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The Tribal People of India (Society Culture and Development) 1st Edition

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Book Information

Publisher:R.N. Bhattacharya
Published In:2008
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:1.77 lbs
Pages:xxiv + 599 Pages, 8 Plates, Tables, Index, References

The Title "The Tribal People of India (Society Culture and Development) 1st Edition" is written by Manis Kumar Raha. This book was published in the year 2008. The ISBN number 8187661402|9788187661405 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 1st Edition edition. This book has total of pp. xxiv + 599 (Pages). The publisher of this title is R.N. Bhattacharya. The Tribal People of India (Society Culture and Development) 1st Edition is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

and Others a substantial number of tribal population distributed in different States and Union Territories. They live in different ecological settings and have different cultural patterns, different economy, different social organizations, and systems of social control. They have embraced different religious beliefs and practices. They have their own health-care system. Though all these distinct cultural patterns have made themdistinct, still their contact with other non-tribal people and dominant cultures, has brought marked changes in their socio-cultural life. This Book has included forty nine articles and these have highlighted different aspects of the tribal life and activities like ethnicity and ethnic identity, education status, economic condition, social structure, health, nutrition and sanitation, women and Children and development strategy. This book will diffinitely be very helpful to the academicians, scholars, research personnel, in understanding the tribal life in India and also to the planners, administrators social workers and Others for planning and implementing different development programmes for the benefit of the tribal people of our country.


Sujit Kumar Paul tion

1. Debate among the Purums : Crisis in the Purum Identity/M. C. Arunkumar
2. Search for new Identity among the Tribal People of Manipur/T. S. Gangte
3. Kuki Nationalism-A Centrifugal Force/T. S. Gangte
4. Christianity and Tribal Identity : The Case of the Santals of Bhimpore, West Bengal/Shyamal Kumar Jana
5. Pando Ethnicity through Traditional Polity/Nilanjan Khatua & B. M. Mukherjee
6. Ethnic Identity through Oral Tradition : The case of the Pastoral Charan of Sourastra/Amp Ray

1. Schooling among Hunter-Gatherers of Andamans/M. Sreenathan
2. Problems of Tribal Education-A Key to Development/Moyna Chakravarti & C. S. Singral
3. Educational Attainment of the Santal Children in Primary Level/Samita Manna & Soumyajit Patra
4. Education among the Primitive Tribal groups of West Bengal/Nabakumar Duary
5. Education among the Santhals of Birbhum/Sandip Kumar Ghatak
6. Tribal Education and the Role of the Teacher/V. Rama Rao

1. Dispossession of the Tribal People from their Agriculture Land : The Kora Case/Lakshman Jana, Tapan Barman & Abhijit Guha
2. Bio-cultural Study of Variation in Utilization of Resources in different Tribal Zones of Orissa/S. K. Ghoshmaulik & Usha Deka
3. Impact of Changing Economy on the Social Life of the Birjia/Samira Dasgupta
4. Economic Life among the Gadbas of Bastar/M. Y. Khan
5. Economic Development of the Konda Reddis of Andhra Pradesh/Sarit Kumar Chaudhuri & Sucheta Sen Chaudhuri
6. Tribal Indebtedness : A Socio-Economic Analysis/Pradip K. Bhowmick & P. Sahoo
7. Indebtedness among the Gadaba : A Symptom of under development/S. Vijaya Kumar & V. Narayana Reddy

1. Social Structure and Kinship of an Ex-Bonded Labour Community/Bindu Ramachandran
2. Birinda : The Agnetic Lineage System of the Lanjia Saoras of Orissa/M. R. Acharya & R. P. Mohanty
3. Descent Organisation and Corporate Action among the Mudugas of Kerala/George Tharakan. C.
4. Kinship and Marriage of the Santal : Some Introspective Observations/Kakali Mitra, Sujit Kumar Paul & Amit Hazra
5. Consanguineous Marriage in a Rongmei Village of Tamenglong, Manipur/T. Shyamacharan Singh & Kaijinliu Riamei

1. Drug-Addiction Vis-a-vis Social Health and Development : The Singpho Case/R. K. Kar
2. Ethno-Medicines of the Tribes of Andhra Pradesh/M. V. Krishna Rao & O.S.V.D. Prasad
3. Health Hazard in the Koireng Community/Shajahan Sardar
4. Problems and Prospects of Health Development among the Lodha/Shyamal Kr. Jana
5. Health and Nutritional Scenario of the Tribal Population in Jharkhand/Swapan Koley & Tilak Bagchi
6. A Study on Environmental Sanitation and Sanitary Habits among the Bharias of Patalkot, Madhya Pradesh/A. N. Sharma
7. Health Culture of the Munda of Narayangarh, Midnapur/Tilak Bagchi
8. Utilization of Public Health Services by the Gadaba Tribe of Andhra Pradesh/S. Vijaya Kumar & V. Narayana Reddy
9. Health, Culture and Tribal Life : The case of the Noctes of Arunachal Pradesh/R. K. Kar & Juri Gogoi

1. Status of the Tribal Women : The case of the Tai-Khamyang Women in Assam/B. N. Borthakur
2. Status of the Kondh Women of Ganjam, Orissa/Kalpana Rani Sabat & Nirmal Ch. Das
3. Some Demographic Trends among the Tribal Women of Andhra Pradesh/A. Rohini & G. G. Reddi
4. Violence and the Tribal Women in Bihar/B. B. Mandal
5. Child Rearing and Socialization among the Savaras/P. H. Mahammad
6. Child Rearing Practice among the Plain Dwelling Garos of Goalpara District Assam/Birinchi K. Medhi & Qweenbala Marak
7. Situational Analysis of the Tribal Children : The case of Pauri Bhuiyas of Northern Orissa/S. S. Guru, R. Pramanik & A. Pradhan

1. Tribes, Their Development and Quality of Life-A Critique/N. K. Behura
2. Tribes of India under the Backdrop of Developmental Programmes/Santosh K. Naskar
3. Development Needs of the Tribal People and Applied Research Through Plan Periods/Amal Kumar Das
4. Development Strategy for the Food Gathering Kattunaicken/Bindu Ramachandran
5. Leadership on the Development Perspective of the Garos/Sankar Kumar Sarkar
6. Indigenous Knowledge in Natural Resource Management towards Tribal Development/Debashis Debnath
7. Elite and Development in the Munda Society/Manohar Lal
8. Tribal Development in Bhukhia Block through the Crash Scheme/Shyamalal
9. Towards Tribal Development : The case of the Chenchus in Andhra Pradesh/Vijaya Kumar & V. Narayana Reddy