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Special Pathology and Diagnostic Hints with Homoeopathic Therapeutics, Vol. 1 Reprint Edition



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Book Information

Publisher:B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Published In:2007
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:2.95 lbs
Pages:1039 Pages, Index

The Title "Special Pathology and Diagnostic Hints with Homoeopathic Therapeutics, Vol. 1 Reprint Edition" is written by C.G. Raue. This book was published in the year 2007. The ISBN number 8131900509|9788131900505 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. The publisher of this title is B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.. Special Pathology and Diagnostic Hints with Homoeopathic Therapeutics, Vol. 1 Reprint Edition is currently Not Available with us.You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.

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About the Book

An excellent text created by Raue for his classes in Pathology and diagnostics at Hahnemann College in Philadelphia.

This is the text that Raue used with his classes at Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia. It was reprinted in 1881 with 1072 pages, in 1885 with 1094 pages and again in 1898 with 1039 pages.

About the Author

Dr. Charles G. Raue, M. D., of Philadelphia, was born in the village of Nieder-Cunnersdorf, in Saxony, May 11th, 1820. He attended college at Budissin, from 1837 to 1841. While there he was strongly attracted by the psychological theories of Professor F. E. Benefice, of Berlin, which he presented in a popular form to the public in a treatise, published in 1847. The following year he removed to the United States, and commenced his professional studies in the office of Dr. C. Hering, of Philadelphia. Having received his diploma from the Philadelphia College of Medicine, in 1850, he commenced practice in Trenton, N. J., where he remained until 1859, in which year he came back to Philadelphia. In 1864, he was elected Professor, of Pathology and Diagnosis at the Homœopathic College of Pennsylvania, which position he held until 1870, when he resigned the chair. Dr. Raue has written, besides the work above mentioned, which has passed through a number of editions in Germany, a work on "Special Pathology and Diagnostics, with Therapeutical Hints," 1867 ; on the "Influence of the Tides on Parturition," 1864 ; and edited for three successive years, 1870-'72, the Record of Homœopathic Literature. He has been twice married ; first, to Miss Philippine J. Welflug (died 1865) ; and, second, to Miss Hermine Jüngerich. As a lecturer, he was considered clear, fluent, and instructive.


1. The Sphere of the Intellect :
i. Paranoia, Insanity, Verrucktheit
ii. Paranoia Inventoria seu Reformatoria
iii. Paranoia Religiosa
iv. Dementia Paralytica
v. Senile Dementia
vi. Checked Evolution of the Psychical Development
vii. Weak-Mindedness

2. The Sphere of Conation and Activity :
i. Exultatio Furiosa, Frenzy, Tobsucht

3. The Sphere of Feelings or Emotions :
i. Melancholia
ii. Delirium Tremens
iii. Chronic Alcoholism, Dipsomania
iv. Opium Poisoning and Morphinismns

1. Anaemia
2. Hyperaemia
3. Vertigo
4. Sleep, Stupor, Insomnia
5. Meningitis Tuberculosa, Hydrocephalus Acutus, Basilar Meningitis
6. Leptomeningitis Infantum, Hydrocephalus Acutus Sine Tuberculis
7. Simple Meningitis, Meningitis of the Convexity, Leptomeningitis
8. Hydrocephalus Acquisitus
9. Hydrocephalus Congenitus
10. Hydrocephalus Senilis
11. Pachymeningitis, Inflammation of the Dura Mater
12. Encephalitis; Abscess of the Brain; Red and Yellow Softening of the Brain
13. Insolatio, Sunstroke, Thermic Fever
14. Apoplexia Sanguinea
15. Occlusion of the Cerebral Arteries; Embolism and Thrombosis; Softening of the Brain
16. Aphasia
17. Thrombosis of the Cerebral Sinuses
18. Hypertrophy of the Brain
19. Atrophy of the Brain
20. Tumors of the Brain and its Membranes

1. Abnormal Largeness of the Head :
i. Dropsy of the Scalp
ii. Hypertrophy of the Skull
iii. The Bruised Head of a Child after Birth

2. Abnormal Smallness
3. Affections of the Skull without Enlargement :
i. Atrophy of the Skull

4. Diseases of the Integuments :
i. Eczema Capitis, Humid Tetter or Scald
ii. Impetigo
iii. Dandruff
iv. Seborrhaea Capillittii
v. Favus, Honey-comb Ringworm, Tinea Favosa or Maligna
vi. Tinea, Herpes Tonsurans, or Ringworm of the Scalp
vii. The Wen
viii. The Teleangiectasia, or Vascular Naevus, Mother's Mark
ix. The Hair

