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The Distance

The Distance


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Book Information

Published In:2009
Binding Type:Paperback
Pages:236 Pages

is written by Saborna Roychowdhury.

About the Book

My grandmother had a heart attack. She woke up that morning as usual, went out to the balcony on the east side to greet The Sun God by touching both her palms to her forehead. She watered her potted plants and fed rice grains to the pigeons lined up on the banister cooing noisily. Then she rubbed coconut oil on her snow-white hair, picked up her powdery ayurvedic toothpaste, and headed for the bathroom. It was a beautiful day. The sky was a darker shade of blue with A Few solitary clouds hanging like giant snowflakes. The sunlight bathed my face as I got up with half-ci -?d eyes and pulled the curtain shut. My parents were begining to wake up in the next room.