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The Gallant Dogras An Illustrated History of the Dogra Regiment

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Book Information

Publisher:Lancer Publishers & DistributorsDogra Regimental Centre
Published In:2005
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:5.41 lbs
Pages:pp. xvi + 436 + 4, Frontispiece, 3 Plates, Tables, Maps (Mostly Col.), Biblio., Acknowledgemen

The Title "The Gallant Dogras An Illustrated History of the Dogra Regiment" is written by Vivan Mehra. This book was published in the year 2005. The ISBN number 8170622689|9788170622680 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. This book has total of pp. xvi + 436 + 4 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Dogra Regimental Centre. We have about 439 other great books from this publisher. The Gallant Dogras An Illustrated History of the Dogra Regiment is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

The Dogra Regiment traces its ancestry primarily to three Regiments of the East India Company's Bengal Army. These three Regiments were the 37th, the 38th and the 41st Regiment of Bengal Infantry. Over the years, these Regiments were to undergo many vicissitudes but the bloodlines of today's proud Dogra Regiment are clearly traceable to those early days.

Interestingly, there were Dogra companies in many other North Indian regiments of the John Company. The Dogra kings of Jammu and Kashmir and other Princely States also maintained a sizeable force of Dogra soldiers as State Forces, which have, upon Independence, been absorbed into the Indian Army, as were the forces of some of the lesser Princely States.

Although the Dogras are an agricultural people, their martial traditions run deep and they carry with them the habits and attitudes of a martial clan. The Dogras are well known for their courtly manners, great courage and strong powers of physical endurance. The military commanders, over the years, have had nothing but unstinted praise for the Dogra soldiers, making them highly desirable recruits for the Armed Forces.

From the mud and mire of Givenchy to the dreary desert sands of Mesopotamia during World War I, from the plantations of Malaya to the leech infested jungles of Burma during World War II, the brave Dogra soldier won the admiration and respect of one and all. The dawn of Independence saw this veteran Regiment grow from strength to strength, giving an unrivalled account of itself in every skirmish and encounter, whether on the borders of the Motherland or in counter-terrorism operations. The intrepid Dogra went on to win international acclaim on many an occasion while wearing the coveted blue berets of the United Nations.

This illustrated History presents an Insight into the ethos of the Dogras and traces the growth of the Dogra Regiment over the last 117 years and more. Numerous rare and historic photographs and maps, that have been painstakingly restored, embellish this book, which shall be of great interest to the military historian and indeed to all those connected with the Indian Armed Forces.

About the Author

Project Team : A.P. Singh
Research : Anil Shorey
Book Design : Bharat Verma
Coordinated : H.V. Bhalla
Project Team : H.V. Bhalla
Research : H.V. Bhalla



1. The Dogra
2. The Dogra Land
3. Urban Centres
4. People and Characteristics
5. Dogra Language, Culture and Fine Arts
6. Religion and Temples
7. Festivals and Fairs
8. Historical Perspective and Dogra Chivalry
9. Group of Rajput States
10. Jammu Kingdom
11. General Zorawar Singh
12. Katoch Kingdom
13. Nurpur State
14. Dogras in the Regular Army

1. Princely States and the State Forces
2. Absorption of Dogra Troops
3. Under the British Crown
4. Early Campaigns Before 'The Great War'
5. Dogras in the Black Mountain Expedition (1891)
6. 37 Dogras at the Relief of Chitral (1894)
7. Mohamand Campaign - 37 Dogras at Shabkadar (1897)
8. Dogras at Waziristan (1894-95)
9. Dogras in the 'Relief of Malakand' (1897)
10. Dogras in the Mahsud Blockade (1901)