General Observations
1. Lids and Lachrymal Apparatus :
i. Inflammation of the Eyelids
ii. Hordeoleum, Stye
iii. Tumors of the Lid
iv. Dacryocystitis
v. Blenorrhcea of the Lachrymal Sac

2. Conjunctiva :
i. Catarrhal Ophthalmia
ii. Purulent Ophthalmia
iii. Granular Ophthalmia
iv. Phlyctenular Ophthalmia
v. Diphtheritic Conjunctivitis
vi. Croupous Conjunctivitis
vii. Pterygium

3. Cornea :
i. Corneitis, Keratitis
ii. Abscess of the Cornea
iii. Onyx
iv. Hypopion
v. Staphyloma

4. Sclerotica :
i. Scleritis, Sclerotitis

5. Iris :
i. Iritis

6. Choroidea :
i. Choroiditis
ii. Glaucoma

7. Optic Nerve and Retina :
i. Neuro-Retinitis
ii. Hemiopia
iii. Hemeralopia, Night-Blindness
iv. Hyperaesthesia Retinae

8. Lens :
i. Cataract

9. Sight :
i. Refraction and Accommodation
ii. Presbyopia, or Old Sight
iii. Hypermetropia
iv. Myopia, or Short Sightedness
v. Astigmatism
vi. Asthenopia

10. Muscles and Nerves :
i. Mydriasis
ii. Myosis
iii. Ptosis
iv. Strabismus, or Squint
v. Nystagmus, Trembling of the Eyeballs
vi. Luscitas, or Fixed State of the Eyeball
vii. Morbid Winking
viii. Twitching of the Eyelids
ix. Blepharospasm
x. Neuralgia of the Eye

11. Orbit :
i. Orbital Cellulitis
ii. Basedow's, or Grave's Disease; Exophthalmic Goitre

Analogy Between the Ear and the Eye
General Observation on the Ear
1. Auricle :
i. Eczema

2. Auditory Cunal and Drumhead, or Membrana Tympani :
i. Examination of the parts
ii. Earwax, Diminished or Increased
iii. Furuncles of the External Canal
iv. Otitis Externa, or Diffuse Inflammation of the Auditory Canal

3. The Middle Ear :
i. Examination of the Middle Ear
ii. Otitis Media
iii. Chronic Forms of Otitis Media
iv. Polypi
v. Nervous Deafness
vi. Meniere's Disease
vii. Tinitus Aurium
viii. Otalgia Nervosa

General Observations
1. Examination of the Cavity of the Nose
2. Catarrh, Coryza, Cold in the Head
3. Chronic Catarrh, Ozaena
4. Yearly Cold, Rose Cold, Hay Fever, Hay Asthma
5. Epistaxis, Nosebleed
6. Polypi in the Nose
7. Inflammation of the Nose

General Observations
1. Crusta Lactea, Milk Crust, Eczema
2. Comedo, Acne Punctata et Rosacea
3. Lupus
4. Ulcus Rodens and Epithelioma

General Observations
1. The Gums :
i. Parulis, Gumboil, Inflammatory Swelling of the Gums
ii. Epulis
iii. Fistula of the Teeth

2. The Teeth :
i. Odontalgia, Toothache
ii. Swelled Face

3. The Tongue :
i. Its Color
ii. Its Humectation
iii. Its Temperature
iv. Its Covering, or Coating
v. Its Form and Size
vi. Its Consistency
vii. Cracks and Fissures
viii. Paralysis
ix. Glossitis, Inflammation of the Tougue
x. Cancer of the Tongue

4. The Salivary Glands and their Ducts :
i. Saliva
ii. Ranula, Frog

5. The Tonsils :
i. Inflammation of the Tonsils; Amygdalitis; Tonsilitis; Angina Tonsillaris

6. The Uvula and Soft Palate :
i. Angina Faucium, Angina Catarrhalis, Sore Throat
ii. Chronic Sore Throat, Angina Granulosa or Follicularis
iii. Ulcers in the Fauces; Ulcerated Sore Throat
iv. Retro-Pharyngeal Abscess
v. Deep Inflammation of the Connective Tissue of the Throat; Angina Ludovici

