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Tourism and Economic Development in Nepal,8172111738,9788172111731

Tourism and Economic Development in Nepal

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Book Information

Publisher:Northern Book Center
Published In:2006
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:1.54 lbs
Pages:pp. xxi + 354, Figures, Tables, Maps, Graphs, Index, References, Biblio., Annexures, Abbreviations

The Title "Tourism and Economic Development in Nepal " is written by Manoj Kumar Agarwal. This book was published in the year 2006. The ISBN number 8172111738|9788172111731 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. This book has total of pp. xxi + 354 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Northern Book Center. Tourism and Economic Development in Nepal is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

This Book has been prepared keeping in mind rapid changes taking place in the land-locked economy of Nepal seated in the lap of Great Himalaya where Tourism is expected to contribute in a big way.

About the Author

Dr. Rudra Upadhyay is an Associate professor in the Central Department of Economics, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. Earlier he has also been Principal of Birendra Multiple campus, chitwan, Sirha Multiple Campus, Sirha and Deputy Director, national development service Directorate under Tribhuvan University. He completed his Master’s degree from Tribhuvan University and has been awarded Ph.D. from the University of Lucknow (India). Dr. Upadhyay had been associated with a number of national and international research and development projects. He has many research papers to his credit, which are published in reputed journals. He has been honoured with National Educational Medal in his Country.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Agrawal is a reader in the Department of economics, university of Lucknow (India) from where he began his academic journey after getting Master’s and Doctoral degrees. He has published three books besides contributing research papers in reputed journals and in national/International seminars/conferences. Dr Agarwal is a member of the editorial board of the Indian Journal of Applied economics. He has undertaken many research projects funded by various institutions like Government of Uttar Pradesh, Indian Council of Social Science research, World Bank, university Grants Commission, etc. Besides, he has been awarded fellowships by the University Grants Commission to pursue Ph.D. programme and by the Association of Commonwealth universities for Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship. Dr. Agarwal has keen interest in developmental issues particularly related to the Indian economy, economy of Uttar Pradesh, gender issues, etc.



1. Background
2. Review of Literature :
i. Tourism Defined
ii. Definition by League Of Nations
iii. United Nations-Rome Conference
iv. Motivation to Travel
v. Barriers to Travel
vi. Approach to Sustainable Action Programme in Travel and Tourism

3. Classification of Tourism :
i. Domestic and International Tourism
ii. Inter Regional and Intra Regional Tourism
iii. Characteristics of Tourism
iv. Review on Tourism in Nepal
v. Tourism Infrastructure Development Project

4. Expectation of Tourism for Development
5. Objectives

1. General Profile :
i. Location
ii. Economic Geography
iii. Administrative Division
iv. Political Set-up
v. Language and Religion

2. Demographic Profile :
i. Population Growth in Nepal

3. Economic Profile of Nepal :
i. Growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
ii. Sectoral Composition
iii. Some Important Macro-economic Indicators

4. Nepalese Economy in Saarc Nations :
i. Human Poverty Index
ii. Consumption of Electricity
iii. Human Development

5. Conclusion

1. Flow of Tourists to Nepal
2. Average Length of Stay
3. Air and Land Routes of Tourist Arrival
4. Nepal and World Tourism
5. Pattern of Tourist Inflow in Nepal
6. Purpose of Visit
7. Pattern of Airlines Expansion
8. Growth of Hotel Industry in Nepal
9. Manpower Development
10. Growth of Travel and Trekking Agencies
11. Growth of Railing Agencies
12. Growth of Tourist Arrival from India
13. Conclusion

1. Introduction
2. Pattern of Sectoral Development
3. Structure of GDP
4. Inter-sectoral Relations in Nepal
5. Pattern of Tourist Expenditure
6. Earnings from Tourism and Government Expenditure
7. Conclusion

