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Sensuous Seas Tales of a Marine Biologist

Sensuous Seas Tales of a Marine Biologist,0691125600,9780691125602


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Book Information

Publisher:Princeton University Press
Published In:2006
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:1.42 lbs
Pages:pp. 288, 150 Line Drawing

The Title "Sensuous Seas Tales of a Marine Biologist" is written by Eugene H. Kaplan. This book was published in the year 2006. The ISBN number 0691125600|9780691125602 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. This book has total of pp. 288 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Princeton University Press. We have about 8560 other great books from this publisher. Sensuous Seas Tales of a Marine Biologist is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Learning marine Biology from a textbook is one thing. But take readers to the bottom of the sea in a submarine to discover living fossils or to coral reefs to observe a day in the life of an octopus, and the sea and its splendors come into focus, in brilliant colors and with immediacy.

In Sensuous Seas, Eugene Kaplan offers readers an irresistibly irreverent voyage to the world of sea creatures, with a look at their habitats, their beauty and, yes, even their Sex lives. A marine biologist who has built fish farms in Africa and established a marine laboratory in Jamaica, Kaplan takes us to oceans across the world to experience the lives of their inhabitants, from the horribly grotesque to the exquisitely beautiful. In chapters with titles such as "Fiddler on the Root" (reproductive rituals of fiddler crabs) and "Size Does Count" (why barnacles have the largest penis, comparatively, in the animal kingdom), Kaplan ventures inside coral reefs to study mating parrotfish; dives 740 feet in a submarine to find living fossils; explains what results from swallowing a piece of living octopus tentacle; and describes a shark attack on a friend.

The Book is a sensuous blend of sparkling prose and 150 beautiful illustrations that clarify the science. Each chapter opens with an exciting personal anecdote that leads into the scientific exploration of a distinct inhabitant of the sea world--allowing the reader to experience firsthand the incredible complexity of sea life.

A one-of-a-kind memoir that unfolds in remarkable reaches of ocean few of us can ever visit for ourselves, Sensuous Seas brings the underwater world back to living room and classroom alike. Readers will be surprised at how much Marine Biology they have learned while being amused.


Preface: What Is a Marine Biologist? vii

Prologue: The Perils of Teaching
Chap. 1. Deadly Darts
Chap. 2. The Great Jade Green Octopus Hunt
Chap. 3. Bedtime Stories
Chap. 4. Garden of Eden: The Death Apple and the Tree of Life
Chap. 5. A True Romance Story
Chap. 6. Elixir of Love
Chap. 7. Skinny South Sea Sausages
Chap. 8. The Only Male Reproductive Organ with a Name
Chap. 9. Living Lance
Chap. 10. Role Reversal
Chap. 11. Super Male
Chap. 12. Miracle Fish
Chap. 13. Fugu
Chap. 14. Bunnies of the Sea
Chap. 15. Passion for Purple
Chap. 16. Size Does Count
Chap. 17. Fiddler on the Root
Chap. 18. Beware the Duppy
Chap. 19. The Secret of an Improved Sex Life
Chap. 20. How To Court a Female
Chap. 21. The Anti-BLB Club
Chap. 22. Sea Pussy
Chap. 23. Debunking the Big Lie
Chap. 24. A Peek into the Anus of a Sea Cucumber
Chap. 25. The Yellow Submarine
Chap. 26. The Perils of Vanity
Chap. 27. Sexually Repressed Victorian Taxonomists
Chap. 28. Random Ramblings on Relationships
Chap. 29. Penile Bloodletting
Chap. 30. Death and Confusion
Chap. 31. Eyeball to Eyeball