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Poisoned Bread Translations from Modern Marathi Dalit Literature Reprint

by  Arjun Dangle
Poisoned Bread Translations from Modern Marathi Dalit Literature Reprint,0863112544,9780863112546


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Book Information

Publisher:Orient Longman Limited
Published In:1994
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:1.25 lbs
Pages:pp. xv + 328, Glossary, Acknowledgement

The Title "Poisoned Bread Translations from Modern Marathi Dalit Literature Reprint" is written by Arjun Dangle. This book was published in the year 1994. The ISBN number 0863112544|9780863112546 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. The book displayed here is a Reprint edition. This book has total of pp. xv + 328 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Orient Longman Limited. We have about 3425 other great books from this publisher. Poisoned Bread Translations from Modern Marathi Dalit Literature Reprint is currently Not Available with us.You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.

About the Book

Silenced for centuries by caste prejudice and social oppression, the dalits of Maharashtra (formerly called 'untouchables') have only in the last forty years found a powerful voice in Marathi literature. The revolutionary social movement launched by their leader Dr Ambedkar was paralleled by a wave of writing that exploded in poetry, prose, Fiction and Autobiography of a raw vigour, maturity, depth and richness of content, and shocking in its exposition of the bitterness of their experiences. One is jolted, too, by the quality of writing by a group denied access for long ages to any literary tradition.

This important collection is the first Anthology of dalit literature. The writers - more than eighty of them - presented here in English translations, are nearly all of the most prominent figures in Marathi Dalit literature, who have contributed to this unique phenomenon.


1. To be or Not to be Born/L.S. Rokade
2. That Single Arm/Tryambak Sapkale
3. Poetry Reading/Damodar More
4. Song/Bhimsen Dethe
5. Send My Boy to School/Waman Kardak
6. In Our Colony/Keshav Meshram
7. The Sky with its Eyes Closed/Prakash Kharat
8. Yesterday They have Announced/Arjun Kamble
9. An Ultimatum/Yashwant Manohar
10. My Father/Pralhad Chendwankar
11. In the Lush Green Jungle/Vaharu Sonawane
12. Caves/Jyoti Lanjewar
13. Exhalation/Narendra Patil
14. No Entry for the New Sun/Vilas Rashinkar
15. The Unfed Begging Bowl/Sudhakar S. Gaikwad
16. Wall/D.S. Dudhalkar
17. Harvest/Ashok Chakravarti
18. Tathagata : Two Poems/Bhagwan Sawai
19. Yashodhara/Hira Bansode
20. To Dear Aana/Suresh Kadam
21. His House/Uttam Kolgaokar
22. Experiment/Dharmaraj Nimsarkar
23. Mother/Waman Nimbalkar
24. This Country is Broken/Bapurao Jagtap
25. The Stains of Blood/B.S. Hate
26. I will Belong to It/Arjun Dangle
27. Birds in Prison/J.V. Pawar
28. Hunger/Namdeo Dhasal
29. On a Desolate Night like This/B. Rangarao
30. Labour Pains/Baban Chahande
31. Amen/Prakashchandra Karandikar
32. Winds/Bhujang Meshram
33. Shroud/Baban Londhe
34. The Death-doomed March/Shankar Kharat
35. Light Melted in Darkness/Meena Gajabhiye
36. Which Language should I Speak?/Arun Kamble
37. The Search/W. Kapur
38. Under Dadar Bridge/Prakash Jadhav
39. It is Not Binding on Us to Undertake this Journey/Manohar Wakode
40. How?/Bhau Panchbhai
41. Blood-wave/Daya Pawar
42. White Paper/Sharankumar Limbale
43. A Poem/Umakant Randhir
44. Mute Existence/Yusoja
45. Ancient Mother Mine/Shiva Ingole
46. Habit/F.M. Shinde
47. You who have Made the Mistake/Baburao Bagul

1. A Corpse in the Well/Shankarrao Kharat
2. 'Son, Eat Your Fill'/Daya Pawar
3. 'We are Kings!'/Daya Pawar
4. Naja Goes to School-and Doesn't/Shantabai Kamble
5. The Story of My Sanskrit/Kumud Pawde
6. The Bone Merchant/Shankarrao Kharat
7. The Bastard/Sharankumar Limbale
8. The Stragglers/Dadasaheb More
9. This Too shall Pass/P.E. Sonkamble

III. Short Stories :
1. The Poisoned Bread/Bandhumadhav
2. The Storeyed House/Waman Hoval
3. Explosion/Yogiraj Waghmare
4. Promotion/Arjun Dangle
5. Livelihood/Bhimrao Shirvale
6. Mother/Baburao Bagul
7. The Cull/Amitabh
8. The Barriers/Keshav Meshram
9. Gold from the Grave/Anna Bhau Sathe
10. The Refugee/Avinash Dolas

1. Speech at Mahad/Ambedkar
2. Dalit Literature : Past, Present and Future/Arjun Dangle
3. What is Dalit Literature?/Sharatchandra Muktibodh
4. Dalit Literature is but Human Literature/Baburao Bagul
5. Some Issues before Dalit Literature/Raosaheb Kasbe
6. Dalit Feelings and Aesthetic Detachment/R.G. Jadhav
7. Black Literature and Dalit Literature/Janardan Waghmare
8. Friends, the Day of Irresponsible Writers is Over/M.N. Wankhade