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Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Includes MCQs and Answers from PG Entrance Examinations 1st Edition,8184487177,9788184487176

Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Includes MCQs and Answers from PG Entrance Examinations 1st Edition

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Book Information

Publisher:Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd.
Published In:2010
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:2.96 lbs
Pages:pp. xviii + [ii] + 480, Figures, 4 Pages of Plates (Col.), Charts, Tables, Graphs, Index, Appendices, Acknowledgement

is written by Gautam Biswas. The publisher of this title is Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd..

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About the Author

Gautam Biswas born in Kolkata and did his schooling from Delhi. After finishing school, he did his MBBS and MD (Forensic Medicine) from UCMS and GTB Hospital, Delhi. He chose the subject of Forensic Medicine in his very first attempt in PG entrance examination because of his keen interest in this subject.

He joined Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab as Lecturer in Forensic Medicine after completion of his postgraduate degree. He is presently working in the same institute as Associate Professor & Head.

He is a subject expert for the selection of Lecturer/s in Panjab University, Chandigarh. His name was included in the Marquis Who's Who as a leading health care professional in the world. He organized the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Workshop on "Scientific paper writing and paper presentation" at DMCH.

He has many international and national publications including chapters in various textbooks to his credit and has presented several papers in national conferences/CME.


1. Medical Jurisprudence and Ethics
2. Acts Related to Medical Practice
3. Legal Procedure
4. Identification I
5. Identification II
6. Medico-legal Autopsy
7. Autopsy Room Hazards
8. Thanatology
9. Signs of Death
10. Asphyxia
11. Injuries
12. Firearm Injuries
13. Regional Injuries
14. Thermal Injuries
15. Transportation Injuries
16. Explosion Injuries
17. Medico-legal Aspects of Injuries
18. Decompression, Radiation and Altitude Sickness
19. Starvation Deaths
20. Infanticide and Child Abuse
21. Anesthetic Deaths
22. Abortion
23. Impotence and Sterility
24. Virginity, Pregnancy and Delivery
25. Natural Sexual Offences
26. Unnatural Sexual Offences
27. Sexual Perversions/Deviations
28. Postmortem Artifacts
29. Forensic Psychiatry
30. Bloodstain Analysis
31. Seminal Stain and Other Biological Samples
32. DNA Fingerprinting
33. Torture and Custodial Deaths
34. Medico-legal Aspects of HIV
35. Newer Techniques

Appendix I

Section II :
36. General Toxicology
37. Corrosive Poisons
38. Inorganic Metallic Irritants-Arsenic
39. Inorganic Metallic Irritants-Mercury
40. Inorganic Metallic Irritants-Lead
41. Inorganic Metallic Irritants-Copper
42. Inorganic Metallic Irritants-Thallium
43. Other Inorganic Metallic Irritants
44. Non-Metallic and Mechanical Irritants
45. Organic Irritants-Vegetable
46. Organic Irritants-Animal
47. Somniferous Poisons (Narcotic Poisons)
48. Inebriants-Alcohol
49. Barbiturates
50. Deliriants-Dhatura/Datura
51. Deliriants-Cannabls
52. Deliriants-Cocaine
53. Spinal and Peripheral Nerve Poisons
54. Cardiac Poisons
55. Hydrocyanic Acid
56. Asphyxiants
57. War Gases
58. Agricultural Poisons
59. Alphos (Aluminum Phosphide)
60. Medicinal Poisons
61. Drug Dependence
62. Kerosene Oil Poisoning
63. Food Poisoning

Appendix II


During my undergraduate days, I felt that textbooks should contain necessary information, not have too many details and should be understood easily, i.e. they should be comprehensive, clear and concise. Keeping this in mind, this book is written, especially for undergraduates and for those preparing for the PG entrance test. The entire concept of this book is to give information in as few words as possible without omitting necessary details.

Some topics (Identification, Injuries, Sexual Offences, Forensic Psychiatry and Toxicology) which are important from PG entrance point of view, are in more details. All topics are updated and recent advances/changes have been incorporated wherever needed.

Concise and lucid text (bullet's format), line-diagrams, boxes, tables, differentiations and flow charts given at appropriate places, are designed to make the book interesting to read, easy to comprehend, recollect and reproduce.

The information given in boxes is 'desirable to know', that a student may skip if there is shortage of time or if preparing for the professional examination. Rest of the information is 'must know', i.e. one should go through it definitely.

In Section Two (Toxicology), all the poisons are given in the same format throughout so that the student is able to understand and reproduce them during the examination. The section is up-to-date and some additional topics have been added for the PG entrance test.

Topic-wise MCQs are given at the end of most of the chapters. They are based on the recall of students who appeared in these exams, and will help the reader to get insight of that topic and prepare for the PG entrance. It will also make preparation for viva-voce easy and interesting for the student.

Appendices I and II give a list of important questions which the students should prepare for the Professional examination and are based on the latest MBBS curriculum prepared by Directorate General of Health Services and MCI. There are two categories-must know and desirable to know, the student may prepare according to the time he/she can devote to the subject.

It is my hope that this new book will find favorable response from medical students and also offer significant help to medical practitioners, in-service doctors and forensic scientists.

It has been my endeavor to keep the book error free; however there may be some typographical errors. If the reader comes across any such error, or wants to send any comment/suggestion, please do write or send an e-mail at the address given below. It will be duly acknowledged in the subsequent edition.


- Covers the whole syllabus as prescribed by Medical Council of India
- Up-to-date information, substantial amount of material on clinical Forensic Medicine included in a nutshell
- Some topics are in detail-Medical Jurisprudence, Identification, Autopsy, Injuries, Sexual Offences, Forensic Psychiatry and Toxicology depending on the weightage given in entrance examinations
- Bullet format, easy to understand and concise to read in its entirety
- Flowcharts, boxes, tables and differentiations for easy comprehension of the subject
- Suitably illustrated with line diagrams
- 'Must know' and 'desirable to know' questions are given in Appendix I & II
- Gray colored boxes for recent advances and additional information
- Helpful in gaining full understanding of the duties and ethical requirements of doctors
- MCQs with answers to help students prepare for various PG entrance examinations like AIIMS, All-India PG, PGI, SGPGI, Delhi, Punjab, Rohtak, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, COMEDK, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, FMGE and other state level entrance examinations. References to the answers of MCQs are given in the text as superscripts

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