III. THE GREAT WAR : 1914-1918 :
1. Dogras in France
2. Meerut Division
3. The First Ypres Battle
4. The Valiant Dogras at Festubert
5. The Battle of Neuve Chapelle
6. The Battle of Aubers Ridge
7. On Other Fronts
8. Dogras in the North West Frontier
9. Mardan Mobile Column
10. 37 and 41 Dogras in Mesopotamia
11. The Battle of Shaikh Saad
12. The Battle of Wadi
13. The Battle of El Hanna
14. The Battle of Dahra Bend
15. The Pursuit to Baghdad
16. 38 Dogras in Aden and Palestine
17. The Balata Road Block
18. The Great War Ends

1. Malaya and Singapore
2. Malaya Front
3. The Exploits of 3/17 Dogra - 'Kota Bharu'
4. 2/17 Dogra in Singapore
5. The Burma Front
6. 5/17 Dogra at Sittang
7. The Arakan Front - Limited Offensive
8. 1/17 Dogra in Arakan
9. Battle for Donbaik
10. The Renewed Arakan Offensive
11. 1/17 Dogra Relaunched into the Arakan
12. The Battle of Wrencat
13. Imphal and Nungshigum
14. 1/17 Wins Battle Honour 'Nungshigum'
15. 1/17 Dogra Wins Battle Honour 'Kennedy Peak'
16. Dogra in Magwe
Epitome of Valour

1. The Change of Guard
2. Trouble Brewing in Jammu and Kashmir
3. Plan and Conditions for Invasion
4. 'Operation Gulmarg' Launched
5. Indian Intervention
6. 2 Dogra in Srinagar - Baramula - Uri Sector
7. Link up with Punch
8. Revised Plans
9. Creation of New Divisions
10. Fresh Orbat and Tasks
11. The Unique Dogra 'Leh Force'
12. 4 Dogra in Naoshera - Rajouri
13. The Recapture of Jhangar
14. Capture of Kaman Gosha Gala and Ambli Dhar (Operation Bharatpur)
15. 'Operation Vijay' for Recapture of Jhangar
16. Battle of Barwali - The Captains' Battle'
17. Chingas Captured
18. Dogra Hill
19. Death of Brigadier Usman
20. Subsequent Actions
21. A Tribute to the Valiant Indian Troops in J&K
22. The Hyderabad Police Action by 9 Dogra (Operation Polo 1948)

1. Background
2. Operations in MEFA Sector
3. 13 Dogra Operations in Kameng Sector
4. Battle of Walong
5. The Daring Deeds of 4 Dogra
6. 8 Dogra - The Guardians of the UP-Tibet Border

1. The 'Rann' Ruse
2. The Guerrilla Factor - 'Operation Gibraltar'
3. 'Operation Grand Slam'
4. Induction of the Dogras
5. The Jammu and Kashmir Theatre :
i. 3 Dogra at Mandi, Raja Picket-Chand Tekri and Uri-Punch Link up
ii. 6 Dogra at Gulmarg, Dogra Hill and Haji Pir
iii. The Capture of Gitian by 6 Dogra
iv. Dogra at Zafarwal and Phillora
v. 2 Dogra at Mendhar and 'OP Hill'

6. The Punjab Theatre :
i. 13 Dogra : Khem Karan-Kasur Sector
ii. 1 Dogra at Taran Taran - Khem Karan - Asal uttar
iii. 15 Dogra at Dograi and Jhuggian
iv. 16 Dogra in Amritsar Sector : Thatta Dhilwan and Chak Allah Bakhsh
v. 14 Dogra in Reserve 140

7. Glory and Sacrifice

1. The Eastern Theatre :
i. The Dogras in the Eastern Theatre
ii. 3 Dogra at Belonia - Chauddagram
iii. 9 Dogra at Suadih - Jhenida
iv. 13 Dogra at Bayra and Siramani

2. The Western Theatre
3. The Jammu and Kashmir Sector :
i. Dogra at Chicken Neck
ii. Before Cease Fire : 1971
iii. 1 Dogra at Basantar - Shakargarh
iv. 16 Dogra at Basantar - Shakargarh

4. The Punjab Sector :
i. 10 Dogra at Dera Baba Nanak
ii. 15 Dogra at Ferozepur
iii. 5 Dogra at Khem Karan, Mastgarh and Asal uttar

