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Zero Oil South Indian Cook Book


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Book Information

Publisher:Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Ltd.
Published In:2008
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:0.78 lbs
Pages:pp. 212, Figures, [14] Pages of Plates (Col.), Tables, Glossary

The Title "Zero Oil South Indian Cook Book " is written by Bimal Chhajer. This book was published in the year 2008. The ISBN number 8128805126|9788128805127 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. This book has total of pp. 212 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Diamond Pocket Books Pvt. Ltd.. We have about 4394 other great books from this publisher. Zero Oil South Indian Cook Book is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

The Malabar Coast in the south is famous for its spices of pungent aromas, that lured many foreign invaders like the Dutch, the French and the English. Rice is the staple food for the people of the four states of South India. The very mentioning of the name of South India, particularly Tamil Nadu, brings to one's mind the taste of Idlis, Dosas, Sambhar and Vadas. But there are more than these that can treat your taste buds.

Oil or triglycerides make about 99% of the fats that we consume in our food. Research in the last twenty years have shown that triglycerides are equally responsible for creating heart diseases, when compared to cholesterol. In the last fifty years we considered only cholesterol whenever we wanted to prevent heart diseases, and thus all oil companies used to sell oils as "Zero Cholesterol Oil" - whereas they were full of fat or triglycerides. Oils also have • a very high calorie content and thus lead to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

In this modern era when people have sedentary lifestyles, suffer from excessive stress, and are prone to lifestyle diseases, we should avoid intake of oils. The best and the minimum possible is "Zero". Solution is prepared for you. The Zero Oil recipes are equally tasty and more healthy. In fact, almost all the dishes can be made without using oil, as explained in this book. Tell me "Do you prefer Oil or Taste?"

About the Author

All India Institute of Medical Sciences cardiologist who has developed "SAAOL Heart Program" - one of the most popular non-invasive heart care and treatment programs in India. Dr. Chhajer, 41, hails from Rajasthan but has grown up in Kolkata. He conceptualized the concept of bringing all the possible, useful items together - be it from Science or Art - to treat heart patients. His Insight has helped thousands of patients to cure themselves without going for Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty, without any risk.

He has worked as an Assistant Professor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and carried out his research work at AHMS for six years when he developed the program. He also represented AHMS at the eleventh Antartica Expedition from India.

He has not only lectured all over India arid the world, but has been in the field of cardiology for more than 15 years. He has also authored Eight Books :
1. Reversal of Heart Disease in Five easy steps
2. Food for Reversing Heart Disease
3. Hriday Rog se Mukti
4. Understanding Heart Disease
5. Hriday Rog Samanya Jankari
6. Zero Oil Sweet Book (English & Hindi)
7. Zero Oil Cook Book (English & Hindi)
8. Zero Oil Namkeen Book (English & Hindi)

A Book on "201 Diet Tips" is in the pipeline. He also brings out a monthly journal "Heart Talk" covering a wide range of heart related topics. His writing is very easy to read and understand. More than 600 articles have been written in magazines and newspapers about him and S AAOL Heart Program. He has regularly appeared in TV programs, news and talks. He is considered a Pioneer in Preventive and Non-Invasive Cardiology in India.

SAAOL Heart Program training is now held regularly in all the major cities of India, including Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai. Bangalore and Hyderabad. Dr. Chhajer organized the first international conference, in conjunction with AIIMS on "Life Style and Heart" in 1995 and 2nd International Conference on "Life Style and Health'1 in November 1999, at India Habitat Center, New Delhi.

Dr. Chhajer has been awarded with "Rajeev Gandhi Akta Puraskar, 2002" and "Bhasker Award, 2002". He was also chosen for "Rotary International Vocational Award in 2002", His "Zero Oil" cooking method has created a revolution in cooking method all over the country.


