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The Christian Witness of Sadhu Sundar Singh A Collection of His Writings Reprint

The Christian Witness of Sadhu Sundar Singh A Collection of His Writings Reprint

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Book Information

Publisher:Christian Literature Society
Published In:2003
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:1.16 lbs
Pages:vi + 666 Pages, Appendices, Reference, Bibliography

The Title "The Christian Witness of Sadhu Sundar Singh A Collection of His Writings Reprint" is written by T. Dayanandan Francis. This book was published in the year 2003. The publisher of this title is Christian Literature Society. The Christian Witness of Sadhu Sundar Singh A Collection of His Writings Reprint is currently Not Available with us.You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.

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Part A :

1. The Manifestation of God's Presence
2. Sin and Salvation
3. Prayer
4. Service
5. The Cross and the Mystery of Suffering
6. Heaven and Hell

II. REALITY AND Religion :

1. The Purpose of Creation
2. The Incarnation
3. Prayer
4. Meditation
5. The Future Life
6. The New Birth
7. Love
8. Thought and Sense
9. Philosophy and Intuition
10. Perfection
11. Real Progress and Success
12. The Cross
13. Free Will
14. Rules of Health
15. Conscience
16. The Worship of God
17. The Search after Reality
18. Repentance and Salvation
19. Original Sin
20. The Vedanta and Pantheism
21. Christ our Refuge
22. Enemies Big and Small
23. Strangers and Pilgrims on the Earth
24. Faith and Purity
25. Revelations of Christ
26. Humility
27. Time and Eternity

1. Religion and Reality :
i. Gradual Development from Idolatry to God
ii. A Man only Understands what is Akin to Something Already Existing in Himself
iii. The Senses are the Interpreters Between the Soul and External Things
iv. God and his Creation
v. The Need of Religion

2. Hinduism :
i. Vedantism
ii. Transmigration and Salvation
iii. Bhagavad Gita and Krishna

3. Buddhism :
i. Buddha's Renunciation and Teaching
ii. Nirvana

4. Muhammadanism :
i. Sufism

5. Christianity :
i. Prophecies Concerning Christ
ii. Christ's Sufferings and Crucifixion
iii. The Resurrection of Christ
iv. Some Practical Proofs of Christianity
v. Higher Criticism and Modernism
vi. Christ's Teaching and Example
vii. Man's Final Destination

Original foreword/Rtd. Rev A.F. Winnington Ingram (then Bishop of London)

1. Alone with the Master
2. Man's Craving for God
3. Is God Knowable?
4. Pain and Suffering
5. Opposition and Criticism
6. What is Evil?
7. The Effect of Evil Thoughts and Live
8. Life in Christ
9. Finally all Men will Return to God
10. Morality and Beauty
11. The Kingdom of God
12. Service and Sacrifice

Original Foreword/The Rt. Rev. H. B. Durrant (Then Bishop Of Lahore)
Preface/Sundar Singh
Introduction/A. J. Appasamy

1. Life and Death
2. What Happens at Death?
3. The World of Spirits
4. Man's Help and Teaching-Now and After .
5. The Judgement of Sinners
6. The State of the Righteous and their Glorious End
7. The Aim and Purpose of Creation


1. A Seeker After Truth And Melchizedek
2. A Saint and a Philosopher
3. A King and a Farmer
4. A Prince and Thief
5. A Lover and his Beloved
6. A Traveller


1. Non Christian without Christ
2. Non Christians with Christ
3. Christians without Chris
4. Christians with Christ
5. My Experience with and without Christ
6. The Inner Life

Introduction/The Rt. Rev. A.J. APPASAMY. D.Phil., D.D.
Author's Preface

1. Alone with the Lord
2. The Heart's Desire for God
3. Knowing God
4. Suffering and Pain
5. What is Evil?
6. The Evil Life and the Effects of Evil Thoughts
7. Life in Christ
8. All Men will Finally Repent and Turn to God
9. The Kingdom of God
10. Mortality and Beauty
11. Criticism and Opposition
12. Service and Self-Denial