5. The Rajasthan Sector:
i. 8 Dogra at Masirabad, Laungewala and Tanot

1. (JN Custodian Force in Korea : 3 Dogra
2. UN Mission to Congo : 1 Dogra :
i. Gnrest in Kabalo & Myunzu
ii. Action at Checkpoint
iii. Operation 'Rum Punch'
iv. Operation 'Marthor'

v. Operation 'Clnokot'
vi. Clearing Elisabethville
vii. Return to India

3. UN Mission to Gaza : 9 Dogra
4. A Dogra Force Commander to Sierra Leone (West Africa) :
i. OP Khukri

1. General
2. The North Eastern Theatre :
i. Nagaland
ii. Manipur
iii. Mizoram
iv. Tripura
v. Assam

3. A Volatile State - Kashmir :
i. The Valley and Surrounding Heights
ii. Operations South of the Pir Panjal Ranges
iii. Ladakh and the Glacier

4. The Punjab Problem :
i. Operation Blue Star
ii. Operation Rakshak (Punjab)

5. Sri Lanka Operations

1. Organisation
2. Raising the Tricolour
3. Dogra Camp for Misplaced Personnel
4. The Centre Moves to Meerut
5. The Dogra Regimental Centre Moves to Faizabad
6. The Basic Material - Recruitment
7. Training :
i. Pre Course Training
ii. Contribution of Instructors
iii. Training Facilities at the Centre
iv. Religious Training
v. Dogra Precis

8. The Regimental Museum :
i. Gallery A : The Introductory Gallery
ii. Gallery 'B' : Pride of the Regiment
iii. Gallery 'C : The Generals' Gallery
iv. Gallery 'D' : The Heritage Corner
v. Gallery 'E' : Gnit Gallery
vi. Gallery 'F : Unit Boards

9. The Regimental Treasures
10. The Regimental Mandir
11. The Regimental Band
12. The Regimental Flags, Crest & Accoutrements
13. The War Memorials :
i. The War Memorial in Garrison Church, Jalandhar
ii. The Cremation Memorial, Singapore
iii. The Delhi Cemetery
iv. The 17 Dogra Regiment Memorial Glade, UK
v. The Dogra War Memorial, Faizabad

14. The Regimental Reunions :
i. Reunions - Post Independence
ii. First Colour Presentation
iii. Calendar of Post Indepedence Reunions

15. The Dogra Regimental Associations :
i. United Kingdom
ii. India

16. Affiliation with IMS Ranvijay
17. 25th Biennial and 13th Reunion of the Dogra Regiment
18. Raising Day : Dogra Battalions
19. The Dogra Regimental Centre Commandants
20. The Dogra Regimental Centre Subedar Majors

1. Adventure Sports :
i. Mountaineering
ii. White Water Rafting
iii. Motor Cycling
iv. Bicycling

2. Sports & Games :
i. Hockey
ii. Shooting
iii. Army Rifle Association Banners
iv. Cross Country
v. Marathon Run
vi. Athletics
vii. Karate
viii. Wrestling
ix. Skiing
x. Volleyball, Handball, Basketball

1. 1 DOGRA :
i. Un Mission to Congo
ii. Indo-Pak War 1965
iii. Babina
iv. Indo-Pak War 1971
v. Redesignation
vi. Ambala : 1980-1987
vii. Babina : 1990-1994
viii. Hisar : 1994-1997
ix. Patiala : 1997 to Date
x. Colours
xi. Jubilees and Reunions
xii. Centennial
xiii. Our Generals
xiv. Second/Third Generation
xv. Gnique Traditions
xvi. Martyrs Day
xii. Commanding Officers

