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Songs of Ourselves The University of Cambridge International Examinations Anthology of Poetry in English 1st Reprint



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Book Information

Publisher:Foundation BooksCambridge University Press
Published In:2010
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:1.12 lbs
Pages:pp. xvi + 249, Index, Acknowledgement

The Title "Songs of Ourselves The University of Cambridge International Examinations Anthology of Poetry in English 1st Reprint" was published in the year 2010. The ISBN number 8175962488|9788175962484 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 1st Reprint edition. This book has total of pp. xvi + 249 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Cambridge University Press. We have about 89828 other great books from this publisher. Songs of Ourselves The University of Cambridge International Examinations Anthology of Poetry in English 1st Reprint is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Cambridge International Examinations ridge-international-examinations" Title="university-of-cambridge-international-examinations">University of Cambridge International Examinations ry... for the lover of poetry... for the general reader... for anyone interested in the English language and literature in English... to be studied as part of an examined course... to be dipped into... to be explored in depth... to be returned to....

Songs of Ourselves : the University of Cambridge International Examinations Anthology of Poetry in English contains work by more than 100 poets from all parts of the English speaking world.



1. Song : Why So Pale and Wan, Fond Lover?/Sir John Suckling
2. What Thing is Love?/George Peele
3. Sonnet 11/Lady Mary Wroth
4. Song : Sigh No More, Ladies/William Shakespeare
5. Song : Weep You No More, Sad Fountains/Anonymous
6. When I was Fair and Young/Queen Elizabeth I
7. They Flee from Me, that Sometime Did Me Seek/Sir Thomas Wyatt
8. Sonnet 61/Michael Drayton
9. Song : Go, Lovely Rose!/Edmund Waller
10. No Crooked Leg, No Bleared Eye/Queen Elizabeth I
11. Sonnet/Sir Philip Sidney
12. Written the Night Before his Execution/Chidiock Tichbourne
13. The Author's Epitaph, Made by Himself/Sir Walter Raleigh
14. A Litany in Time of Plague/Thomas Nashe
15. Sonnet/Lady Mary Wroth
16. From Underwoods/Ben Jonson
17. Song : Fear No More the Heat O'Th' Sun/William Shakespeare
18. A Song/Thomas Carew
19. Walsingham/Sir Walter Raleigh
20. The Flowers that on the Banks and Walks Did Grow/Aemilia Lanyer
21. Come Live with me, and be my Love/Christopher Marlowe
22. Sonnet/Edmund Spenser
23. What is Our Life?/Sir Walter Raleigh
24. Sonnet/Edmund Spenser
25. Song : Spring, the Sweet Spring/Thomas Nashe
26. Sonnet/William Shakespeare
27. Sonnet/William Shakespeare
28. Song : Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind/William Shakespeare
29. The Procession of the Seasons/Edmund Spenser
30. The Man of Life Upright/Thomas Campion
31. A Mind Content/Robert Greene
32. Grieve, and Dare Not Show my Discontent/Queen Elizabeth I
33. Song : To Celia/Ben Jonson
34. Golden Slumbers/Thomas Dekker
35. Song : Full Fathom Five/William Shakespeare
36. A Farewell to the Reader/Isabella Whitney

37. The Fly/William Blake
38. Shadows in the Water/Thomas Traherne
39. Ants (From Dryades)/William Diaper
40. The Ant or Emmet/Isaac Watts
41. The Grasshopper/Abraham Cowley
42. To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time/Robert Herrick
43. The Call/John Hall
44. Love/Henry Baker
45. Song : Love Armed/Aphra Behn
46. Song : Feed a Flame Within/John Dryden
47. The Mower to the Glow-Worms/Andrew Marvell
48. Her Window/Richard Leigh
49. To One that Asked Me Why I Loved J.G./'Ephelia'
50. As Loving Hind that, Hurtle as, Wants her Deer/Anne Bradstreet
51. A Married State/Katherine Philips
52. Ode on Solitude/Alexander Pope
53. From a Dialogue between a Squeamish Cotting Mechanic and his Sluttish Wife, in a Kitchen/Edward Ward
54. From on My Dreaming of My Wife/Jonathan Richardson
55. William and Margaret/David Mallet
56. The Widow/Robert Southey
57. The Rights of Woman/Anna Laetit1a Barbauld
58. Song : To Lucasta, Going to the Wars/Richard Lovelace
59. Ode : I Hate that Drum's Discordant Sound/John Scott
60. From Blenheim/John Philips
61. The Hunting of the Hare/Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle
62. From a Satyr Against Mankind/John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
63. The Chimney-Sweeper's Complaint/Mary Alcock
64. The Chimney-Sweeper/William Blake
65. Song : The Unconcerned/Thomas Flatman
66. Careless Content/John Byrom
67. Sonnet 16 : On his Blindness/John Milton
68. The Collar/George Herbert
69. Quickness/Henry Vaughan
70. Death the Leveller/James Shirley
71. Sonnet : Death, Be Not Proud/John Donne
72. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard/Thomas Gray
73. Kubla Khan/Samuel Taylor Coleridge
74. From an Essay on Man/Alexander Pope

