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Women in Indian Art 1st Published,8173200246,9788173200243

Women in Indian Art 1st Published



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Book Information

Publisher:Agam Kala Prakashan
Published In:1995
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:1.80 lbs
Pages:pp. xx + 155, Illus., Plates, Index, References, Notes, Acknowledgemen

The Title "Women in Indian Art 1st Published" is written by G.S. Bhadouria. This book was published in the year 1995. The ISBN number 8173200246|9788173200243 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 1st Published edition. This book has total of pp. xx + 155 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Agam Kala Prakashan. We have about 435 other great books from this publisher. Women in Indian Art 1st Published is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Ever so many tomes have been written on early Indian art, particularly sculptures-both in stone and clay. Of special importance has been the, treatment of woman in the early stages. She has been mostly considered primarily as a manifestation of mother-goddess and a symbol of fertility, but Nobody has seen the figures as a simple woman, A Human being in flesh and blood with all the human frailties. Here is a Book in which The Author has tried to analyse the human aspect of womanhood, as a housewife, as salabhanjika as pleasure loving female etc.

The book is divided into six chapters. The first-Introduction deals with the specifies-source, media, etc. The second one takes us through the Maurya-Sunga art representations; the third traverses through the art of the Satavahanas and the Ikshvakus. The fourth and fifth consider the art delineations of the Kusanas and the Gupta-Vakatakas

In chapter six the author epitomises his findings and says that one should consider female figurines as representatives of the fair sex, as dampati, a lover and the beloved and not merely as mother goddess or fertility symbol.

About the Author

Dr. G.S. Bhadouria (b. 1948) obtained his Master's Degree in Ancient Indian History and Archaeology with merit from the Luck now University (1971). He joined the Department of Ancient Indian History & Archaeology, Lucknow University in 1971. Besides teaching and guiding research he is deeply involved in the studies of Ancient Indian History in general and An in particular. His 24 years teaching and research in multi-farious areas of Ancient Indian History and his dedication in the specialised areas of Architecture, Sculputure and Terracotta art-has been recognised, acknowledged and admired by Scholars and students.

Dr. Bhadouria has been closely associated with Indian Art History Congress and Museums Association of India, Epigraphical Society of India and many other academic bodies. Apart from a good number of research papers published in the Journals of repute; Bhadouria has authored outstanding publications.

Dr. Bhadouria has the credit for introducing Tourism and Travel Management (TTM) and Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) Programmes under the Institute of Tourism Studies, Lucknow University which he has established in 1994. He is presently the Director of the Institute (ITM).



Chap. I : Introduction
Chap. II : Women in the Art of the Mauryas and Sungas
Chap. III : Women of the Satavahana and Ikshvaku Centres of Art
Chap. IV : Women in the Kusanas
Chap. V : Women of Gupta-Vakataka Milieu of Indian Art