7. The Mucous Membrane of the Mouth in General :
i. Stomatitis
ii. Catarrhal Stomatitis
iii. Parasitic Stomatitis, Thrush
iv. Stomatitis Ulcerosa; Formation of Ulcers in the Cavity of the Mouth
v. Noma, Gangrene of the cheeks

General Observations
Bronchocele, Struma or Goitre
1. Esophagus :
i. Esophagitis, Dysphagia Inflammatoria
ii. Stenosis Oesophagi, Narrowing of the Esophagus
iii. Dilatation of the Esophagus

2. Larynx and Trachea :
i. Auscultation
ii. Laryngoscopy
iii. Acute Catarrhal Laryngitis
iv. Laryngitis Catarrhalis Chronica
v. Croup
vi. Edema Glottidis, Edema Laryngis
vii. Perichondritis Laryngea
viii. Phthisis Laryngis, Tubercular Ulceration
ix. Syphilis Laryngis
x. Neoplasms of the Larynx
xi. Neuroses of the Larynx
xii. Spasm of the Glottis

1. Inspection :
i. General Observations
ii. Local Abnormalities

2. Palpation :
i. Temperature
ii. Form
iii. Resistance
iv. Fremitus
v. Friction
vi. Pulsation of the Heart

3. Percussion :
i. General Observations
ii. Tympanitic Sound
iii. Non-Tympanitic Sound of Skoda, the Resonant Sound of the Lungs
iv. Hyper-resonance
v. Amphoric Resonance
vi. Cracked-pot Sound

4. Auscultation :
i. The Normal Sounds of Respiration
ii. Pathological Deviations from the Normal Vesicular Respiration
iii. Auscultation of Voice
iv. Auscultation of Cough
v. Special Diseases of the Respiratory Orgrans

5. Affections of the Bronchial Tubes :
i. Bronchitis, Bronchial Catarrh
ii. Bronchial Asthma

6. Affections of the Pulmonary Parenchyma :
i. Lobular Pneumonia, Catarrhal Pneumonia
ii. Lobar Pneumonia, Croupous, Pueumonia, Lung Fever
iii. Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Phthisis Pulmonum, Pulmonary Consumption
iv. Emphysema Pulmonum
v. Hyperaema and Edema of the Lungs
vi. Gangraena Pulmonum
vii. Haemorrhages of the Lungs, Haemoptoe, Haemoptysis

7. Affections of the Pleura :
i. Pleuritis, Pleurisy, Inflammation of the Pleura
ii. Pneumothorax
iii. Hydrothorax, Dropsy of the Chest
iv. Haematothorax

1. Diseases of the Pericardium :
i. Pericarditis, Inflammation of the Pericardium
ii. Hydropericardium, Dropsy of the Pericardium

2. Diseases of the Endocardium :
i. Endocarditis
ii. Insufficiency of the Mitral or Bicuspid Valve
iii. Constriction or Stenosis of the Left Auriculo-Ventricular Opening
iv. Insufficiency of the Aortic Valves
v. Constriction or Stenosis of the Aortic Opening
vi. Insufficiency of the Tricuspid Valves
vii. Stenosis of the Right Auriculo-Ventricular Opening
viii. Insufficiency of the Pulmonary Valves
ix. Stenosis of the Pulmonary Opening
x. Heart Clots

3. Diseases of the Heart Muscle :
i. Myocarditis, Carditis
ii. Hypertrophy and Dilatation of the Heart
iii. Fatty Heart and Fatty Degeneration of the Heart

4. Nervous Affections of the Heart :
i. Nervous Palpitation of the Heart
ii. Angina Pectoris, Stenocardia

5. Diseases of the Aorta :
i. Aneurism of the Thoracic Aorta

6. Diaphragm :
i. Diaphragmitis
ii. Singultus, Hiccough
iii. Neuralgia of the Diaphragm
iv. Rupture and Perforation of the Diaphragm

General Observations
1. Stomach :
i. Dyspepsia, Indigestion
ii. Vomiting
iii. Acute Catarrh of the Stomach, Gastritis
iv. Chronic Catarrh of the Stomach
v. Gastritis Toxica seu Caustica
vi. Gastralgia, Cardialgia Nervosa, Cratnp of the Stomach
vii. Ulcus Ventriculi Perforans, Round Perforating Ulcer of the Stomach
viii. Carcinoma or Scirrhus Ventriculi, Cancer of the Stomach
ix. Hemorrhage from the Stomach, Haematemesis
x. Gastromalacia, Softening of the Stomach

