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Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini ......Healing Fragrances A Spiritual Healing System to Awaken the Body's Own Healing Power : A Healer's Guide


Spiral bound

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Book Information

Publisher:Sanjeevini Sacred Arts
Published In:2005
Binding Type:Spiral bound
Weight:2.21 lbs
Pages:pp. 191 in Various Pagings, Frontispieces, Illus., Appendix, Notes

The Title "Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini ......Healing Fragrances A Spiritual Healing System to Awaken the Body's Own Healing Power : A Healer's Guide" is written by Poornima Nagpal. This book was published in the year 2005. This book has total of pp. 191 in Various Pagings (Pages). The publisher of this title is Sanjeevini Sacred Arts. We have about 1 other great books from this publisher. Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini ......Healing Fragrances A Spiritual Healing System to Awaken the Body's Own Healing Power : A Healer's Guide is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

The Sanathana Sai Sanjeevinis (generally known as Sanjeevinis) are highly focussed healing prayers to heal different body parts and different diseases. Each Sanjeevini prayer is symbolically represented as a Sanjeevini Healing Card (also referred to as Sanjeevini healing pattern). At present there are 60 Body parts Sanjeevinis cards and 186 Diseases Sanjeevini cards. 6 Body Parts Sanjeevinis (BPS 55 to BPS 60) and 36 Diseases Sanjeevinis (DS 151 to DS 186) which were earlier included in a separate booklet are now part of this book. Brief notes on these Sanjeevinis appear in Section 1 of the book.

Who qualifies as a healer....?
Healing with the Sanjeevinis is very simple - no prior Medical knowledge is required to use these prayers for healing. A selfless, loving desire to relieve suffering with prayers is the only prequalification needed.

Side affects.... none!
Since the Sanjeevinis are prayers they do not have any side affects. The Sanjeevinis do not interfere with other systems of medicine that the patient may be using - Allopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy or any alternative energy healing methods such as Reiki, Mahakari, Pranic healing etc. The Sanjeevinis can be taken along with every system of healing. Being immensely subtle balancing vibrations, Sanjeevinis enhance the healing process of every system of healing.

The entire system is available in this self-learning Book - "Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini..... Healing Fragrances A Healer's Guide". The book contains the SS Sanjeevini Healing Cards together with detailed instructions on How To use them. The book also contains suggestions for combining Sanjeevinis for different ailments. A section on Diet and lifestyle for health and harmony is included to increase awareness of how to live a value-based life in tune with nature. This section is not a treatise on natural healing. It is only a beginning in your quest for being in tune with nature. Please accept the view points on diet given in this section only if these appeal to your common sense and are approved by your doctor.

With God's Grace, many people are using the Sanjeevini Healing system worldwide for themselves, their Family and Friends and more importantly as a selfless service to the community.


1. The Name
2. About the SS-Sanjeevini Healing Fragrances :
i. What are the SS-Sanjeevini Healing Fragrances?
ii. How have the SS-Sanjeevini cards been prepared?
iii. How many SS-Sanjeevinis are there?
iv. Description of the Body Parts and Diseases Sanjeevinis

3. How are the Sanjeevinis Prepared for Giving to a Patient?
4. Different Ways of Healing with the SS-Sanjeevinis
5. What is the Dosage for the Sanjeevinis?
6. How To Decide which Sanjeevinis to Give to a Patient
7. What does the SS-Sanjeevini Healing System Consist of?
8. What All do We Need in Order to Prepare the SS-Sanjeevinis? :
i. Availability of Vibhuti, Sugar Globules and Plastic Bottles

9. Healing with the SS-Sanjeevinis AN OVERVIEW

1. Preparing a Combination of Sanjeevinis from Cards
2. Preparing Sanjeevini Refills for Patients, with the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card
3. Preparing Samples of "Selected Sanjeevini Combinations" for Easy Dispensing
4. Adding Single Sanjeevinis (from Cards) to Combinations
5. Dispensing "Selected Sanjeevini Combinations" using the Samples and he Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
6. Storage of Samples
7. Preparing Vibrations from a Given Gross Substance Using the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
8. Broadcasting the SS-Sanjeevinis at a Distance
9. Neutralising Prepared Combinations for the Purpose of Reusing the Globules

