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Stock Market in Nepal

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Publisher:Security Research Centre & Services P. Ltd.
Published In:2009
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:0.62 lbs
Pages:[x] + 206 Pages, Tables, Graphs

is written by Rabindra Bhattarai. The publisher of this title is Security Research Centre & Services P. Ltd..

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About the Author

Rabindra Bhattarai has been a lecturer in Shanker Dev Campus since 2002. Mr Bhattarai, a master degree holder in finance and investment from Shanker Dev Campus (Tribhuvan University), is also the founder chairman of Securities Research Center and Services (SRCS) Pvt. Ltd., Platonic Academic and Research Center (PARC) Pvt Ltd., Cosmos Credit and Co-operative Ltd., Professional Educators (Pro-ed) Ltd. and its sister concern Global College of Management and Valley View English School and one of the founder directors of Cosmos Investment and Service P. Ltd. Immediately after he finished his _ masters degree, he actively started being involved in the research and training of capital market. Apart from writing articles in the newspapers and magazines, Mr Bhattarai has been simultaneously giving training on capital market and has appeared many times on different televisions, radios and news papers for the discussion about capital market issues. Besides this Book he has authored 'Investments : Theory and Practice, Nepal Ko Share Bazar, Share Bazar Ek Bishleshan, Share Bazar Ka Jigyasahara, Financial Indicators and in co-authorship Managerial Finance and Fundamental of Financial Management.


1. Political Development and Stock Market Volatility/Dr. Mahendra Prasad Shrestha, Rabindra Bhattarai & Pravat Uprety (Management Dynamics, Shanker Dev Campus)
2. Stock Market Bearish Trend/Rabindra Bhattarai (Global Nepali December, 2008)
3. Big Bull Bang & Banks/ Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, October, 2007)
4. Bullish Market and Amazing Changes/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Busmess Age, September, 2007)
5. Attracting Good Cos to Stock Exchange/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Busmess Age, August, 2007)
6. Fiscal 2004-05 in Retrospect
7. Day of the Week Effect the Nepali Capital Market/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, July, 2007)
8. Addiction to Banking Shares/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, June, 2007)
9. Stock Market's Role in Poverty Reduction/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, April/May 2007)
10. Attraction of Finance Companies/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, February, 2007)
11. Rumors Led the Market/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, December, 2006)
12. Nepse Targeting 500/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, October, 2006)
13. Increase in Height not in Breadth/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, September, 2006)
14. Monetary Policy Effect/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, August, 2006)
15. Poor Responses to Debenture Issue/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, July, 2006)
16. Volatile Market & IPO Scam/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, June, 2006)
17. Shining Days Ahead/Rabindra Bbattarai(New Business Age, March, 2006)
18. IPO Funding Via Financial Institution Loans : Not a Very f Healthy Practice/Santosh Pandey (New Business Age, March, 2006)
19. Bear Economy Bull Market/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, February, 2006)
20. Assessment of Stock Market in 2004/05/Rabindra Bhattarai& Mr. Jit Bdr. Adhikari (Management Enhancer, 2005)
21. Define your Objective Before Buying Stocks/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, May, 2005)
22. New Ordinances and Capital Market/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, December, 2005)
23. Window Trading/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, September, 2005)
24. Attracting Good Cos to Stock Exchange/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, August, 2005)
25. Bullish Days Ahead/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, July, 2005)
26. Good Time to Buy/Rabindra Bbattarai (New Business Age •June, 2005)
26. Nepse in April & Harly May/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, May, 2005)
27. Matching & Cheating/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, April, 2005)
28. Why Do IPOs Perform Well In The Short-Run?/Santosh Pandey (New Business Age, April, 2005)
29. Speculative Boom/Rabindra Bhattarai(New Business Age, March, 2005)
30. Split Shares to Benefit Small Investors/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, February, 2005)
31. Nepse Gained In 2004 (New Business Age, January, 2005)
32. Repo and Reverse Repo (New Business Age, December, 2004)
33. Buy Nabil, Sell Lumbini/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, December, 2004)
34. Look Out for the Coming Agm Effect/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, November, 2004)
35. What is Not in Practice/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, October, 2004)
36. History Repeats/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, September, 2004)
37. Budget & Share Market/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, August, 2004)
38. Bull, Bear & Bull/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, July, 2004)
39. Ride The Winning Stock : Make Tons of Money/Jeevan Basnet (New Business Age, June, 2004()
40. Evaluate Stocks Don't Pay More/Jeevan Basnet (New Business Age, May, 2004)
41. Brokers or Market Breakers?/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, May, 2004)
42. Sex Appeal in Stocks/Jeevan Basnet (New Business Age, April, 2004)
43. Worthless Listing/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age • April, 2004)
44. Split Shares, Earn Money/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, March, 2004)
45. Nbl’s Delisting/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, February, 2004)
46. Rights Sans Right/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, January, 2004)
47. Debentures Are Welcome/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, December, 2003)
48. How To Increase Investor Participation?/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, November, 2003)
49. Delayed Transfers/Rabindra Bhattarai (New Business Age, October, 2003)
50. Nepse & International Standard/Rabindra Bhattarai(New Business Age, September, 2003)
51. Three Amendments (New Business Age, July, 2003)
52. Market with Two Regulators (New Business Age, June, 2003)
53. A Story of Delayed Debenture Listing (New Business Age, May, 2003)
54. Lack of Compliance/Dhruba Timilisina (New Business Age, April, 2003)
55. Stalling New Brokers/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, March, 2003)
56. Loses in All Markets/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, February, 2003)
57. Discretionary Allotment/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, January, 2003)
58. Right Shares Scandal/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, December, 2002)
59. New Softwares & New Brokers/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, November, 2002)
60. October Outlook/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, October, 2002)
61. Lankan Experience/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, September, 2002)
62. Tertiary Market's Signals/Atma Ram Ghimire New Business Age, July, 2002)
63. May Movement/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, June, 2002)
64. The Proxy Business/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, May, 2002)
65. Buy! Buy/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, April, 2002)
66. Nrb Directives, Fincos & Nepse/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, March, 2002)
77. Mutual Hund Schemes/Atma Ram Ghimire New Business Age, February, 2002)
88. Gloom in the Share Market/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age January, 2002)
89. Fall of a Giant 'Blue Chip'/Alma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, December, 2001)
90. Investors' Perspective Dreams Will come True/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, November, 2001
91. Investors' Perspective Buy Finance Companies/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, October, 2001)
92. Renouncing Rights/Krishna Shreshta (New Business Age, September, 2001))
93. Inventors' Perspective/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, September, 2001)
94. Budget Impact on Share Market/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, August, 2001)
95. Budget 2001 & Stock Exchange/Krishna Shreshta (New Business Age, August, 2001)
96. Cry for a Nepali Cra/Krishna Shrestha (New Business Age, July, 2001)
97. Investor's Perspective Tips To Investors/Atma Ram Ghirime (New Business Age, July, 2001)
98. Nepse towards Privatization/Krishna Shreshta (New Business Age, June, 2001)
99. Nepali Share Market an Investor's Perspective/Atma Ram Ghimire (New Business Age, June, 2001)
100. Vanished Market Makers/Krishna Shreshta (New Business Age, May, 2001)