2. Intestinal Canal :
i. Catarrhus Intestinalis, Enteritis Catarrhalis, Intestinal Catarrh
ii. Chronic Intestinal Catarrh
iii. Typhilitis, Perityphlitis and Appendicitis
iv. Proctitis, Catarrhal Inflammation of the Rectum
v. Periproctitis
vi. Dysentery
vii. Cholera Morhus, or Nostras
viii. Summer Complaint
ix. Hydrocephaloid
x. Constipation
xi. Hernia
xii. Torsion or Twisting of the Bowels
xiii. Intussusception, Invagination
xiv. Ileus, Miserere
xv. Haemorrhagia Intestinalis, Intestinal Hemorrhage, Malaena
xvi. Haemorrhoids, Piles
xvii. Flatulency, Meteorism of the Abdomen
xviii. Colica, Enteralgia
xix. Tuberculosis Intestinalis, Consumption of the Bowels
xx. Cancer of the Intestines
xxi. Polypus of Rectum
xxii. Fissura Ani
xxiii. Fistula Recti
xxiv. Prolapsus Recti
xxv. Proctalgia
xxvi. Intestinal Worms, Entozoa, Helminthes
xxvii. Tape Worms
xxviii. Trichocephalus Dispar
xxix. Anchylostomum Duodenale, Dochmius s. Strongylus Duodenalis
xxx. Trichina Spiralis
xxxi. Trichinosis

3. Peritoneum :
i. Peritonitis
ii. Ascites, Dropsy of the Peritoneum
iii. Tympanites Abdominalis

4. Liver :
i. Physical Examination
ii. Pigment Liver, Melanaemic Liver Resulting from Malaria Fevers
iii. Hyperaemia, Congestion of the Liver
iv. Peri-Hepatitis, Inflammation of the Capsule of the Liver and of Glisson's Capsule
v. Hepatitis vera circumscripta, seu Suppurativa
vi. Cirrhosis, Hob-Nail Liver, Interstitial Inflammation of the Liver
vii. Syphilitic Inflammation of the Liver
viii. Acute Yellow Atrophy
ix. Hepar Adiposum, Fatty Liver
x. Colloid Liver, Lardaceous Liver, Waxy Liver, Amyloid Degeneration
xi. Carcinoma Hepatis, Cancer of the Liver
xii. Hydatids of the Liver, Echinococcus-cysts
xiii. Catarrhal Inflammation of the Biliary Passages
xiv. Cholelithiasis, Gall-Stones
xv. Thrombosis and Occlusion of the Portal Vein; Pylethrombosis, Pylephlebitis Adtuesiva Chronica
xvi. Pylephlebitis Suppurativa, Purulent Inflammation of the Portal Vein
xvii. Icterus, Chohumia, Jaundice

5. Spleen :
i. Physical Examination
ii. Anatomical Peculiarities of the Spleen
iii. Haemorrhagic Infraction; Splenitis, Lienitis, or Inflammation of the Spleen
iv. Acute Tumor, or Hypertrophy of the Spleen
v. Chronic Tumor, or Hypertrophy of the Spleen
vi. Cancer of the Spleen
vii. Echinococcus-cysts
viii. Rupture of the Spleen

6. Pancreas :
i. General Observations
ii. Pancreatitis, Inflammation of the Pancreas
iii. Fatty Diseases of the Pancreas
iv. Cancer of the Pancreas

7. Kidneys :
i. Examination of the Urine
ii. Diabetes, Mellituria, Glycosuria
iii. Diabetes Insipidus
iv. Haematuria, Passing Blood with the Urine
v. Albuminuria
vi. Uraemia
vii. Bright's Disease
viii. Acute Parenchymatous Nephritis
ix. Chronic Parenchymatous Nephritis
x. Interstitial Inflammation or Induration of the Connective Tissue of the Kidneys
xi. Amyloid Degeneration of the Kidneys, Lardaceous or Waxy Kidney
xii. Suppurative Nephritis, Renal Abscess
xiv. Nephrolithasis, Renal Gravel or Calculi; Nephralgia, Colica Renalis
xv. Pyelitis, Inflammation of the Renal Pelvis
xvi. Perinephritis, Paranephritis, Inflammation of the Renal Capsule
xvii. Morbus Addisonii