1. Sambar
2. Small Onion Sambar (Vengaya Sambar)
3. Buttermilk Kuzhambu (Moru Kuzhambu)
4. Pepper Kuzhambu (Milagu Kuzhambu)
5. Spicy Tamarind Kuzhambu (Vatral Kuzhambu)
6. Dumpling Kuzhambu (Parupu Urundai Kuzhambu)
7. Mysore Kuzhambu
8. Cauliflower Kuzhambu (Cauliflower Poritha Kuzhambu)
9. Bitter Gourd Pitlay (Paavakkai Pitlay)
10. Curry Leaves Kuzhambu (Karavepilai Kuzhambu)
11. Mashed Green Gram Dhal (Payatham Paruppu Masial)
12. Tamarind Kodayal (Pulli Kodayal)

13. Tomato Rasam (Thakkali Rasam)
14. Lemon Rasam (Elumichampazha Rasam)
15. Ginger Rasam (Inji Rasam)
16. Cumin Seeds Pepper Rasam (Jeera Milagu Rasam)
17. Garlic Rasam (Poondu Rasam)
18. Butter milk Rasam (Moru Rasam)
19. Drumstick Rasam (Murugaikkai Rasam)
20. Spicy Lentil Rasam (Poritha Rasam)
21. Mysore Rasam
22. Rasam (Ordinary Rasam)

23. Mixed Vegetable Kootu(Avial)
24. Beans Poriyal
25. Capsicum Poriyal (Kudamilagai Poriyal)
26. Yam Poriyal (Chenaikizhangu Poriyal)
27. Cabbage Poriyal (Muttakos Poriyal)
28. Plantain Stem Poriyal (Vazhaithandu Poriyal)
29. Mashed Potato Poriyal (Urulaikizhangu Podimas)
30. Beans Dhal Poriyal (Beans Parupu Usili)
31. Stuffed Brinjal Poriyal (Sagalay)
32. Masala Beans Poriyal
33. Colocasia Roast (Cheppanghizhangu Roast)
34. Plantain Poriyal (Vazhakkai Poriyal)
35. Potato Masala (Potato Paliya)
36. Dhal Kootu (Poritha Kootu)
37. Tamarind Kootu (Pulippu Kootu)
38. Buttermilk Kootu (Moru Kootu)
39. Brinajal Rasavangy (Kathirikkai Rasavangy)
40. Snake Gourd Kootu (Pudalangai. Milagu, Kootal)
41. Mashed Amaranth (Keerai Mashial)
42. Potato Sag
43. Vegetable Korma
44. Mixed Vegetable Sagu (Sagu)
45. Potato Sukka

46. Vegetable Medley (Thakkali Vellarikkai Carrot Kosumalli)
47. Green Cucumber Salad (Vellarikkai Kosumalli)
48. Mixed Vegetable Curd Salad (Vellarikkai Thakkali Vengaya Pachadi)
49. Mango Curd Salad (Mangai Pachadi)
50. Ladies Finger Curd Salad (Vendakkai Thair Pachadi)

51. Spinach Stew (Palakoora Pulusu)
52. Fenugreek Youghurt Stew (Menthi Majjiga)
53. Gram Flour Youghurt Stew (Majjiga Pulusu)
54. Cabbage Stew (Cabbage Kootu)
55. Green Gram Stew (Pesarapappu Kootu')
56. Fenugreek Stew (Menthi Pulusu)
57. Gongura Pulusu (Sorrel Stew)
58. Mixed Vegetable Stew (Mukkala Pulusu)
59. Roast Brinjal Stew (Pacchi Vankai Pulusu)

60. Greenberry Dhal (Vagkkai Pappu)
61. Lemon Dhal (Nimmakai Pappu)
62. Sorrel Dhal (Gonguru Pappu)
63. Tamarind Leaf Dhal (Chinta Chiguru Pappu)
64. Clocassia Leaf Dhal (Chamadumpaku Pappu)
65. Andhra Cucumber Dhal (Dosakai Pappu)
66. Fenugreek Dhal (Menthi Aku Pappu)
67. Mango Dhal (Mamidikai Pappu)

