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Ragas and Raginis A Pictorial and Iconographic Study of Indian Musical Modes Based on Original Sources, Vol. 1 : Text (History of Ragas, Iconography, Ragmala Texts and Criticism)


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Book Information

Publisher:Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers
Published In:2004
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:1.81 lbs
Pages:pp. xvi + 224, Frontispiece, 9 Illus., Plates, Charts, Tables, Appendices, Biblio.

The Title "Ragas and Raginis A Pictorial and Iconographic Study of Indian Musical Modes Based on Original Sources, Vol. 1 : Text (History of Ragas, Iconography, Ragmala Texts and Criticism)" is written by O.C Gangoly. This book was published in the year 2004. The ISBN number 8121504732|9788121504737 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. This book has total of pp. xvi + 224 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers. We have about 1392 other great books from this publisher. Ragas and Raginis A Pictorial and Iconographic Study of Indian Musical Modes Based on Original Sources, Vol. 1 : Text (History of Ragas, Iconography, Ragmala Texts and Criticism) is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Magnum Opus fessor O.C. Gangoly's Magnum opus on a phase of the History of Indian Music-the origin and the development of Indian musical modes-picturesquely known as the Ragas and Raginis. The Author makes accessible to the general reader as well as to the practitioners of Indian Music, valuable musical data of fundamental importance not only for the study of Indian achievements in the sphere of Music-but also for the future development of one of the greatest contributions made by India to the culture of the world. Music occupies the foremost position in the development of National Culture. Greater knowledge of the past history and of the lines of development of Indian Music, is therefore, necessary not only on the part of the expert exponent- but also on the part of the expert listener, the future connoisseur and patron of Indian Music. This exhaustive survey of the development of Indian Melodies from the Vedic Period to the time of Rabindra Nath Tagore-brings under focus fundamental data bearing on the theory of the Art and the stages of its development. The chapter on the History of Ragas, a large mass of materials hitherto imbedded in obscure and unpublished MSS. have been dug up and set forth in a historical sequence-revealing a fascinating story of the growth and development of the Melodies. The peculiar theories governing the principles of Indian Music are set forth with remarkable ingenuity and scholarship from the hitherto unexplored sources. Apart from the data essential for the correct understanding of Indian Music Theories, the researches embodied in this volume have revealed surprising materials for the study of the Mythology and iconography of Indian Music and connecting links which intimately bind together the masterpieces of musical and pictorial art. This indeed is a very revealing chapter in the history of Indian culture itself. For it was never realized earlier-as to what extent musical culture has offered valuable materials for the development of Indian Paintings and to what extent the Indian Pictorial Artist has collaborated in disseminating and vulgarizing fundamental concepts, some times of extremely abstruse mystical significance, for the apprehension of the general public in an easily accessible and graphic form. These pictorial data will help to analyse the fundamental emotive character-the ethos of each Raga-so that the practitioner should not use indiscriminately any pattern of Indian Melody-except to express its appropriate emotive concept. The most valuable data offered in this volume is the carefully collected material bearing on the history of the classification of the Ragas set out in a series of appendices-which themselves offer a complete map of the History of Indian Music.

About the Author

Indian Society of Oriental Art 974) is one of the foremost authorities on Indian Art. He retired from his 43 years old lucrative practice at the Calcutta High Court to join as Bagiswari Professor of Indian Art and Culture. He was one of the founders of Indian Society of Oriental Art of which he was for many years Secretary and Vice President. He founded and edited Rupam which was acclaimed as finest journal of Indian art. His other published works are Modem Indian Artist, 2 vols.; Little Books in Asiatic Art, 4 vols.; Masterpieces of Rajput Painting.


Characteristics of Indian Melodies - Definitions

Vedic traditions, - Ramayana, - Bharata : Natya - sastra - Harivamsa, - Kudumiyamalai Inscription, - Panca - tantra, - Matanga : Brhadesi, - Abhilasarthacintamani, - Sangita-makaranda, - Pan - cama sara - samhita, - Natya - locana, - old Bengali Buddhist songs, - Kalika - purana, - Sarasvati - Hrdaya - lamkara, - Sarangadeva : Sangita - Ratnakara, - Sangita - Samayasara, - Ragarnava, - Subhamkara : Samgana-sangara, - Jyotirisvara : Varnaratnakara, - Amir Khusrau, - Sarangadhara - paddhati, - Locana Kavi : Raga - tarangini, - Narada : Pancamasara-samhita, - Krsna-Kirtana by Candidas, - Rana Kumbha : Sangita-raja, - Ksema Karna : Raga-Mala, - Mankutuhala, - Svara - mela - Kala - nidhi - Tan Sena - Pundarik Viththala : Sadraga - Candrodaya, - Ragamala, - Ragamanjari, Cattvarimsacchata-raganirupanam, - Somanatha : Raga - vivodha - Damodara Misra : Sangita - darpana, - Govinda Diksit : Sangita - sudha, - Hrdaya Narayana : Hrdaya - Kautuka, - Venkatamakhi : Caturdandi - prakasika, - Ahovala : Sangita - Parijata, - Bhavabhatta : Anupa-sangita - vilasa, - Anupa - sangita - ratnakara - Anupa-sangit-ankusa, - Sangita - Narayana by Purusottam Misra - Sangita - Saramrtod - dharo by Tulaji, - Sangitasara by Maharaja Pratapa Simha, - Nagamat-e-Asaphi by Muhammad Rezza Khan - Sangita - raga-Kalpadruma by Krishnananda Vyasa, - Sangitasara-Samgraha by Sir S.M. Tagore, - Srimat-Laksa-Sangitam and Abhinava - raga-manjari by Pandit Bhat-Khande, - Dr. Rabindranath Tagore

Nomenclature of Melodies

Time-Table-Classification of Ragas

Iconography of Ragas-History of the Iconography of Melodies

SANSKRIT TEXTS : Sanskrit Ragamala texts, - Kohala, - Raga - Kutuhala, - Raga-Sagara, - Pancama-sara-samhita, - Raga-Mala by Mesa-Karna, - Nrpa, - Ragamala by Viththala, -Cattvarimsac-chata-raga-nirupanam, - Raga-vivoda, - Sangita - Darpana, - Bhavabhatta, - Sangita-mala, - Raga-Kal-padruma, - Tagore's Sangita-sara-samgraha

HINDI TEXTS : Hindi Ragamala Text, - Harivallabha, - Earlier Hindi Texts, - Lachiman, - Deo-Kavi, - Anonymous Text, British Museum - Lal Kavi, - Peary, Rangalal, - Vrajanath, -Paida, - Anonymous text, - Raga Kutuhala by Kavi Radha Krishna, - Gangadhara, - Sangita-sar, - Diwan Lachiram's Bhuddi-prakas-Darpan, -- Sangita-sudarsana, - Chunni Lalji's Nad-vinod, -Bhanu Kavi

PERSIAN TEXTS : Persian Ragamala Album, - Ragamala with Persian Inscriptions

BENGALI TEXT : Radhtmohun Sen's Sangita - Taranga

Skeleton Drawings, - Sources of Pictorial Motifs, - Visualization of Music in Europe

List of Musical Texts