8. Bladder :
i. Cystitis, Inflammation of the Bladder
ii. Calculi Vesicae, Stones in the Bladder
iii. Hyperaethesia or Irritability of the Bladder; Spasms of the Bladder
iv. Atony, Paresis, Paralysis of Bladder
v. Eneuresis Nocturna
vii. Retention of Urine, Ischuria Vesicalis

1. Venereal Diseases :
i. Gonorrhaea
ii. Complications Sequelae
iii. Epididymitis; Orchitis
iv. Prostatitis Gonorrhoica, Inflammation of the Prostate
v. Gonorrhaea Vesico
vi. Buboes
vii. Ophthalmia Gonorrhoica
viii. Gonorrhoea of Rectum
ix. Strictures of Urethra
x. Gonorrhoeal Rheumatism
xi. General Contamination of the System in Consequence of Gonorrhoea
xii. Chancre
xiii. Constitutional Syphilis
xiv. Condylomata, Sycosis, Fig-Warts
xv. Inguinal Bubo
xvi. Syphilitic Skin Diseases
xvii. Syphilitic Affections of the Mucous Membranes
xviii. Syphilitic Affections of the Periosteum
xix. Syphilitic Contractions of Muscles and Tendons
xx. Gummata in the Subcutaneous and Submucous Cellular Tissue
xxi. Syphilitic Affections of Inner Organs
xxii. Syphilis Congenita Sive Hereditaria

2. Testes :
i. Hydrocele
ii. Orchitis, Inflammation of the Testicles
iii. Carcinoma Testis
iv. Varicocele
v. Spermatocele

3. Prostata :
i. Prostatitis, Inflammation of the Prostata Gland
ii. Enlargement and Tumors of the Prostata

4. Vesicata Setninales :
i. Pollutiones Noctunae et Diurnae; Spermatorrhoea
ii. Impotence; Sterility in the Male

Examination of the Parts
1. Ovaries :
i. Hydrops Ovaru, Ovarian Dropsy; Formation of Cysts in the Ovaries

2. Uterus :
i. Endonietritis, Catarrh of the Uterus, Leucorrhcea
ii. Parenchyrnotous Metritis
iii. Hydrometra, Haemomelra
iv. Displacements of the Womb
v. Anteversion and Anteflexion
vi. Retroversion and Retroflexion
vii. Prolapsus and Procidentia
viii. Inversion of the Womb
ix. Morbid Growths of the Womb
x. Cancer of the Womb
xi. Hysteralgia
xii. Metrorrhagia, Haemorrhage from the Womb

3. Menstrual Anomalies :
i. Menorrhagia
ii. Amenorrhcea
iii. Dysmenorrhaea

4. Vagina :
i. Cataro of the Vagina; Vaginitis
ii. Vaginismus
iii. Pruritus Vulvae

5. Mammae :
i. Mastitis, Inflammation of the Breasts
ii. Scirrhus sen Carcinoma Mammae; Scirrhus, or Cancer of the Breast

1. Anaemia
2. Hyperitmia
3. Apoplexy
4. Spinal Irritation
5. Hydrorrhachis Congenita; Spina Bifida
6. Leptomeningitis Spinalis
7. Myelitis, Inflammation of the Spinal Marrow
8. Myelotnalacia, Non-Inflammatory Softening of the Spinal Marrow
9. Multiple Sclerosis
10. Tabes Dorsalis, Locornotor Ataxia
11. Spasmodic Spinal Paralysis
12. Polyomyelitis Anterior Aciita
13. Polyomyelitis Anterior Subacuta, et Chronica
14. Paralysis Asceinlens Acxita
15. Coccyoilynia

1. Rheumatism
2. Rheumatismus Articulorum Acutus, Rheumatic Fever
3. Rheumatismus Muscularis, Muscular Rheumatism
4. Gout, Podagra, Arthritis
5. Arthritis Deformans
6. Rachitis, Rickets
7. Malacosteon, Osteomalacia
8. Progressive Muscular Atrophy
9. Osteites, Caries, Necrosis
10. Tuberculosis of the Joints, White Swelling
11. Coxarthrocace, Coxalgia, Hip Disease
12. Gonarchrocace, Tumor Albus Genu, White Swelling of the Knee
13. Bnrsitis
14. Podarthrocace, Abscess of the Ankle Joint
15. Malum Potii, Kyphosis, Angular Curvature of the Spine
16. Panaritium, Paronychia, Whitlow, Felon
17. Bunion
18. Ingrowing Toe-Nails