2. 2 DOGRA :
i. 280 Raising
ii. Theatres of Operations
iii. Pre Independence
iv. Post Independence :
a. J&K Operations 1947-48
b. Uri 1948
c. Graveyard 1964
d. Indo-Pak War 1965
e. The Battle of JOP Hill' : "Op Smoky"
f. Siachen
g. Op Rakshak (Punjab)
h. Baraub (Gurez Sector) 2000

v. Colours
vi. Jubilee and Reunions
vii. Centenary
viii. Our Generals
ix. Unique Tradition
x. Commanding Officers

3. 3 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. Imperial Durbar at Delhi, December 1910
iii. On to France
iv. Battle Honour 'Egypt 1915'
v. Battle Honours Tigris 1916' and 'Mesopotamia 1915-18'
vi. Batttle Honour Afghanistan 1919
vii. World War II
viii. Theatres of Operations - Post
ix. Independence
x. CJN Mission : Korea
xi. Indo-Pak War-1965
xii. Joint Training with Royal Bhutan Army (RBA) 1969
xiii. Colours
xiv. Indo-Pak War-1971
xv. Platinum Jubilee Celebration 12 October 1975
xvi. Operation Orchid - Nagaland 1976
xvii. Tangdhar 1982
xviii. Nathu Tibba 1988 (J&K)
xix. Dagshai 1991
xx. Operation Meghdoot
xxi. Centennial Celebrations
xxii. Second Generation
xxiii. Ours Generals
xxiv. Commanding Officers

4. 4 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. Pre Independence History :
a. 1941-1944
b. 1944-1946

iii. Post Independence History :
a. 1948-1951
b. Sino-Indian War 1962
c. Lekhapani (Assam), Rupa, Ramgarh and Inkiyong (NEFA)
d. Indo-Pak War 1965

iv. Visit of the Prime Minister of India to the Battalion
v. Colours
vi. Indo-Pak War 1971
vii. December 1971 - August 1984
viii. September 1984-January 1989
ix. June 1989 - May 2004
x. Golden Jubilee : 1 October 1990
xi. Operation Parakram
xii. Diamond Jubilee
xiii. The Fourth Provides a Chief of the Army Staff
xiv. Battle Honour Day Celebrations
xv. Mountaineering Expedition "Mt Leo Pargial'
xvi. Peculiar/Unique Customs and Traditions :
a. Straight Stripes

xvii. Commanding Officers

5. 5 DOGRA :
i. World War II : The Burma Campaign
ii. Re-Raising
iii. The Formative Years : Indo-Pak War 1965
iv. Spurs Well Earned
v. Indo-Pak War : Sehjra Bulge - 1971
vi. Counter Insurgency Operations : Nagaland
vii. Kaiyan Bowl - Naugam Sector : June 1979 to June 1981
viii. Yinkiong - Tuting
ix. Operation Pawan - Sri Lanka
x. Operation Rakshak (Jammu and Kashmir) : 1989-1992
x. Operation Black Rose : Eviction of Pak Intrusion in Machhal Sector
xi. Operation in Kaobal Gali : Baraub Areas of Gurez Sector 374
xii. Urban Counter Insurgency Operations
xiii. Operation Rhino (1996-1999) :
a. Lower Assam : Tamulpur

xiv. Operation Vijay : 1999
xv. Operation Parakram : 2001-02
xvi. Uri Sector : 2003
xvii. Unit Citations
xviii. Colours
xix. Our General
xx. Commanding Officers

6. 6 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. Major Operations :
a. Operation Gibraltar - Anti Infiltration Operations
b. Operation Sangam
c. The Battle of Dogra Hill and Capture of Gitian Feature

iii. New Delhi
iv. Naugam (J&K)
v. Counter Terrorist Operations
vi. Decorations Outside the Unit
vii. Colours
viii. Jubilees and Reunions
ix. Second Generation
x. Commanding Officers

7. 7 DOORA :
i. Raising
ii. Operational Achievements : 1966-1973
iii. Guarding the Line of Control - Kanzalwan Sector (J&K) : 1982-1984
iv. Operation Pawan - Sri Lanka
v. Operation Rakshak II (J&K) : 1992-1995
vi. Guarding the Line of Control : Pallanwala Sector (J&K) : 1998-2001
vii. Joint Training with Royal Bhutan Army (RBA)
viii. Colours
ix. Unit Citation
x. Governor's Silver Salver
xi. Silver Jubilee of Raising
xii. Our Generals
xiii. Commanding Officers

