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Sampuran Vaastushastra

by  ,

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Book Information

Publisher:Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Ltd.
Published In:2010
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:0.86 lbs
Pages:224 Pages, Illustrations

The Title "Sampuran Vaastushastra " is written by Bhojraj Dwivedi. This book was published in the year 2010. The ISBN number 8171821952|9788171821952 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. This book has total of pp. 224 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Ltd.. We have about 4393 other great books from this publisher. Sampuran Vaastushastra is currently Available with us.

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About the Author

A son was born, with 'Cancer Ascendant', in the house of 'Kula Bhushan, Shrimali Brahman Kulaguru Vedia Pandit Jai Narayan Dwivedi in Samvat 2006, on Dewjhulni Ekadashi of Shukla Pakhsh of Bhadra month, corresponding to 5.9. 1949, at the exact 'Brahmmuhurta' time 04:04 a.m. when Kaliyugi incarnation of God Baba Ramadeva was born. A very surprising incident occurred before his birth, his mother, Srimati Rama Pyari Devi's soul left her physical body, while sleeping. His mother reached heaven straight away where she met her great grandfather and grandfather. Her grandfather said, after offering her a divine mango, she blessed by a brilliant son who would be the pride of your Vedia family. Her grandfather took her to God Chitragupta and repeated the sentences. Chitragupta checked his accounts and ledger and begged pardon for the mistake committed to her grandfather and directed the messenger of Lord Vishnu to send her to earth again. His mother, reawakened after ten hours at the burial ground. Instaneously a lady, having the same name, Rampyari died in Dundara village.

After this incident his mother got divine power and 'Siddhi'. She could immediately tell the thoughts of strangers or people coming to her, to the enact word. Telling about lost things or thing robbed was very common for her. She was always surrounded by multitude of people both male and female. Old people of jodhpur town, tell queer stories of his mother with great fervour now-a-days. After one year of her return from heaven Shri Dwivedi was born on 5.9.1949 in the morning. Shri Dwivedi was very logical and showed reasoning from his early childhood. His mother was alive, till Sri Dwivedi was married. He was married to Janaki Devi of a village named Samdari in Barmer district. He was blessed with two obedient daughters and one gem-like son.

Shri Dwivedi passed B.A. (Hon) with Sanskrit in first class. In M.A. (Sanskrit) and philosophy, he got first class with the highest marks, and thus enabled him to get a scholarship, from the university. Thereafter he conducted research on astrological subject by Varahmihir, in Sanskrit department of Jodhpur University.

In 1977 A.D. under the inspiration of Dharma Samrat 'Karpatriji' and from Puripithadhishwar Jagat Guru Shankaracharya, Shri Niranjandevatirth's hands he started the quarterly astrological magazine named Agyatdarshan. The magazine now appears fortnightly. It is the only fortnightly, Jyotish Patrika, which is recognised and affiliated with Rajasthan Government and Indian Government and it is being published from the last 18 years under the editorship of Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi.

In Samvat 2034 there was confusion and discussion about the Shrawan-Asaad Adhikmas. There were two groups of learned people at country level, and Shastrarth (discussion) was held finally in Sri Ganganagar, at Nohar, with the association of jagat Guru Shankaracharya. Late Pt. Ramdatt Agnihotri was neutral. Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi defeated all the learned ones in the Shashtrarth (discussion) and emerged triumphant. On account of this, Jagatguru Shankaracharya crowned him with the title 'Shashrarth Kesari' and gave him Rs.501 and a shawl as a gift. His initial achievements are as follows :
On December 24, 1979 he was given shawl and certificate, for his selfless work, for the cause of people by Rajmata of Gwalior, in the All India Indian Astrology Conference, organised by 'Indian Astrological Council' in Bhopal.

He was awarded the highest honour in astrology as 'Jyotish Shiromani' by Brihat Gujarat Astrological society on January II, 1981.

Prachya Vidya Maha Mahapaadhyaya' was conferred on him in Lucknow (U.P) for his research work in April, 1982. On 4th October, 1982 Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court, Shri K.D. Sharma, gave him a 'gold medal' in All India jyotisha Conference, held in townhall of Jodhpur.

