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The Mahatma and the Poet Letters and Debates Between Gandhi and Tagore, 1915-1941 1st Edition

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Book Information

Publisher:National Book Trust
Published In:2011
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:0.80 lbs
Pages:pp. xviii + 216, Appendices, Notes, Abbreviations

The Title "The Mahatma and the Poet Letters and Debates Between Gandhi and Tagore, 1915-1941 1st Edition" is written by Sabyasachi Bhattacharya. This book was published in the year 2011. The ISBN number 8123722028|9788123722023 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 1st Edition edition. This book has total of pp. xviii + 216 (Pages). The publisher of this title is National Book Trust. We have about 2291 other great books from this publisher. The Mahatma and the Poet Letters and Debates Between Gandhi and Tagore, 1915-1941 1st Edition is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Book href="/books/mahatma-gandhi" Title="mahatma-gandhi">Mahatma Gandhi collection of letters and debates exchanged by Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore between 1915 and 1941. They have been put together for the first time from old journals and various published and unpublished sources. The letters, of a private nature, preserved in the archives at Visva-Bharati, the University founded by Tagore, are of great historical interest. The debates are issues which continue to be relevant to this day and age. An 'Introduction' by the editor examines the historical Context of the correspondence and provides an overview of the major questions discussed in these writings.



1. Tagore on the Phoenix School boys (Tagore to Gandhi, Undated, January 1915)
2. Gandhi on Hindi as the National Language (Gandhi to Tagore, 21 January 1918)
3. Tagore on the use of Hindi (Tagore to Gandhi, 24 January 1918)
4. Gandhi on C.F. Andrews (Gandhi to Tagore, 5 November 1918)
5. Gandhi's Letter of thanks (Gandhi to Tagore, 5 November 1918)
6. Gandhi's Letter Asking for a Message (Gandhi to Tagore, 5 April 1919)
7. Tagore's Letter on the Eve of the Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre (Tagore to Gandhi, 12 April 1919, Published 16 April 1919)
8. Gandhi's Invitation to Tagore (Gandhji to Tagore, 18 October 1919)
9. Gandhi on Andrews' Service to the People of Punjab (Gandhi to Tagore, 28 October 1919)
10. Gandhi Renews the Invitation (Gandhi to Tagore, 14 January 1920)
11. Gandhi on Arrangements for Tagore's Reception (Gandhi to Tagore, 11 March 1920)
12. Tagore's Reflections on Non-cooperation and Cooperation (Essay by Tagore in the Modern Review, May 1921, in the form of Letters to C.F. Andrews)
13. Gandhi's Reactions to Tagore's Views (Note by Gandhi Entitled 'English Learning' in Young India, 1 June 1921)
14. The Poet's Anxiety (Under this Title, Essay by Gandhi in Young India, 1 June 1921)
15. The Call of Truth (Under this Title, Essay by Tagore in the Modern Review)
16. The Great Sentinel (Under this Title, Essay by Gandhi in Young India, 13 October 1921)

1. Tagore's Telegram after Gandhi's Release from Prison (5 February 1924)
2. Tagore Sends Andrews to Gandhi (Tagore to Gandhi, 20 February 1924)
3. Gandhi Plans a Visit to Santiniketan (Gandhi to Tagore, 18 May 1925)
4. Tagore on his Personal Relationship with Gandhi (Tagore to Gandhi, 27 December 1925)
5. Gandhi's Letter of Acknowledgement (Gandhi to Tagore, 3 January 1926)
6. The Cult of the Charkha (Under this Title, Essay by Tagore in the Modern Review, September 1925)
7. Striving for Swaraj (Under this Title, Essay by Tagore in the Modern Review)
8. The Poet and the Charkha (Under this Title, Essay by Gandhi, Young India, 5 November 1925)
9. The Poet and the Wheel (Under this Title, Essay by Gandhi in Young India, 11 March 1926)