1. Storage of Samples
2. List of Selected Sanjeevini Combinations
3. Note on Disease Sanjeevinis DS-145 to DS-150
4. Note on Body Parts Sanjeevinis BPS-55 to BPS-60
5. Note on Disease Sanjeevinis DS-151 to DS-186

1. Starting a Healing Centre
2. Seva during Epidemics and Calamities
3. Healing Calamities at a Distance
4. Mobile Healing Centres
5. A Village Must be Made Self Sufficient
6. Sharing the Knowledge
7. Taking Stock

Section 2 : Guidelines On Diet & Lifestyle For Health & Harmony :
1. Present Day Response to Disease
2. How Should we Respond to Disease?
3. Understanding Disease
4. Food Habits and Instinct
5. How do we Remove Disease and Return to Vibrant Health?

Pathway to Harmony-I :
1. Diet : What to Remove from the Diet
2. Brief Reasons :
i. Why we Must Remove all Non-vegetarian Foods Including Meat, Chicken, Fish and Eggs
ii. Why we Must Remove Refined Sugar, Sweets, Chocolates, Bottled Drinks, Aerated Waters and So Called Juices
iii. Why we Must Remove All Packaged Foods-Chips, Soups, Sauces, Cornflakes
iv. Why we Must Remove Milk, Processed Cheese, Milk Based Sweets?
v. Why is Milk Indigestible Now?
v. Why we Must Remove All Refined Foods Including Refined Oil, Refined Salt, Refined Flour (Maida), Polished White Rice
vi. Why we Must Remove Cooked Tomatoes from Our Diet
vii. Why we Must Remove Cigarettes, Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacoo Products
viii. What to Add to the Diet

3. Some Common Doubts :
i. Where do we Get Our Protein, Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Iron?
ii. How Should we Eat Our Food?

Pathway to Harmony-II :
1. Lifestyle :
i. What is Lifestyle?
ii. What Must we Aim to Remove from Our Lifestyle?
iii. Why we Must Remove T.V. and Mind-polluting Books, Magazines and Pictures from Our Lives?
iv. Why we Must Remove Junkie and Sensuous Music, Gossip, and Criticism?
v. Why we Must Remove Sense-arousing Perfumes, After-shave Lotions etc?
vi. Why we Must Remove Unrighteous Behaviour, Adharmic Activities?
vii. What Must we Add to Our Lifestyle?
viii. The Last Word

1. Sai Protein Food
2. Flu Rasam
3. Cooking without Tomatoes
4. Non-dairy Milks :
i. Coconut Milk
ii. Wheat Milk
iii. Soya Milk

5. Iced Smoothies
6. Kulfi (Indian Ice-cream)

1. How to Grow Wheat-grass
2. Choice of Pots
3. How much Wheat to Sow Everyday?
4. How to Store Wheat Grass
5. How to Juice Wheat Grass
6. How to use Wheat Grass
7. How Does Wheat Grass Help Our System
8. What is Rejuvelac?
9. Who can have Rejuvelac?
10. How do we Make Rejuvelac?