75. Caged Bird/Maya Angelou
76. Rising Five/Norman Nicholson
77. Little Boy Crying/Mervyn Morris
78. Carpet-weavers, Morocco/Carol Rumens
79. Song to the Men of England/Percy Bysshe Shelley
80. From Spectator Ab Extra/Arthur Hugh Clough
81. Monologue/Hone Tuwhare
82. The Justice of the Peace/Hilaire Belloc
83. Before the Sun/Charles Mungoshi
84. Muliebrity/Sujata Bhatt
85. She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways/William Wordsworth
86. Farmhand/James K. Baxter
87. Plenty/Isobel Dixon
88. Storyteller/Liz Lochhead
89. Those Winter Sundays/Robert Hayden
90. The Old Familiar Faces/Charles Lamb
91. Mid-Term Break/Seamus Heaney
92. The Listeners/Walter De La Mare
93. Not Waving But Drowning/Stevie Smith
94. The Three Fates/Rosemary Dobson
95. Elegy for Drowned Children/Bruce Dawe
96. The Voice/Thomas Hardy
97. Time/Allen Curnow
98. Dover Beach/Matthew Arnold
99. Amends/Adrienne Rich
100. Full Moon and Little Frieda/Ted Hughes
101. Lament/Gillian Clarke
102. On the Grasshopper and the Cricket/John Keats
103. The Flower-Fed Buffaloes/Vachel Lindsay
104. Report to Wordsworth/Boey Kim Cheng
105. First Love/John Clare
106. Marrysong/Dennis Scott
107. So, we'll Go No More A-Roving/George Gordon, Lord Byron
108. Sonnet/Elizabeth Barrett Browning
109. Sonnet/Edna St Vincent Millay

110. A Different History/Slijata Bhatt
111. Pied Beauty/Gerard Manley Hopkins
112. Continuum/Allen Curnow
113. Horses/Edwin Muir
114. Hunting Snake/Judith Wright
115. Pike/Ted Hughes
116. A Birthday/Christina Rossetti
117. The Woodspurge/Dante Gabriel Rossetti
118. The Cockroach/Kevin Halligan
119. The City Planners/Margaret Atwood
120. The Planners/Boey Kim Cheng
121. Summer Farm/Norman Maccaig
122. Where I Come from/Elizabeth Brewster
123. Sonnet : Composed Upon Westminster Bridge/William Wordsworth
124. The Bay/James K. Baxter
125. Where Lies the Land?/Arthur Hugh Clough
126. Morse/Les Murray
127. The Man with Night Sweats/Thom Glinn
128. Night Sweat/Robert Low Ell
129. Rain/Edward Thomas
130. Any Soul to Any Body/Cosmo Monkhouse
131. The Spirit is too Blunt an Instrument/Anne Stevenson
132. From Long Distance/Tony Harrison
133. From Modern Love/George Meredith
134. Funeral Blues/W.H. Auden
135. La Figlia Che Piange/T.S. Eliot
136. From Song of Myself/Walt Whitman
137. He Never Expected Much/Thomas Hardy
138. The Telephone Call/Fleur Adcock
139. A Consumer's Report/Peter Porter
140. Request to a Year/Judith Wright
141. On Finding a Small Fly Crushed in a Book/Charles Tennyson Turner
142. Ozymandias/Percy Bysshe Shelley
143. Away, Melancholy/Stevie Smith

144. Childhood/Frances Cornford
145. Because I Could Not Stop for Death/Emily Dickinson
146. One Art/Elizabeth Bishop
147. Song : Tears, Idle Tears/Alfred, Lord Tennyson
148. My Parents/Stephen Spender
149. For Heidi with Blue Hair/Fleur Adcock
150. Praise Song for my Mother/Grace Nichols
151. Follower/Seamus Heaney
152. Elegy for my Father's Father/James K. Baxter
153. The Trees are Down/Charlotte Mew
154. The Trees/Philip Larkin
155. Country School/Allen Curnow
156. Cambodia/James Fenton
157. Attack/Siegfried Sassoon
158. Reservist/Boey Kim Cheng
159. You Cannot Do this/Gwendolyn Macewen
160. Anthem for Doomed Youth/Wilfred Owen
161. My Dreams are of a Field Afar/A.E. Housman
162. Friend/Hone Tuwhare
163. A Man I am/Stevie Smith
164. Here/R.S. Thomas
165. A Dream/William Allingham
166. Time's Fool/Ruth Fitter
167. Cold in the Earth/Emily Bronte
168. A Quoi Ban Dire/Charlotte Mew
169. From the Triumph of Time/A.C. Swinburne
170. Meeting at Night/Robert Browning
171. Because I Liked You Better/A.E. Housman
172. From the Ballad of Reading Gaol/Oscar Wilde