He was given a cash award of Rs.5000/ by 'Samanvay Seva Trust, London' and gold medal by Mahamandaleshwar Swami Sri Satyamitranand Giri in 1983. He was honoured with title of 'Jyotish Bhaskar', a shawl and admiration paper by 'Jyotisvidyapith' of Pune in 1983.

Bestowed with a certificate on Oct. 21, 1983 by 'All India Astrological Conference, Cuttuck (Orissa)' He was awarded with jyotirmartand and given 'gold medal' and a shawl by Maharani of Jaipur, Srimati Gayatridevi, in the precincts of Dadu Sanskrit University in June 1984.

Thereafter, he started regular correspondence courses on old Indian and classical subjects, through Jyotish University after the registration of 'All India Astrological Journalist Association' on 15.II.1984. Now-a-days his many disciples are spreading and canvassing the scientific base of astrology, Mantra-Tantra and other subjects.

'Sri Chandmartand Panchang' started publishing regularly from October 1986 under his editorship and this Panchang covered the whole of India and is highly in demand in Arabic countries.

On August 7, 1988 in Lajpat Bhawan Motijhil, in Kanpur he was honoured with title 'Jyotish Bhushan' and was given a bag with rupees and shawl at a public reception.

In a public address in Bhavnagar (Saurashtra) on May 11, 1989, under the chairmanship of All India Indian Shrimali Brahman Conference in Mahua (Kathiawar) and Jamnagar, he was honoured with respect and praise. On 17th January 1990 an astrological computer office was established, under the chairmanship of Jodhpur Maharaja Sri Gajraj Singh, Maharani Srimati Hemlata Rajye, and Rajmata Sahiba.

On April 22, 1990 he was awarded with the title 'Daivagya Maharshi' in the Ravindra hall, in Bhopal, on the occasion of All India Astrological Conference. On 14th July, 1990 he travelled to Dubai, Sharjah, Abu dhabi, Aline, Muscat and other Arab countries for the canvassing of astrology through Pravachan (Preachings), journalist's interview, T.V interview etc.

On December 9, 1990 he was given the highest title of 'Jyotish Samrat' by him a shawl, putting on him a crown of embossed gold, and making him sit on elephant, by former president Sri Gyani jail Singh at India International Centre, Delhi.

He was honoured, with garland, certificates in Tirupati for his correct prediction in the context of Srividya on January 1, 1991.

In All India Astrological Conference held on Feb. 8, 1991 in Faridabad (Haryana) he was crowned with 'Gold embossed Sri Yantra', shawl and title of 'Doctor of Astrology' title, by the then Union Health Minister Shri Makhan Lal Fotedar.

On March 8, 1991 in All India Astrological Conference, Mavalankar Hall, Delhi, he was crowned with title Tantra-Martanda1 On Aug 4, 199 I, he was crowned with the title 'Jyotish Maharshi’ by the All India Brahm Jyotirvid Mandal (Regd.) Conference held in Ahmedabad.

He performed 108 Kundiya Sri Yagya on 1.1.92 and an All India Learned men's Conference was held and managed by him, He was honoured by the then Home Minister of Rajasthan, Sri Lalit Kishore Chaturvedi and many other ministers.

At a public reception in Jaipur on 30.3.92, the Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court, Shri K.P Agrawal paid his respect by putting a red shawl on his shoulder.

On April 8, 1992 on the occasion of All India Medical Astrological Conference held in Modinagar, he was given title of 'jyotisha Ayurvigyan Vibhushan' and was given a shawl and a big trophy for being the best orator.

On 18.6.92, he travelled to Bangkok, Hongkong, Pattaya, Singapore, Macua and China for the canvassing of astrology and delivered many speeches over a period of one month.