1. Anatomical Diseases of the Peripheral Nerves :
i. Neuritis, Inflammation of the Nerves
ii. Atrophy of the Nerves
iii. Hypertrophy and Neoplastic Formations of the Nerves

2. Functional Diseases :
i. Hyperaesthesia, Anesthesia
ii. Neuralgia
iii. Cephalalgia; Hemicrania or Mignena
iv. Neuralgia of the Trigeminus or Fifth Nerve, Prosopalgia, Tic Douleuoreux
v. Cervico-Occipital Neuralgia
vi. Cervico-Brachial Neuralgia
vii. Intercostal Neuralgia
viii. Lumbo-Abdomiiial Neuralgia
ix. Mastodynia, Neuralgia of the Mammae
x. Sciatica
xi. Anaesthesia
xii. Anesthesia of the Trigemiuus
xiii. Spasm, Convulsion, Cramp, Hyperkinesis
xiv. Spasmus Facialis, Mimic Spasm
xv. Mogigraphia, Graphospasmus, Writers' Cramp
xvi. Chorea, St. Vitus' Dance
xvii. Hysteria
xviii. Neurasthenia
xix. Catalepsy
xx. Epilepsy
xxi. Eclampsia Acuta
xxii. Eclampsia Gravidarum, Puerperal Convulsions
xxiii. Eclampsia Infantuui
xiv. Tremor, Trembling
xv. Paralysis Agitans
xvi. Paralysis, Akinesis

1. Cyanosis
2. Dissolution of the Red Blood-Corpuscles
3. Leucocythiemia, Leukaemia
4. Hydraemia
5. Plethora
6. Symptomatic Anaemia, Oligiemia
7. Progressive Pernicious Anaemia, Idiopathic Anaemia
8. Chlorosis, Green Sickness
9. Scurvy, Scorbutus
10. Purpura Haemorrhagica, Morbus Maculosus Werlhofii
11. Haemophilia, Haemorrhophilia

1. Fever
2. Clinical Thermometry
3. Crisis and Critical Days
4. Intermittent Fever, Fever and Ague
5. Pernicious Intermittent; Remittent and Continuous Malarial Fevers; Congestive Fevers
6. Yellow Fever
7. Dengue, or Break-Bone Fever
8. Typhus
9. Typhus Exanthematicus, Petechial Typhus
10. Typhoid Fever, Typhus Abdominalis, Enteric Fever
11. Relapsing Fever, Typhus Recurrens
12. Influenza, La Grippe
13. Parotitis, Mumps
14. Diphtheria, Diphtheritis
15. Tussis Convulsiva, Pertussis, Whooping-cough
16. Meningitis Cerebro-Spinalis Epidemica, Spotted Fever
17. Acute Miliary Tuberculosis
18. Anthrax, Malignant Pustule
19. Hydrophobia, Lyssa, Rabies
20. Tetanus
21. Cholera Asiatica
22. Erysipelas
23. The Plague

1. Measles
2. Scarlatina
3. Rubella, Raethein
4. Variola, Small-pox; Variolois, Varioloid
5. Varicella, Chicken-pox

1. Hypertrophy of the Skin :
i. Ichthyosis, Fish-Skin

2. Atrophy of the Skin :
i. Rupia or Rhypia, Isolated Blisters

3. Hyperaemia and Anaemia of the Skin
4. Dermatitis, Inflammation of the Skin :
i. Erythema
ii. Herpes
iii. Urticaria, Nettle-Rash
iv. Eczema
v. Ulcus Varicosum
vi. Impetigo, Pustular Eruption
vii. Ecthyma; Isolated, Large Pustule
viii. Pemphigus, Pompholyx, Isolated Large Bullae or Blisters
ix. Furunculus, Boil
x. Carbunculus, Carbuncle
xi. Psoriasis
xii. Lichen
xiii. Prurigo, Pruritus
xiv. Scabies, Itch
xv. Prairie Itch, Prurigo Contagiosa
xvi. Burns and Scalds
xvii. Chilblains, Frostbites

5. Anomalies in the Secretions of the Skin :
i. Sudamina
ii. Foot-Sweats
iii. Anidrosis
iv. Comedo, Milium, Molluscum