List of Illustrations

I. Mother Goddess (Gold Plaque), Lauriya Nandangarh
II. Dancing girl (Bronze), Mohenjodaro-Indus civilization
III to V. Female Figure (Terracotta), Bulandibagh, Mauryan
VI. Female Figure (Terracotta), Buxar, Mauryan
VII. Mother Goddess (Terracotta), Gosna-Mathura, 3rd cent. B.C.
VIII. Mother Goddess (Terracotta), Mathura, 3rd cent. B.C.
IX. Yakshi (Stone), Besanagar-M.P., 1st cent. B.C.
X. Yakshi (Stone), Didarganj-Patna, Mauryan
XI and XII. Standing Female (Terracotta), Kausambi-U.P., 2nd cent. B.C.
XIII. Standing Lady playing with parrot (Terracotta), Kausambi-U.P., 1st cent. B.C.
XIV. Amorous Couple (Terracotta), Kausambi-U.P., 2nd-1st cent. B.C.
XV. Amorous Couple (Terracotta), Mathura, 1st cent. B.C.
XVI. A Mithuna Couple on chair (Terracotta), Tamluk, 2nd or 1st cent. B.C.
XVII. Dancing Mother Goddess (Terracotta), Mathura, Sunga-2nd cent. B.C.
XVIII. Standing Female Figure, Mathura, 2nd cent. B.C.
XIX. Standing Female (Terracotta), Digh Darwaza, Mathura, 2nd cent. B.C.
XX. Panchchuda Goddess (Terrcotta), Tamluk, Sunga
XXI. Chul Koka Devata (Stone), Sunga, Bharhut
XXII. Chanda Yakshi (Stone), Sunga, Bharhut
XXIII. Yakshi Sudarsana (Stone), Bharhut
XXIV. Yakshi-Salabhanjika (Stone), Bharhut
XXV. Cross-bar-medallion, Lady sitting with a flower in her hand, Bharhut
XXVI. Lady in toilet (Stone), Medallion, Bharhut
XXVII. Pillar-bottom panel, Four Apsaras dancing-Subhadra, Sudarsana, Misra Kesi, Alambusha, Bharhut
XXVIII. Sirima Devata, Bharhut
XXIX. Vrikshika or tree spirit, Stupa I, East Gate, Sanchi, Satavahana, 1st cent. A.D.
XXX. Yakshi-Salabhanjika (Stone), Stone 2 - Vedika, Sanchi, Satavahana, Istcent, A,D
XXXI. Salabhanjika East gate, Sanchi, 1st cent. A.D.
XXXII. Mithuna Couple standing (Stone), Bodh-Gaya, Istcent. A.D.
XXXIII. Railing pillar, Couple-Mithuna, (Stone), Bodh-Gaya
XXXIV. Pillar medallion, seated couple, Mithuna (Stone), Bodh-Gaya
XXXV and XXXVI. Standing Yakshi (Stone), Bodh-Gaya
XXXVII. Yakshi-Dancing (Stone), Mathura
XXXVIII. Lady playing with ball, Railing balustrade fragment, 2nd cent. B.C., Inscribed Kausambi
XXXIX. Bath of Maya, Amaravati, Satavahana
XL. Worship of Foot prints-a panel, Amaravati, Satavahana
XLI. Mithuna (Ayaka-cornice), Sasragdhara Subadana, Nagarjunakonda
XLII. Mithuna-couple, Satavahana, Nagarjunakonda
XLIII. Lady performing, Nagarjunakonda
XLIV. Female Harpist, Nagarjunakonda, Satavahana
XLV. Lajja Gauri, Nagarjunakonda, Satavahana
XLVI. Nude Mother Goddess (Terracotta), Jhusi, Allahabad
XLVII. Mother and Child (Stone), Mathura, Kusana, 2nd cent. A.D.
XLVIII. Prasadhika-Lady attendant (Mathura School), Diyata-Faizabad, Kusana
XLIX. Lady attendant, Mathura, Kusana
L. Female attendant, Mathura, Kusana
LI. Lady in Toilet, Mathura, Kusana
LII. Lady after bath, Mathura, Kusana
LIII. Female at Toilet (Mathura School), Sanghol, Kusana
LIV. Female Putting on some head Ornament, Mathura, Kusana
LV. Salabhanjika, Mathura, Kusana
LVI. Female talking to her parrot, Mathura, Kusana
LVII. Female with cage and Parrot, Mathura, Kusana
LVIII. Lady exhibiting her charm, Mathura, Kusana
LIX. Lady holding her left breast with her left hand, Mathura, Kusana
LX. Standing Female, Mathura, Kusana
LXI. Yakshi standing, Gurgaon, (Mathura school)
LXII. Female holding a glass of wine in herright hand-Salabhanjika (Bachchnalion Scene), Mathura, Kusana
LXIII. Female enjoying the taste of wine, Sanghol
LXIV. Lady enjoying in her garden (Bachchnalian Scene), Mathura, Kusana
LXV. A Drunken Female with her paramour and attendant (Bachchnalian Scene), Mathura, Kusana
LXVI. Yakshi standing in a Gandhar style, Pakistan, Nathu, 2nd cent. A.D.
LXVII. Salabhanjika or lady plucking flower or Mother Goddess, Terracotta), Gupta Ahichchattra
LXVIII. Mithuna (Terracotta), Rajghat, Gupta
LXIX. Dampati-Imorous (Terracotta) Anknur, Gupta
LXX. Female bust (Terrapotta), Pawayaj-M. P., Gupta
LXXI. Head of a lady (Terrapotta,), Akhrjur;- J & K., Gupta
LXXII. Mithuna (Door Jarnb) Sarnatri, Gupta
LXXIII. Mithuna, Parvati temple wall panel; Nachna Kuthara- M.P. Gupta
LXXIV. Mithuna with attendant, Mandsor M.P. Gupta
LXXV. Amorous Couples, Ajanta-Interior pillar Cave 26, Vakataka
LXXVI. Flying, gandharva and a Mithuna, Figure in the side pane) (Stone), Sondani-M.P., Mandsor
LXXVII. Female Iute Player (Stone), Mansa-Mandsor, Gupta
LXXVIII. Jali with gandharva enjoying music, Nachna Kuthara, Gupta
LXXIX. Ladies enjoying music and dance, Torana architrave, Pawaya Gwalior, Gupta
LXXX. Temptation of Buddha Panel with enticing damsels, Ajanta, Cave 26, Vakataka
LXXXI. "Female dancing group, Deogarb, Gupta
LXXXII. Lady with parrot, Ajanta-Cave 24, Vakataka
LXXXIII. Lady with bird, Sakarigali-Santhal, Pargana,.Bihar, Gupta
LXXXIV Apsara, Ajanta Painting-Cave 17, Vakataka
LXXXV. A group of female figures, Ajanta painting-Cave 2, Vakataka

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