8. 8 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. Theatres Served
iii. Indo-Pak 1948
iv. Sino-India War 1962
v. Indo-Pak War 1965
vi. Operation Orchid (Nagaland)
vii. Indo-Pak War 1971
viii. Operation Rakshak (Punjab)
ix. Unit Citation
x. Colours
xi. Golden Jubilee Celebrations
xii. Our Generals
xiii. Commanding Officers

9. 9 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. Hyderabad Police Action
iii. The Fifties
iv. The Sixties
v. Sino-Indian Conflict : 1962
vi. (UNEF : Gaza
vii. Indo-Pak War : 1965
viii. Sikkim
ix. The Seventies
x. Post War Era
xi. Operation Harre
xii. Operation Meghdoot
xiii. Ferozepur
xiv. The Nineties
xv. Operation Rakshak (J&K)
xvi. Golden Jubilee Celebrations
xvii. The New Millenium : Y2K
xviii. Drass
xix. Our Generals
xx. Commanding Officers

10. 10 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. Theatres Served
iii. Battle of Dera Baba Nanak - 5/6 December 1971
iv. Operation Blue Star
v. Counter Insurgency Operation J&K
vi. Amphibious Role
vii. Siachen Glacier
viii. Second Generation
ix. Commanding Officers

11. 11 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. Theatres Served
iii. Operation Parakram
iv. Silver Jubilee
v. Colours
vi. Our General
vii. Commanding Officers

12. 12 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. Theatres Served
iii. Colours
iv. Our General
v. Second Generation
vi. Commanding Officers

13. 13 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. J&K Operations (1947-48)
iii. 1948-1962
iv. Chinese Aggression 1962 (Operation Leg Horn)
v. Indo-Pak War 1965 (Operation Riddle)
vi. 1966-1971
vii. Indo-Pak War 1971 (Operation Cactus Lily)
viii. 1972-1992
ix. Palanwala 1992 (Operation Dogra Punch)
x. 1992-2002
xi. Operation Vijay (1999)
xii. Rajasthan - December 2001-November
xiii. (Operation Parakram)
xiv. Professional and Sports Competitions
xv. Shooting
xvi. Banners
xvii. International City Parade
xviii. Colours
xix. Our General
xx. Second/Third/Fourth Generations
xxi. Commanding Officers

14. 14 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. The First Assignment
iii. Foundations of Fourteen
iv. The Fifties
v. The Dogra Regimental Athletics Championship
vi. Raising of 14 Field Regiment
vii. The Sixties
viii. Sino-Indian Conflict 1962
ix. Indo-Pak War - 1965
x. Lalle De Bagh 1966 - 1969
xi. Colours
xii. The Seventies
xiii. Silver Jubilee - 1974
xiv. Mizoram
xv. The Eighties
xvi. Meerut
xvii. Operation Falcon and Joshimath Sector
xviii. The Nineties
xix. Operation Rakshak (Punjab)
xx. Operation Rakshak (J&K)
xxi. Golden Jubilee Celebrations - July 1998
xxii. Sikkim
xxiii. The New Millennium
xxiv. Operation Parakram - 2001
xxv. Operation Rakshak (J&K)
xxvi. Our Generals
xxvii. Second Generation
xxviii. Landmarks and Achievements :
a. Athletics
b. Shooting
c. Mountaineering
d. COAS Unit Citation

xxix. Commanding Officers

15. 15 DOORA :
i. Raising
ii. The Formative Years
iii. A Period of Stabilisation - Up to 1965
iv. Process of Rebuilding
v. Indo-Pak War : 1971
vi. To Sri Lanka with the Indian Peace Keeping Force
vii. Counter Insurgency Operations
viii. Operation Parakram and After
ix. Our Generals
x. Second/Third Generation
xi. Colours
xii. Jubilees and Reunions :
a. Silver Jubilee
b. Golden Jubilee