Section 3 : The SS-Sanjeevini Healing Cards :
A. SS-Bodt Parts Sanjeeveinis :
BPS 1. SS-Abdomen Sanjeevini
BPS 2. SS-Alimentary Canal Sanjeevini
BPS 3. SS-Arm & Hand Sanjeevini
BPS 4. SS-Back Sanjeevini
BPS 5. SS-Blood Sanjeevini
BPS 6. SS-Body Tissues (all) Sanjeevini
BPS 7. SS-Bone Sanjeevini
BPS 8. SS-Brain Sanjeevini
BPS 9. SS-Breast Sanjeevini
BPS 10. SS-Chest Sanjeevini
BPS 11. SS-Circulatory System Sanjeevini
BPS 12. SS-Ear Sanjeevini
BPS 13. SS-Endocrine System Sanjeevini
BPS 14. SS-Eye Sanjeevini
BPS 15. SS-Face Sanjeevini
BPS 16. SS-Female Sanjeevini
BPS 17. SS-Gall Bladder Sanjeevini
BPS 18. SS-Glands Sanjeevini
BPS 19. SS-Gums Sanjeevini
BPS 20. SS-Hair Sanjeevini
BPS 21. SS-Head Sanjeevini
BPS 22. SS-Heart Sanjeevini
BPS 23. SS-Hip Sanjeevini
BPS 24. SS-lmmune System Sanjeevini
BPS 25. SS-Kidney & U.T. Sanjeevini
BPS 26. SS-Knees Sanjeevini
BPS 27. SS-Leg & Foot Sanjeevini
BPS 28. SS-Liver Sanjeevini
BPS 29. SS-Lymphatic System Sanjeevini
BPS 30. SS-Male Sanjeevini
BPS 31. SS-Mind Sanjeevini
BPS 32. SS-Mouth Sanjeevini
BPS 33. SS-Muscle Sanjeevini
BPS 34. SS-Nails Sanjeevini
BPS 35. SS-Neck Sanjeevini
BPS 36. SS-Nervous System Sanjeevini
BPS 37. SS-Nose Sanjeevini
BPS 38. SS-Pancreas Sanjeevini
BPS 39. SS-Prostate Sanjeevini
BPS 40. SS-Rectal Sanjeevini
BPS 41. SS-Respiratory Tract Sanjeevini
BPS 42. SS-Shoulder Sanjeevini
BPS 43. SS-Sinuses (all) Sanjeevini
BPS 44. SS-Skin Sanjeevini
BPS 45. SS-Spine Sanjeevini
BPS 46. SS-Spleen Sanjeevini
BPS 47. SS-Teeth Sanjeevini
BPS 48. SS-Throat & Tonsils Sanjeevini
BPS 49. SS-Thyroid Sanjeevini
BPS 50. SS-Tongue Sanjeevini
BPS 51. SS-Appendix Sanjeevini
BPS 52. SS-Bone Marrow Sanjeevini
BPS 53. SS-Lungs Sanjeevini
BPS 54. SS-Whole Body Sanjeevini
BPS 55. Body (Left Side) Sanjeevini
BPS 56. Body (Right Side) Sanjeevini
BPS 57. Colon Sanjeevini
BPS 58. Joints Sanjeevini
BPS 59. Lips Sanjeevini
BPS 60. Ovaries Sanjeevini

