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Rapidex English Speaking Course (Telugu) = "Repideks" Inglis spiking kors [Saralanga Inglisu Matladataniki oke oka Satileni kors] 7th Revised Edition, Reprint



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Book Information

Publisher:Pustak Mahal
Published In:2009
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:1.52 lbs
Pages:pp. 408 + 15, Tables

The Title "Rapidex English Speaking Course (Telugu) = "Repideks" Inglis spiking kors [Saralanga Inglisu Matladataniki oke oka Satileni kors] 7th Revised Edition, Reprint" is written by R.K. Gupta. This book was published in the year 2009. The ISBN number 8122300227|9788122300222 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 7th Revised Edition, Reprint edition. This book has total of pp. 408 + 15 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Pustak Mahal. We have about 1481 other great books from this publisher. Rapidex English Speaking Course (Telugu) = "Repideks" Inglis spiking kors [Saralanga Inglisu Matladataniki oke oka Satileni kors] 7th Revised Edition, Reprint is currently Not Available with us.You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.

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1st Expedition :
1. Sentences of Greeting)
2.i. Good Manners in English
ii. Some Polite Phrases)

3. Exclamation
4.i. Phrases
ii. Sentences of Command/Order

5. Present Tense
6. Past Tense
7. Future Tense
8. Some Important Helping Verbs
9. Order and Request
10. Dill Tables

2nd Expedition :
11. Alphabet
12. Vowels & Consonants
13. English Pronunciation
14. Pronunciation of Consonants
15. Silent Letters in Words
16. What, Who, How
17. Which. When, Where,
18. Miscellaneous
19. Negative Sentences
20. Exercises

3rd Expedition :
21. He, She, it, its, this, that, you, I, Each, None, a, an, the
22. Use of Prepositions-on, at, into, in, of, to, by, with, Besides, Beside, between, Among, Over
23.i. Co-relatives
ii. Temporals (Uses of-in, Within, on, at, before, After, from, to, Till, for, how Long, yet, About, by, when, while, Until)
24.i. Prepositions Uses of-from, by, with, in, of, into, Against, on, Over, About
ii. Rase Prepositions

25. Active and Passive Voice
26. Transformation of Sentences
27.i. Countable Words
ii. Uncountable Words
iii. The Emphasis

28. Miscellaneous Uses
29.i. Sentences of Countables and Uncountables
ii. Idiomatic Sentences

30. Drill Tables

4th Expedition :
31.i. Invitation
ii. Meeting and Parting
iii. Sentences of Gratitude
iv. Sentences of Congratulations and Good Wishes
v. Miscellaneous Sentences

32.i. Sentences of Refusal
ii. Sentences of Believing
iii. Sentences of Request

33. Sentences Relating to Meals
34.i. Sentences of Time
ii. Sentences of Permission

35. Instruction/Order-1
36. Instruction/Order-2
37.i. Sentences of Encouragement
ii. Sentences of Consolation
iii. Sentences of Annoyance
iv. Sentences of Affection

38.i. Sentences of Negation
ii. Sentences of Consent
iii. Sentences of Sadness

39.i. Sentences Relating to Quarrel
ii. Sentences of Apologies
iii. Sentences of Anger

40. Exercises

5th Expedition :
41. At Home
42.i. Out of Home
ii. Servant

43. On Meeting
44.i. Shopping
ii. Describing People/Things

45. Study
46. A Health-A
47.i. B Health-B Weather
48.i. Animals
ii. Games

49.i. Person and Age
ii. Character
iii. Dress

50. Exercises

6th Expedition :
51.i. Etiquette
ii. Signals

52.i. Office
ii. Things

53.i. Law
ii. Radio/T.V./Post "Office

54. Travel
55.i. Recreation
ii. Don'ts
iii. Do's

56.i. Dealings
ii. Business

57.i. Sayings
ii. Miscellaneous Sentences

58.i. Attending a Wedding
ii. In the Cinema
iii. On the Playground
iv. In the Tourist Office
v. In the Hotel
vi. With the Servant
vii. With the Doctor
viii. General Topics

59.i. Idioms
ii. Proverbs

60. Exercises
61. Pronunciation in Rapidex

Conversation :
1. The Ways to be Good Conversationalists
2. Introducing Self and Others
3. Mother and Son
4. Talking to a Student
5. Getting Ready to Go
6. Asking the Way
7. Inquiry About a Patient
8. Talking to a Doctor
9. At the General Store
10. Buying a Present
11. Entertainment : Discussing Movies and T.V. Programmes
12. Entertaining a Guest
13. A Birthday Party
14. At the Bus Stop
15. At the Railway Station
16. At the Ticket Window
17. At the Platform
18. In a Party
19. Talking on the Phone
20. First Day in the Campus
21. A Boy Talks to a Girl
22. Booking a Room in a Hotel
23. An Interview for the Child's Admission
24. With the Class Teacher
25. Complaints :
i. Electricity Failure
ii. Telephone Disorder
iii. Complaining About a Faulty Gadget
iv. Complaining About Things in General

26. Inquiring about the Prospective Bridegroom
27. Marriage Negotiation :
i. First Meeting between the Boy's and the Girl's Parents
ii. The Boy Meets the Girl

28. Talking About Careers :
i. Sales and Marketing
ii. Journalism
iii. Computers

29. Talking to a Property Dealer for Renting a Flat
30. An Interview for a Job
31. Door-to-Door Selling
32. Selling in Offices
33. Kitty Party
34. At the Bank
35. Boss and Secretary
36. The Salesman
Reporting to His Boss