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Social and Cultural Anthropology A Very Short Introduction 1st Edition,0192853465,9780192853462

Social and Cultural Anthropology A Very Short Introduction 1st Edition

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Book Information

Publisher:Oxford University Press
Published In:2000
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:0.42 lbs
Pages:pp. xiii + 168, 17 Figures, 4 Maps, Index

The Title "Social and Cultural Anthropology A Very Short Introduction 1st Edition" is written by John Monaghan. This book was published in the year 2000. The ISBN number 0192853465|9780192853462 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 1st Edition edition. This book has total of pp. xiii + 168 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Oxford University Press. We have about 91963 other great books from this publisher. Social and Cultural Anthropology A Very Short Introduction 1st Edition is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Using vivid examples from their own research in Indonesia and Mexico, John Monaghan and Peter Just give the reader a sense of what it is like to be an anthropologist doing the unique fieldwork that sets Anthropology apart from other social sciences. They also provide a concise and accessible account of the 'big' questions that have concerned anthropologists since the beginnings of the field : What is unique about human beings? How are groups of people - family, class, tribe, and nation - formed, and what holds them together? What is the nature of belief, economic exchange the self?

About the Author

Over the last twenty years John Monaghan has carried out a number of ethnographic research projects among the indigenous people of Mexico and Guatemala. His most recent Book on the subject is The Covenants with Earth and Rain : Exchange, Sacrifice and Revelation in Mixtec Society (1995). He is currently a professor at Vanderbilt University.

Peter Just has done extensive research among the Dou Donggo of Sunbawa Island in Indonesia. His research interests include dispute settlement and law. Kinship and social organization, and religion ritual. He is author of Dou Donggo Justice, and is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Williams College.


List of Illustration
List of Maps

A Very Short Introduction
1. A Dispute in Donggo : Fieldwork and Ethnography
2. Bee Larvae and Onion Soup : Culture
3. A Brief Encounter : Society
4. Fernando Seeks a Wife : Sex and Blood
5. La Bose Becomes Bakar : Caste, Class, Tribe, and Nation
6. A Feast in Nuyoo : People and Their Things
7. A Drought in Bima : People and Their Gods
8. Nanuu Maria Gets Hit by Lightning : People and Their Selves

Afterword : Some Things We've Learned
Further Reading

List of Maps

1. Indonesia
2. Sumbawa
3. Mexico showing Oaxaca Region
4. The Mixteca

List of Figures

1. Terrain of the Mixteca Alta/Photo by Laura Stiver
2. Nanuu Esperanza Sarabia grinding corn/Photo by Laura Stiver
3. Ama Tife/Peter Just
4. A Dou Donggo Judge/Peter Just

5. Franz Boas Demonstrating a Dance from the Northwest Coast
National Anthropological Archives
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution

6. Bronislaw Malinowski as a Student
7. A.R. Radcliffe-Brown
8. Max Weber in Lauenstein, 1917/AKG London
9. Waiting for the Groom/Peter Just
10. Emile Durkheim, 1900s
Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris/Photo : Lauros-Giraudon
11. The Last Ncuhi/Peter Just
12. Haji M. Djafar Amyn and Haja Syarafiah/Peter Just
13. Market in Santo Tomas Ocotepec/Photo by Laura Stiver
14. Tlaxiaco Market/Photo by Laura Stiver
15. An Offering to the Spirits of the Mountain/Peter Just
16. Ely Parker
17. Harvesting Rice in Donggo/Peter Just

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