B. SS-Diseases Sanjeevinis :
DS 1. SS-ACID Acidity/Colic/Indigestion Sanjeevini
DS 2. SS-Addictions (all types) Sanjeevini
DS 3. SS-Adenoids Sanjeevini
DS 4. SS-AIDS (all types) Sanjeevini
DS 5. SS-Allergies (all) Sanjeevini
DS 6. SS-Anaemia Sanjeevini
DS 7. SS-Angina Sanjeevini
DS 8. SS-Anorexia (Loss of Appetite) Sanjeevini
DS 9. SS-Antitoxins Sanjeevini
DS 10. SS-Arteriosclerosis Sanjeevini
DS 11. SS-Asthma Sanjeevini
DS 12. SS-Autism Sanjeevini
DS 13. SS-Bedwetting Sanjeevini
DS 14. SS-Bites & Stings Sanjeevini
DS 15. SS-Bleeding (haemmorhage) Sanjeevini
DS 16. SS-Blockages (all) Sanjeevini
DS 17. SS-Blood Pressure (high) Sanjeevini
DS 18. SS-Blood Pressure (low) Sanjeevini
DS 19. SS-Blood Sugar Imbalance Sanjeevini
DS 20. SS-Body Imbalance Sanjeevini
DS 21. SS-Boils Sanjeevini
DS 22. SS-Brain Power Sanjeevini
DS 23. SS-Bronchitis Sanjeevini
DS 24. SS-Bubonic Plague Sanjeevini
DS 25. SS-Burns Sanjeevini
DS 26. SS-Cancers (all) Sanjeevini
DS 27. SS-Caries Sanjeevini
DS 28. SS-Cataract Sanjeevini
DS 29. SS-Chicken Pox Sanjeevini
DS 30. SS-Childbirth (delivery) Sanjeevini
DS 31. SS-Cholera Sanjeevini
DS 32. SS-Colitis Sanjeevini
DS 33. SS-Coma Sanjeevini
DS 34. SS-Constipation Sanjeevini
DS 35. SS-Cough (dry) Sanjeevini
DS 36. SS-Cough (wet) Sanjeevini
DS 37. SS-Cramps Sanjeevini
DS 38. SS-Dehydration Sanjeevini
DS 39. SS-Diabetes (adult) Sanjeevini
DS 40. SS-Diabetes (juvenile) Sanjeevini
DS 41. SS-Diarrhoea/Dysentry Sanjeevini
DS 42. SS-Digestion Sanjeevini
DS 43. SS-Diphtheria Sanjeevini
DS 44. SS-Discharges (all) Sanjeevini
DS 45. SS-Downe's Syndrome Sanjeevini
DS 46. SS-Drawing Sanjeevini
DS 47. SS-Eczema Sanjeevini
DS 48. SS-Emergency Sanjeevini
DS 49. SS-Epilepsy (all) Sanjeevini
DS 50. SS-Fevers & Flu (all) Sanjeevini
DS 51. SS-Filaria Sanjeevini
DS 52. SS-Fissures Sanjeevini
DS 53. SS-Fistula Sanjeevini
DS 54. SS-Fitness Sanjeevini
DS 55. SS-Frozen Shoulder Sanjeevini
DS 56. SS-Glaucoma Sanjeevini
DS 57. SS-Gonorrhoea Sanjeevin
DS 58. SS-Hayfever (Allergic Rhinitis) Sanjeevini
DS 59. SS-Hearing & Deafness Sanjeevini
DS 60. SS-Heart, Hole in Sanjeevini
DS 61. SS-Hernia Sanjeevini
DS 62. SS-Herpes Zoaster (Shingles) Sanjeevini
DS 63. SS-Hiccups Sanjeevini
DS 64. SS-Hydrocele Sanjeevini
DS 65. SS-Hyperthyroidism Sanjeevini
DS 66. SS-Hypothyroidism Sanjeevini
DS 67. SS-Incontinence Sanjeevini
DS 68. SS-Infection Sanjeevini
DS 69. SS-Infertility (Male & Female) Sanjeevini
DS 70. SS-Inflammation Sanjeevini
DS 71. SS-Injury Sanjeevini
DS 72. SS-Jaundice (all types of Hepatitis) Sanjeevini
DS 73. SS-Leprosy Sanjeevini
DS 74. SS-Leucoderma (vitiligo) Sanjeevini
DS 75. SS-Leucorrhoea Sanjeevini
DS 76. SS-Lice Sanjeevini
DS 77. SS-Lymphatic Disorders Sanjeevini
DS 78. SS-Malaria (all types) Sanjeevini
DS 79. SS-Marasmus Sanjeevini
DS 80. SS-Measles (all types) Sanjeevini
DS 81. SS-Meniere’s Disorders (all) Sanjeevini
DS 82. SS-Menopause Sanjeevini
DS 83. SS-Menstrual Disease Sanjeevini
DS 84. SS-Migraine Sanjeevini
DS 85. SS-Miscarriage Sanjeevini
DS 86. SS-Multiple Sclerosis Sanjeevini
DS 87. SS-Mumps Sanjeevini
DS 88. SS-Muscular Sanjeevini
DS 89. SS-Numbness Sanjeevini
DS 90. SS-Obesity Sanjeevini
DS 91. SS-Pain Sanjeevini
DS 92. SS-Palpitations Sanjeevini
DS 93. SS-Palpitations Sanjeevini
DS 94. SS-Paralysis Sanjeevini
DS 95. SS-Piles Sanjeevini
DS 96. SS-Pneumonia Sanjeevini
DS 97. SS-Pneumonic Plague Sanjeevini
DS 98. SS-Poho Sanjeevini