1. Background
2. Pattern of Foreign Trade in Nepal :
i. Growth of Foreign Trade
ii. Composition of Foreign Trade

3. Role of Tourism
4. Role of Foreign Collaboration in Tourism
5. Foreign Participation in Tourism Related Activities
6. Expert's Views on Tourism and Globalization of Nepalese Economy :
i. Evolve Tourism Strategy that is Suitable for the Country as a whole
ii. Promote Distributive Justice Through Globalization
iii. Market Nepal as a Single Destination
iv. Encourage Market Research for Globalization and Tourism
v. Role of Royal Nepalese Embassies and Consulate for Globalization and Tourism Promotion
vi. Establish and Develop a Centre of Excellence of Ayurved
vii. FDI, Globalization and Trade Development Through Tourism in Nepal
viii. Globalization, Investment, Trade and Services
ix. Tourism is a Process of Imagination and Vision
x. Film Shooting and Globalization of Nepal

7. Conclusion
Appendix :
1. Details of Licensed Restaurants Under the Joint Venture Industries in Nepal as of 15 July, 2001
2. Details of Approved Restaurants Under the Joint Venture Industries in Nepal as of 15 July, 2001
3. Details of Hotels & Resorts Operating Under Joint Venture Industries in Nepal as of 14 May, 2003

1. Introduction
2. Policies Under Different Five Year Plans
3. Policies and Programmes Under Globalization in Nepal :
i. Tourism Council (1992)
ii. National Civil Aviation Policy (1993)
iii. Tourism Policy (1995)
iv. Visit Nepal Year 1998
v. Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)
vi. Destination Nepal, 2002-04
vii. Tourist Police
viii. Organization and Function of Tourism Ministry
ix. Government Incentives for Private Investment

4. Plan Expenditure on Tourism
5. Development Expenditure for Tourism and Aviation
6. External Assistance for Tourism Promotion
7. Views of Experts on Policies to Promote the Tourism Sector
8. Conclusion
Appendix :
1. Policies and Institutions
2. Organization and Functions of MOCTCA

1. Introduction
2. Foisting Legal Mechanism
3. Legal Problems and Strategies
4. Conclusion

1. Background

1. Overall View
2. Conclusion
3. Polity Suggestions

List of Graphs

2.1. Decadal Growth Rate of Population in Nepal
2.2. Trend Growth Rate of GDP in Different Periods in Nepal
2.3. Annual Growth of Sectors and GDP (at FC) in Nepal
2.4. Sectoral Share in GDP at 1984-85 Prices
2.5. Saving and Investment Rates in Nepal
2.6. Pattern of Export and Import in Nepal
2.7. Per Capita GDP in SAARC Countries and China
3.1. Growth Rates of Tourists Arrival in Nepal
3.2. Average Number of Days of Stay by Tourist in Nepal
3.3. Trend Growth Rate of Tourists Arrival from Various Destinations
3.4. Share of Tourists from Major Developed Sub-continents and India
3.5. Share of Important Airlines
3.6. Share of Beds by Star and Non-Star Hotels in Nepal
3.7. Growth Rate of Travel and Trekking Agencies
4.1. Pattern of Tourist Expenditure in Nepal
5.1. Rates of Export and Import in Nepal
5.2. Foreign Trade of Nepal as per cent of GDP
5.3. Composition of Exports from Nepal, Major Items
5.4. Composition of Imports of Nepal, Major Items
5.5. Earnings from Tourism in Total Foreign Exchange Earnings and GDP of Nepal
5.6. Importance of Foreign Exchange Earnings from Tourism in Nepal
5.7. Per Capita Per Day Tourist Income
5.8. Approved FDI Projects in Nepal
6.1. Developmental Expenditure on Tourism in Nepal

List of Tables

2.1. Population of Nepal
2.2. Some Vital Statistics About Nepal
2.3. Demographic Trend in Neighbouring Countries
2.4. Some Demographic Features of Nepal
2.5. Trend Growth Rates of GDP and Sectors in Different Periods
2.6A. GOP at Factor Cost in Nepal
2.6B. Annual Change of GDP and the Sectors

