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Global Political Economy 3rd Edition



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Book Information

Publisher:Oxford University Press
Published In:2011
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:3.04 lbs
Pages:pp. xxvii + 532, Figures, Tables, Graphs, Index, Glossary, References, Abbreviations, Acknowledgement

The Title "Global Political Economy 3rd Edition" is written by John Ravenhill. This book was published in the year 2011. The ISBN number 0199570817|9780199570812 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 3rd Edition edition. This book has total of pp. xxvii + 532 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Oxford University Press. We have about 91539 other great books from this publisher. Global Political Economy 3rd Edition is currently Not Available with us.You can enquire about this book and we will let you know the availability.

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About the Book

Combining History and theoretical approaches with contemporary issues and debates, Global Political economy provides an authoritative introduction to this important subject. In this fully updated third edition, expert contributors offer a diverse range of perspectives, as well as engaging commentary on recent developments, including the global financial crisis. With numerous learning features throughout the text and an accompanying Online Resource Centre, this is the ideal Book for students looking to discover the relevance of global political economy within international relations.

With extensive revisions to take account of recent events, the third edition of this valuable text remains the most up-to-date introduction to the field of global political economy available anywhere. This is a must-read for scholars and students alike.

About the Author

John Raven Ravenhill. is Professor of International Relations at the Australian National University


Crisis Management xtbook Features
Guided Tour of the Online Resource Centre

I. The Study of Global Political Economy/John Ravenhill :
1. Prologue : The Great Recession of 2008-9
2. The World Economy Pre-1914
3. The World Economy in the Inter-War Period
4. The World Economy Post-1945
5. The Study of Global Political Economy

II. The Historical Roots of Theoretical Traditions in Global Political Economy/Matthew Watson :
1. Why Realist IPE and Nationalist Political Economy are not Necessarily the Same Thing
2. Why the IPE Textbook Account of Smithian Economic Liberalism is Usually Wrong
3. Why the Historical Roots of Marxist IPE are Closer to Liberalism than is Commonly Assumed
4. Methodological Distinctions to Sub-Divide the Field
5. Disciplinary Distinctions to Sub-Divide the Field

III. Collaboration and Co-Ordination in the Global Political Economy/Vinod K Aggarwal & Cedric Dupont :
1. Globalization and the Need for International Co-Operation
2. International Co-Operation : A Strategic Interdependence Approach
3. International Co-Operation : A Variety of Solutions
4. The Formation and Evolution of Institutions

IV. The Domestic Sources of Foreign Economic Policies/Michael J Hiscox :
1. Policy Preferences
2. Institutions
3. Conclusions, Extensions, and Complications
Appendix 4.1

5. The Evolution of the Global Trade Regime/Gilbert R Winham :
2. Historical Antecedents : 1860 to 1945
3. The ITO and the GATT : 1947 to 1948
4. Multilateral Trade Negotiations : 1950s to 1980s
5. The Uruguay Round and the WTO : 1986 to 1994
6. The WTO in Action : 1995 and Beyond

VI. Regional Trade Agreements/John Ravenhill :
1. Why Regionalism?
2. The Rush to Regionalism
3. The Political Economy of Regionalism
4. The Economic Consequences of Regional Integration
5. Regionalism and the WTO : Stepping Stone or Stumbling Block?

Part C : GLOBAL Finance :
VII. The Evolution of the International Monetary and Financial System/Eric Helleiner :
2. The Fate of a Previous Globally Integrated Financial and Monetary Order
3. The Bretton Woods Order
4. The Globalization of Financial Markets
5. The Collapse of the Gold Exchange Standard and the Future of the Dollar
6. From Adjustable Pegs to Floating Exchange Rates

VIII. The Political Economy of Global Financial Crises/Louis W Pauly :
1. National Politics and International Markets
2. The Nature and Variety of International Financial Crises
3. The Changing Global Context
4. Crisis Prevention
5. Crisis Management and Resolution
6. A New Global Architecture?

IX. The Logics of Economic Globalization/Anthony McGrew :
1. A Global Economy? 'Embedded Globalization' and the Rescaling of Economic Activity
2. The Logics of Economic Globalization
3. The Second Age of Globalization : Another Extraordinary Episode?
4. After the Crisis : The Prospects for Economic Globalization

X. Globalization's Impact on States/Colin Hay :
1. The Globalization of Politics and the Politics of Globalization
2. Globalization and the Crisis of the Nation State
3. Globalization and State Retrenchment : The Evidence Assessed

11. The Globalization of Production/Eric Thun :
1. The Rise of Global Production
2. Global Value Chains : Governance and Location
3. China as the World's Factory

XII. Globalization, Growth, Poverty, Inequality, Resentment, and Imperialism/Robert Hunter Wade :
1. World Income Distribution
2. Growth and Geographical Distribution
3. Poverty
4. Inequality
5. Case Studies
6. Globalization
7. Does Inequality Matter?

XIII. Globalization and Development/Nicola Phillips :
1. Ways of Thinking about Development
2. Development Theory in Practice
3. The Crisis of the Washington Consensus
4. Responses to the Crisis of the Washington Consensus
5. Interpreting the Relationship between Globalization and Development
6. Conclusion : A New Era of Global Development?

XIV. Globalization and the Environment/Peter Dauvergne :
1. Introduction : Globalization and Environmental Change
2. History of Global Environmentalism
3. Economic Growth, Trade, and Corporations
4. A Sustainable Future? Financing and Regimes