DS 99. SS-Polyps (all) Sanjeevini
DS 100. SS-Pregnancy Sanjeevini
DS 101. SS-Primary Complex Sanjeevini
DS 102. SS-Prolapsed Uterus Sanjeevini
DS 103. SS-Psonasis & Itching Sanjeevini
DS 104. SS-Puberty (boys) Sanjeevini
DS 105. SS-Puberty (girls) Sanjeevini
DS 106. SS-Renal Failure Sanjeevini
DS 107. SS-Retardation (Mental) Sanjeevini
DS 108. SS-Retardation (Physical) Sanjeevini
DS 109. SS-Rheumatism/Arthritis/Gout Sanjeevini
DS 110. SS-Scar & Scar Tissue Sanjeevini
DS 111. SS-Sciatica Sanjeevini
DS 112. SS-Septicaemia Sanjeevini
DS 113. SS-Shakthi Sanjeevini
DS 114. SS-Shanthi Sanjeevini
DS 115. SS-Shock Sanjeevini
DS 116. SS-Sinus & Cold Sanjeevini
DS 117. SS-Slipped Disc Sanjeevini
DS 118. SS-Sore Throat Sanjeevini
DS 119. SS-Speech Sanjeevini
DS 120. SS-Spondylitis Sanjeevini
DS 121. SS-Squint Eye Sanjeevini
DS 122. SS-Stones (gall bladder) Sanjeevini
DS 123. SS-Stones (Kidney & U.T.) Sanjeevini
DS 124. SS-Suffocation & Wheeze Sanjeevini
DS 125. SS-Swelling Sanjeevini
DS 126. SS-Syphilis Sanjeevini
DS 127. SS-Tearing Eyes Sanjeevini
DS 128. SS-Thought Management Sanjeevini
DS 129. SS-Tinnitus Sanjeevini
DS 130. SS-Tonsilitis Sanjeevini
DS 131. SS-Tuberculosis Sanjeevini
DS 132. SS-Tumours & Growths (all types) Sanjeevini
DS 133. SS-Typhoid Sanjeevini
DS 134. SS-Ulcer (all types) Sanjeevini
DS 135. SS-Urticaria Sanjeevini
DS 136. SS-Vems & Arteries Problems Sanjeevini
DS 137. SS-Vision Sanjeevini
DS 138. SS-Vomitting Sanjeevini
DS 139. SS-Warts Sanjeevini
DS 140. SS-Water Retention Sanjeevini
DS 141. SS-Whooping Cough Sanjeevini
DS 142. SS-Worms & Parasites (incl. fungus) Sanjeevini
DS 143. SS-SAFE (Scars of Abuse, Fears Eradication) Sanjeevini
DS 144. SS-Sleep Sanjeevini
DS 145. SS-Ahimsa (non-violence) Sanjeevini
DS 146. SS-Canine Distemper Sanjeevini
DS 147. SS-Fungal Infection (all) Sanjeevini
DS 148. SS-Herpes (simplex) Sanjeevini
DS 149. SS-Osteoporosis Sanjeevini
DS 150. SS-Scabies (incl. mange for animals) Sanjeevini
DS 151. SS-Addictions - Alcohol Related Sanjeevini
DS 152. SS-Addictions - Caffeine Related Sanjeevini
DS 153. SS-Addictions - Nicotine Related Sanjeevini
DS 154. SS-Addictions - Drugs Related Sanjeevini
DS 155. SS-Anger Sanjeevini
DS 156. SS-Antitoxin - Heavy Metals Sanjeevini
DS 157. SS-Antitoxin - Dental Fillings Sanjeevini
DS 158. SS-Anxiety Sanjeevini
DS 159. SS-Better Memory Sanjeevini
DS 160. SS-Bone Disorders - (Growths) Sanjeevini
DS 161. SS-Crohn's Disease Sanjeevini
DS 162. SS-Dandruff Sanjeevini
DS 163. SS-Dementia Sanjeevini
DS 164. SS-Dengue (all types) Sanjeevini
DS 165. SS-Depression Sanjeevini
DS 166. SS-Entities Sanjeevini
DS 167. SS-Examination Stress Sanjeevini
DS 168. SS-Flourosis Sanjeevini
DS 169. SS-Forgiveness Sanjeevini
DS 170. SS-Hyperactivity Sanjeevini
DS 171. SS-Indecisiveness Sanjeevini
DS 172. SS-Leukaemia Sanjeevini
DS 173. SS-Meningitis Sanjeevini
DS 174. SS-Oxygenation Sanjeevini
DS 175. SS-PBFD (Beak & Feather Disease) Sanjeevini
DS 176. SS-Phobias (Specific and Non-specific) Sanjeevini
DS 177. SS-Poisoning (all types) Sanjeevini
DS 178. SS-Pre-menstrual Tension (PMT) Sanjeevini
DS 179. SS-Resentment Sanjeevini
DS 180. SS-Schizophrenia Sanjeevini
DS 181. SS-Soil Rejuvenation Sanjeevini
DS 182. SS-Sweat Disorders Sanjeevini
DS 183. SS-Tetanus Sanjeevini
DS 184. SS-Ticks & Fleas (for animals) Sanjeevini
DS 185. SS-Vaccine Antidote Sanjeevini
DS 186. SS-Vertigo Sanjeevini