2.7. Sectoral Share in GDP
2.8. Some Important Macro-economic Indicators of Nepal
2.9. Nepalese Economy, SAARC Nations and China
2.10. Human and Income Poverty in Neighbouring Countries
2.11. Consumption of Electricity in some Selected Countries
2.12. Some Indicators of Human Development in SAARC Countries and China
3.1. Number of Tourist Arrival and Length of Stay in Nepal
3.2. Mode of Tourist Arrival in Nepal
3.3. Share of Nepal in South Asia, East Asia and World Tourism
3.4. Trend Growth Rate of Tourists Inflow in Nepal from Various Destinations
3.5. Regionwise Share of Tourists in Total Tourist Arrival in a Year
3.6. Estimates of Coefficient of Variation for the Yearly Change of Tourist Arrival
3.7. Share of Tourist Arrival According to Purpose of Visit
3.8. Trend Growth Rate of Tourists Arrival According to Purpose of Visit
3.9. Share of Important Airlines in Tourist Arriving by Air
3.10. Annual Growth Rates of Hotels and Hotel Beds
3.11. Manpower Trained by National Academy for Tourism and Hotel Management
3.12. Growth of Travel and Trekking Agencies in Nepal
3.13. Growth of Rafting Agencies in Nepal
4.1. Trend Growth Rates of National Income in Nepal
4.2. Annual Changes in GDP and the Sectors
4.3. Sectoral Distribution of GDP in Nepal
4.3A. Growth of GDP and its Sectoral Distribution
4.4. Structure of GDP
4.5. Regression Analysis
4.6. Regression Estimates (At 1984-85 prices)
4.7. Regression Estimates (Period : 1986-87 to 1998-99)
4.8. Regression Estimates (Lagged Model)
4.9. Regression Estimates of GDP Components
4.10. Pattern of Tourist Expenditure in Nepal
4.11. Average Per Capital/Day Tourist Expenditure
4.12. Distribution Patterns of Average Per Capita/Day Tourist Expenditure by Category of Accommodation
4.13. Percentage Share of Total Earnings from Tourism
4.14. Foreign Exchange Earnings from Tourism in Nepal
4.15. Regression Estimates
5.1. Rates of Export and Import
5.2. Foreign Trade Indicators in Nepal
5.3. Composition of Exports from Nepal
5.4. Composition of Imports of Nepal
5.5. Foreign Exchange Earnings from Tourism in Nepal
5.6. Gross Foreign Exchange Earnings in Convertible Currencies in Nepal
5.7. Approved FDI Projects in Nepal
5.8. Summary of Tourism Related Activities Under Joint Venture Industries in Nepal
5.9. Details of Hotels and Resorts Operating Under Joint Venture Industries in Nepal
5.10. Details of Under Construction Hotels and Resorts Under Joint Venture Industries in Nepal
5.11. Details of Hotels and Resorts Licensed Under Joint Venture Industries in Nepal
5.12. Details of Approved Hotels and Resorts Under Joint Venture Industries in Nepal
5.13. Details of Restaurants Operating Under Joint Venture Industries
6.1. Planwise Allocation of Resources
6.2. Developmental Expenditure on Tourism in Nepal

List of Bibliography

1. Books
2. Journals and Reports
3. Government Publications and Reports
4. Newspapers and Magazines

List of Annexures

1. Existing Tourism Product Areas of Nepal
2. List of Journals, Magazines, Bulletins, News Letters related to Tourism in Nepal
3. Institutions Imparting Education and Training in Tourism, Nepal
4. Agencies Producing Information related to Tourism Sector in Nepal
5. Tourism Institutions :
i. Public Sector Institutions
ii. Private Sector Institutions
iii. Research, Consultancy Firms, Educational Institutions
iv. International Supporting Agencies

6. List of Exports Interviewed

List of Maps

1. Map of Nepal
2. The Major Pilgrimage Sites of Nepal
3. Existing Tourism Product Areas of Nepal

List of Boxes

1.1. Classification of International Visitors
6.1. Structure of the Tourism Council
6.2. Approved Organization Structure of NTB
6.3. Formation of the NTB
6.4. Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

6A.1. Voice of Nepalese Government

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