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The Beautiful Verses Ram-Charit-Manas : Sundar-Kand and Hanuman Chalisa of Goswami Tulsidas 1st Edition

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Book Information

Publisher:Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Published In:1997
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:0.64 lbs
Pages:pp. xxii + 167, Illus., Glossary, Acknowledgement

The Title "The Beautiful Verses Ram-Charit-Manas : Sundar-Kand and Hanuman Chalisa of Goswami Tulsidas 1st Edition" is written by R.K. Sharma. This book was published in the year 1997. The ISBN number 8172760876|9788172760878 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 1st Edition edition. This book has total of pp. xxii + 167 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. We have about 1053 other great books from this publisher. The Beautiful Verses Ram-Charit-Manas : Sundar-Kand and Hanuman Chalisa of Goswami Tulsidas 1st Edition is currently Not Available with us.You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.

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About the Book

Ram-Charit-Manas, the most celebrated epic scripture of the Hindus, allegorically stands for 'Manasarover of the Deeds of Ram'. Metaphorically, reading or hearing of the epic is like taking a bath in the holy-lake Manasarover which is said to wash away sins of the soul. The 'Sundar-kand' assigned the same status as the 'Bhagvad Gita' in the Mahabharat, is primarily read for tuning one's soul. As Hanuman betakes himself to Lanka in Search of Sita, the wife of Lord Ram, one relishes the saps of all sentiments, unclogging the consciousness as a lotus to the sun, culminating into 'Oneness' and ecstasy. With Hanuman serving as the crowning provider, adversity turns into beauty of every sort. The glories of Hanuman, the eternal emissary of Ram, are sung in forty couplets titled 'Hanuman Chalisa'. Finishing the recitation with 'Invocation' is indispensable for carrying Ram's advent into execution.

About the Author

The first-ever word for word, true to the spirit, English rendering is brought about by R.K. Sharma, a chartered accountant by profession, living in New Delhi, who follows it after the acclaimed first English translation in verse of 'Chanakya's Neeti Scripture'. Born on 2nd Oct., 1949 at Rewari, 90 kms. south-west of Delhi, his father late Shri K.L. Sharma was an eminent advocate. For those interested to know the spirit of India, Shri Sharma's works truly represent in English 'the delights of the intellect and the soul' drawn up by the wise men of India.



1. Hanuman's Flight to Lanka in Search of Sita
2. Encounter with Surasa
3. Slaying of Image-catching Sea-ogress
4. The Capital City of Lanka
5. Encounter with Lankini, the Guatdian-Goddess
6. Ravan's Palace
7. Vibhishan
8. The Ashok-grove
9. Sita
10. Ravan’s Wooing and Warning
11. Demonesses’ Intimidation
12. Trijata
14. Ram’s Ring and Hanuman’s Speech
15. Appearance before Sita
16. Ram's Message
17. Hanuman Displays Giant form
18. Sita's Benediction
19. Undoing of the Ashok-grove
20. End of Akshay Kumar
21. Battle with Meghanad
22. Getting Noose-bound
23. In Ravan's Assembly
24. Ravan's Enquiry
25. Hanuman’s Reply
26. Ravan orders Killing of Hanuman
27. Vibhishan's Intercession
28. Burning of Hanuman's tail
29. Burning of Lanka
30. Sita's Crest-gem
31. Sita's Message
32. Home-coming
33. Madhuvan, the Honey-orchard
34. Welcome by Ram
35. Ram's Inquiry
36. The Tidings
37. The March out
38. Scare in Lanka
39. Mandodari's Imploring
40. Ravan's Retort
41. Ravan's Assembly
42. Vibhishan's Preaching
43. Ravan's Resentment
44. Vibhishan's Exit
45. Vibhishan in Ram's Camp
46. Vibhishan in Ram's Embrace
47. Ram's Coming to the Sea
48. Ravan's spies
49. The Sea-god's Submission
50. Ram's Approval of the Sea-god's Plea
51. Tulsidas's Glory to Ram

III. Shri Hanuman Chalisa-Praise and Prayer to the Danger Dispeller
IV. Invocation of Lord Shri Ram