xiii. Commanding Officers

16. 16 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. Operational Contribution
iii. 1962 Chinese Aggression
iv. Indo-Pak War : 1965
v. Indo-Pak War : 1971 (Operation Cactus Lily)
vi. Internal Security Operations
vii. Operation Blue Star : 1984
viii. Operation Wood Rose, Operation Mettle : 1984
ix. Operation Vyavastha : Kanpur 1992
x. The Proxy War
xi. Close Calls to Wars
xii. Landmarks and Milestones
xiii. Our Generals
xiv. Sports
xv. Excellence in Profession
xvi. Unique Customs & Traditions
xvii. The Spirit of Sixteen
xviii. Commanding Officers

17. 17 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. Theatres Served
iii. Punch (April 1984 - June 1987)
iv. Operation Falcon - 17 Mountain Division (North Sikkim)
v. Operation Rakshak - 26 Infantry Division
vi. Operation Rakshak - 24 Infantry Division
vii. Operation Vijay - 29 Infantry Division
viii. Operation Rakshak - Parakram (Kargil)
ix. Unit Achievements
x. Colours
xi. Second Generation
xii. Commanding Officers

18. 18 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. Binnaguri
iii. Mamun
iv. Chushul - Kupwara
v. Hyderabad
vi. Line of Control
vii. Sanjuwan
viii. Operations
ix. Our General
x. Second Generation
xi. Unique Traditions
xii. Zafarkhani Day
xiii. Colours
xiv. Commanding Officers

19. 19 DOGRA :
i. Raising
ii. Theatres Served
iii. Ladakh (J&K)
iv. Tuting
v. Operation Rhino
vi. Tyakshi (J&K)
vii. Digiana (J&K) - September 1998-October 2001
viii. Operation Vijay
ix. Border Fencing
x. Suratgarh (Rajasthan)
xi. Operation Parakram
xii. Exercise Uplabdhi
xiii. Restructuring
iv. Rescue Mission
xv. Our Generals
xvi. Colours
xvii. Commanding Officers

i. Raising
ii. Early History
iii. Operational Record
iv. Jammu and Kashmir Valley
v. Humanitarian Assistance
vi. Operation Punaruthan
vii. Colours
viii. Aid to Civil Authority
ix. Earthquake & Rescue Operations
x. Jubilees and Reunions
Silver Jubilee
xii. Sports & Adventure Activities
xiii. Commanding Officers

i. Raising
ii. Operational Performance
iii. Aid to Civil Authority
iv. Operation Sadbhavna
v. Operation Ujala
vi. Adoption of Schools
vii. Computer Training Centre
viii. Medical and Veterinary Goodwill Camps
ix. Unit Citation
x. Commanding Officers

i. Raising
ii. Operational Performance
iii. Commanding Officers

i. Raising
ii. Theatres Served
iii. Operations
iv. Commanding Officers

i. Raising

i. Raising, Various Embodiments and Theatres Served
ii. COAS Trophy
iii. Commanding Officers

i. Raising
ii. Theatres Served
iii. Achievements
iv. Commanding Officers


i. Retired Generals
ii. Serving Generals
iii. Retired Brigadiers/Lieutenant Colonels
iv. Serving Brigadiers

1. Lieutenant General Kalwant Singh
2. Lieutenant General MS Pathania, PVSM
3. Major General MG Hazari, PVSM, AVSM
4. Major General Mohan Lal, PVSM
5. Lieutenant General PN Hoon, PVSM. AVSM SM
6. Lieutenant General VK Sood, PVSM, AVSM, PhD
7. Lieutenant General Sher Amir Singh, PVSM AVSM
8. Lieutenant General HS Bedi, PVSM
9. Lieutenant General Surjit Singh, PVSM, VSM
10. General NC Vij, PVSM, OYSM, AVSM, ADC