Part I : Six Sermon
Part II : The Gist of Three other Sermons
Part III : Some Gems from the Sadhu’s Saying

1. Life in Abundance
2. Praying for Things
3. Knowing about Christ and Knowing Christ
4. Meeting Temptation
5. Christ Manifests Himself
6. True Salvation
7. The Living Experience
8. Not Far from the Kingdom
9. Working for God
10. Witness for Christ

Question and answers


Part B :
1. Table Talk and Conversations of the Sadhu
2. A Tour to Tibet by Sadhu Sundar Singh
3. Two Prayers of Sadhu Sundar Singh

List Of Appendix

1. Sadhu Sundar singh’s last letters to rev. T.E. Riddle, march 1929
2. Mr. Watson’s letter in national missionary intellignecer
3. The will of sadhu sundar singh


Sadhu Sundar Singh whose birth centenary commenced on September 3, 1988 is unique among Indian Christian thinkers. Although he could not be classed with theologians, his sermons and writings are remarkably original and reveal his direct experience of Christ. His efforts at presenting the gospel in a thoroughly Indian way should be viewed against the background of his mother's influence on him during his childhood.

She introduced him to religious texts like the Bhagavadgita and put him in touch with a Sadhu who lived in a jungle near Rampur, their native village. Her prayer was that her youngest son Sundar should become a Sadhu (Holy man or Sage-Saint). She put the idea into his mind when he was very young. She died when Sundar was hardly fourteen. From then on he became perplexed in mind and sought peace by reading various religious texts and practiced yoga.

Sadhu Sundar Singh often recalled his pious mother in his conversations and writings.

He once remarked that it was the Holy Spirit which made him a Christian but it was his mother who made him a Sadhu. On another occasion he openly confessed that if he could not find his mother in heaven, who died as a pious Sikh, he would not stay there but would rather ask the Lord to send him to the place where he could find her. ' His mother's teachings in the Hindu and Sikh faiths on the one hand, and the word of Jesus Christ on the other-these two lines of thought converged like an arrow in Sundar Singh and set him on his way' says J.L. Watson1 a biographer of the Sadhu.

The Vision and the Call :
Young Sundar developed hatred against the Christian religion which he came to know through the Mission school in Rampur. He went to the extent of burning the pages of the New Testament which he bought from the school. This happened on December 15, 1904. He was admonished by his father for the mad act. Sundar who was undergoing a struggle in mind sought peace staying in his room for three days. He prayed : O God, if there be a God, reveal yourself to me tonight '. He planned to put an end to his life if God did not respond to his prayer by day break. At quarter to five Sundar like Paul had a vision of Christ. He says that he saw 'in a shining cloud of light...the glorious loving face of Jesus Christ' - Sundar heard Christ speaking to him in Hindusthani : How long will you persecute me? I died for you; I gave my life for you ' Sundar fell at the feet of Jesus and accepted him as his master and Saviour. This incident took place on December 18, 1904. While narrating the incident Sundar Singh says; ' His power came into my heart; my life was changed in a single moment.

It is worth noting that earlier during the year, in April, some missionaries and Indian pastors gathered together at Sailkot in Punjab and formed the Punjab Prayer Union. They pledged to pray everyday for a spiritual awakening in the country. Before the year closed the Lord has called Sundar to be used by him to bring about the revival. It is also significant that the National Missionary Society of India was founded during the year that followed the conversion of Sundar Singh. Having committed his life to Christ Sundar chose the path of the cross and decided to bear the cross at all costs. This meant severe opposition from family circles and leaving his father's house to become a wandering preacher. Me states this in one of his sermons as follows : ' I had to leave home and people, I lost everything, but I found everything in Christ ' All through his ministry of twenty-four years he joyfully proclaimed that the cross will bear those who bear the cross. He wrote : ' To follow Him (Christ) and bear His cross is so sweet and precious that, if I find no cross to bear in heaven, I shall plead before him to send me as a missionary, if need be to hell.'

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