68. Drumstick Curry (Mulakkade Koora)
69. Bittergourd Curry (Kakarkai Koora)
70. Banana Stem Curry (Arati Doota Koora)
71. Banana Flower Curry (Arati Puvvu Koora)
72. Snakegourd in Yoghurt (Pottlakai Perugu Pacchadi)
73. Broad Beans Curry (Chikkudukai Koora)
74. Ribbed Gourd Curry (Beerakai Koora)
75. Andhra Cucumber Curry (Dosakai Koora)
76. Stuffed Brinjal Andhra Curry (Guthi Vankai Koora)
77. Stuffed Ladyfmger Curry (Bendakai Guthi Koora)
78. Gram Curry (Patholi)
79. Cluster Beans Curry (Gori Chikkudukai koora)

80. Appam
81. Curd Rice (Thair Sadam)
82. Chutney Powder (Chutney Podi)
83. Tomato Rice (Thakkali Sadam)
84. Tamarind Rice (Pulliodarai)
85. Mango Rice (Mangai Ogaray)
86. Idiyappam
87. Lemon Rice (Elumichampazha Sadam)
88. Black Gram Dhal Rice(Ulundu Ogaray)
89. Mustard Seeds Rice (Kadugu Ogaray)
90. Spicy Sambhar Rice (Bissi Bele Hulli Anna)
91. Seasame Seed Powder (Eilu Podi)
92. Green Peas Rice (Pattani Sadam)
93. Rice Pongal (Yen Pongal)
94. Dhal Powder (Parupu Podi)
95. Ordinary Vadai (Medu Vadai)

96. Curry Leaves Powder (Karivepilai Podi)
97. Kancheepuram Idli
98. Semolina Dosai (Rava Dosai)
99. Wheat Flour Dosai (Godumai Dosai)
100. Ragi Dosai
101. Jaggery Dosai (Vella Dosai)
102. Potato Dosai (Urulaikizhangu Dosai)
103. Dhal Dosai (Adai)
104. Green Gram Dosai (Pesarattu)
105. Spicy Dosai (Kara Dosai)
106. Semolina Adai (Rava Adai)
107. Rice Idli (Idli)
108. Semolina Idli (Rava Idli)
109. Vegetable Rava Uppuma
110. Cabbage Vadai
111. Masala Vadai
112. Mysore Vadai
113. Potato Vadai (Urulaikizhangu Vadai)
114. Sago Vadai (Javvarisi Vadai)
115. Potato Bonda(Urulaikizhangu Bonda)
116. Mysore Bonda
117. Vegetable Bonda
118. Colocasia Bonda (Chepangkizhangu Bonda)
119. Vegetable Bajji
120. Onion Pakoda (Vengaya Pakoda)
121. Oothapam
122. Ordinary Dosai (Dosai)
123. Beaten Rice Uppuma (Aval Uppuma)
124. Sundal
125. Colocasia Chips (Chepangkizhangu Varuval)
126. Yam Chips (Chenaikizhangu Varuval)
127. Masala Dosai

128. Milk Payasam (Paal Payasam)
129. Ghia Dosa
130. Creamy Milk Pudding (Basundi)
131. Semolina Laddu (Rava Laddu)
132. Mango Halwa
133. Sweet Idli
134. Carrot Payasam
135. Rice Payasam
136. Vermicelli Payasam(Semiya Payasam)
137. Sago Halwa
138. Stuffed Sweet Idli
139. Mango Kheer
140. Khichidi
141. Mandagabe

142. Mint Chutney (Pudina Thavaiyal)
143. Ridge Gourd Peel Chutney (Peerkangai Tholi Thuvaiyal)
144. Onion Chutney (Vengaya Thuvaiyal)
145. Brinjal Chutney (Kathirikkai Thuvaiyal)
146. Instant Mango Pickle (Uppu Pisiri Mangai)
147. Grated Mango Pickle (Mangai Thokku)
148. Hot Lemon Pickle (Elumichai Urugai)
149. Green Chilli Pickle (Milagai Thokku)
150. Dried Chilli (Moru Milagai)
151. Tomato Onion Chutney

152. Tamarind Juice (Pulli Thannu)
153. Sambar Powder (Sambhar Podi)
154. Rasam Powder (Rasam Podi)
155. Mysore Rasam Powder (Mysore Rasam Podi)
156. Curry Powder (Curry Podi)
157. Dosai Chilli Powder (Dosai Milagai Podi)