus Micrantha
53. Gmelina Arborea
54. Grewia Optiva (G. Oppositifolia)
55. Hardwickia Binata
56. Hopea Parviflora
57. Hymenodictyon Excelsum
58. Kingiodendron Pinnatum (Hardwickia Pinnata)
59. Kydia Calycina
60. Lagerstroemia Parviflora
61. Leucaena Leucocephala
62. Madhuca Longifolia (Bassia Latifolia)
63. Melia Azedarach
64. Mesua Ferrea
65. Michelia Champaca
66. Moringa Oleifera
67. Morus Alba
68. Ougeinia Oojeinensis (O. Dalbergioides)
69. Picea Smithiana (P. Morinda)
70. Pines, Tropical
71. Pinus Roxburghii (P. Longifolia)
72. P. Wallichiana (P. Excelsa)
73. Pithecellobium Dulce
74. Polyalthia Longifolia
75. Pongamia Pinnata (P. Glabra)
76. Populus Ciliata
77. P. Deltoides
78. Prosopis Cineraria (P. Spicigera)
79. P. Juliflora
80. Pterocarpus Dalbergioides
81. P. Marsupium
82. P. Santalinus
83. Quercus Dilatata
84. Q. Leucotrichophora (Q. Incana)
85. Robinia Pseudacacia
86. Salix Tetrasperma
87. Sapindus Mukorossi (S. Detergens)
88. Saraca Asoca (S. Indica)
89. Schleichera Oleosa (S. Trijuga)
90. Sesbania Grandiflora
91. Shorea Assamica
92. Shorea Robusta
93. Syzygium Cumini (Eugenia Jambolana)
94. Tamarindus Indica
95. Tectona Grandis
96. Terminalia Alata (T. Tomentosa)
97. T. Arjuna (T. Glabra)
98. T. Bellirica (T. Belerica)
99. Toona Ciliata (Cedrela Toona)
100. Zizyphus Mauritiana (Z. Jujuba)