Lion's Club International :
In July 1992 he became the secretary of Lions Club Marwar, which was earlier associated with Lions International', working for public cause. He took active part in International Conference held in Bangkok. He was awarded as 'Best Secretary' and performed successful experiment in publishing 'Jyotish Diary' every year in Lions Club, in 1993 he was selected as 'Director of Board' for two years and worked as President of the club during the period 1996-97. And again elected as charter president of Lion's Club Jodhpur Central for 1997-98.

On 22.9.93, he was honoured by the public, at Birla Play Centre in Bombay and he released the book named 'Kaala Sarpa Yoga'.

On 13.12.93 started publishing fortnightly magazine named 'Shrimali Pradip' from Shiv-vadi, Jodhpur.

On 16.12.94, he released the book. 'Shrimal Puraan' in Bombay and performed 'All India Shrimali Brahman Conference'. He translated five thousand Sanskrit Shlokas into Hindi and got fame as old-treatise compositor for which the association of 24 villages' Shrimali Brahman Lunikantha Mahasabha' praised and respected him by offering him 'Safa', 'Shrifal', 'Yagyopavit' and garland. On 24.2.95, in Gwalior, he chaired the All India Astrological Conference on the occasion of 108 Kundiya Sri Rama Mahayagya' which was praised by the public.

On 4.6.95, he was honoured with 'Vishwakarma Award' the highest title of Vastushastra, and was offered a shawl, garland in Bangalore Assembly during All India Vastu Conference held in association with the then Karnataka's Chief Minister H.D. Deve Gowda (Present Prime Minister of India), Sri T.N. Sheshan, and Sri Ramkrishna Hegde. Awarded Highest award of "Vaastu Samrat at Inter-state Symposium on Vaastu by Jagadguru Shankaracharya on 15.12.1996 in presence of State Ministers.

The words and paper will be short in giving details, about the achievements and life style of Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi. He has done a lot for the society, Srimali Brahman Society, to which he belongs and has held many important posts. He has worked, not only for caste and society only, but also for the progress of human beings which can't be effaced. The respected Gurudev was born in such an auspicious Nakshtra and Muhurta that he got splendid success in every work he under took in his hand. The fate was changed, as soon as the object he touched. He wrote many columns in various papers and magazines like Dainik-Jagran, Tarun Rajasthan, Dainik Pratinidhi, Dainik, jalte Deep, Rajasthan Patrika, Kadambani, Sanmarg, Blitz, Sunday Mail, Chitralekha, Gujarat Samachar, Shrimale Sandesh, Jyotishbodh etc. and has published many stories and episodes. He chaired many national and international conferences. His name is continuously published in 'Who is Who in India', 'Asia's whose who' and 'international Directory'.

Lot of books have been written in the field of astrology and 'Mantra-Tantra' of which about a seventy books have already been published and many costly books and 'granthas' are under publication. The word uttered by him effortlessly became immortal as if spoken by divine guidance. More than two thousand predictions of national and international events have been published which proved correct. More than fifty discussions, on radio have been relayed and about one and half thousand research-articles have already been published to relating astrology. Due to his sharp intellect and good writing, so much of literature about astrology has been produced that the age of a person is short to read and understand the whole literature. No sect relating science and knowledge is untouched by him. Hundreds and thousands of families in India and abroad are impressed with his peculiar life-style and mode of work. The present book is a collection of words and speeches from Sri Gurudeva's mouth. Hence we are feeling much happiness and are thrilled by offering our regards in his blissful respected feet.


1. Relation between Vastushastra and Religion
2. Character and Nature of Vastu
3. Evaluation of Site : Various Aspects
4. Laying Foundation for Houses
5. Entering the House : Griha Pravesh
6. Hindrance in Free Movement : Air Sun-rays, Dwar-Vedha
7. Entrance Gate : Pravesh-Dwar
8. Commercial Complex
9. Effect of Direction on Houses Falling on Roadside
10. Vastu and Business Setup
11. Scientific Secret of Swastik
12. Eradicate Vastu-faults
13. The Importance of Directions in Constructing a House
14. Pictorial Depiction of Vastu (Shape of Plot)
15. Selection of Plot (Site)
16. Bed Room
17. Miracle of Feng-Shui