1. Birthday Greeting Telegram from Tagore (2 October 1931)
2. Gandhi to Tagore on the Resumption of Civil Disobedience (Gandhi to Tagore, 3 January 1932)
3. Tagore's thoughts of Gandhi in Jail on the Eve of Fast (Tagore to Gandhi, 19 September 1932)
4. Gandhi seeks Tagore's Blessings before Starting a Fast (Gandhi to Tagore, 20 September 1932)
5. Tagore's Relief at Abandonment of Fast (Tagore to Gandhi, 30 September 1932)
6. Gandhi's Letter of Thanks (Gandhi to Tagore, 9 October 1932)
7. Gandhi on the Fast (Gandhi to Tagore, 10 November 1932)
8. Tagore on the Impact of the Fast (Tagore to Gandhi, 15 November 1932)
9. Gandhi on Tagore's Comforting Letter (Gandhi to Tagore, 24 November 1932)
10. Tagore on Hindu Sects and the Prayer Hall at Santiniketan (Tagore to Gandhi, March 1933)
11. Gandhi's thoughts Contemplating Yet another Fast (Gandhi to Tagore, 2 May 1933)
12. Tagore on Gandhi's Fasts (Tagore to Gandhi, 9 May 1933)
13. Tagore on the Moral Aspects of the Fast (Tagore to Gandhi, 11 May 1933)
14. The Message of the Fast (Under this Title, Essay by Tagore, Harijan, 10 June 1933)
15. Gandhi to Tagore on the Yeravada Pact (Gandhi to Tagore, 27 July 1933)
16. Tagore's Misgivings about Poona Pact (Tagore to Gandhi, 28 July 1933)
17. Gandhi's Acknowledgement of Tagore's Letter (Gandhi to Tagore, 7 August 1933)
18. Tagore on Inclusion of Bengal in Poona Pact (Tagore to Gandhi, 8 August 1933)

1. Gandhi on Repression in Bengal (Gandhi to Tagore, 21 January 1934)
2. Tagore on the "Lawlessness" of the Government (Tagore to Gandhi, 31 January 1934)
3. Tagore on "Divine Chastisement" of Bihar (Tagore to Gandhi, 28 January 1934)
4. Gandhi's Telegram to Tagore (2 February 1934)
5. Tagore's Statement in Defence of Gandhi (6 February 1934)
6. The Bihar Earthquake (Tagore's Statement to the Press, Including Harijan, 16 February 1934)
7. Superstition vs. Faith (Under that Title, Essay by Gandhi in Harijan, 16 February 1934)
8. Tagore's Appeal to Gandhi (Tagore to Gandhi, 12 September 1935)
9. Gandhi undertakes to Help Tagore (Gandhi to Tagore, 13 October 1935)
10. Gandhi Arranges Required Funds for Santiniketan (Gandhi to Tagore, 27 March 1936) Enclosing Donors' Letter to Tagore (27 March 1936)
11. Tagore Nominates Gandhi as a Life-Trustee of Visva-Bharati (Tagore to Gandhi, 10 February 1937)
12. Gandhi asks Tagore to Recall Life-Trusteeship (Gandhi to Tagore, 19 February 1937)
13. Tagore's Reply (Undated, Posted on 26 February 1937)
14. Gandhi on Tagore's "Begging Expedition" (Gandhi to Tagore, 2 March 1937)
15. Tagore thanks Gandhi for his Message of "Affectionate Anxiety" (Tagore to Gandhi, 19 September 1937)
16. Gandhi writes a Letter with his Left Hand (Gandhi to Tagore, 23 September 1937)
17. Tagore's Birthday Greetings to Gandhi (Telegram, 2 October 1937)
18. Tagore's Letter Requesting "Balm to the Wound" Inflicted on Bengal (Tagore to Gandhi, 29 March 1939)
19. The Congress (Under this Title, Essay by Tagore in the Modern Review, July 1939, in the form of a Letter to Amiya Chakraborty, originally in Bengali in Pravasee)
20. A Telegraphic Invitation from Tagore (Tagore to Gandhi, 20 January 1940)
21. Prompt Acceptance by Telegram (Gandhi to Tagore, 23 January 1940)
22. "My Life's best Treasure" : Tagore on Visva-Bharati (Tagore to Gandhi, 2 February 1940)
23. Their "Common Endeavour" : Gandhi on Visva-Bharati (Gandhi to Tagore, 19 February 1940)
24. Gandhi's Telegram about the Health of Andrews (26 February 1940)
25. Tagore to Gandhi (Telegram, 27 February 1940)
26. Proposal for a Joint Appeal (Gandhi to Tagore, 5 May 1940)
27. Gandhi's Last Letter to Tagore (1 October 1940)
28. Tagore's Last Letter to Gandhi (Undated, during Tagore's Last Illness, September-October 1940)
29. Gandhi and Tagore Exchange Telegraphic Greetings (on Tagore's 81st Birthday, 13 April 1941)