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Man in the Modern Age,0415570611,9780415570619

Man in the Modern Age

Karl Jaspers

Our Price: $ 166.96

Kant, Respect and Injustice The Limits of Liberal Moral Theory,041557093X,9780415570930

Kant, Respect and Injusti ...

Victor Seidler

Our Price: $ 167.57

An Introduction to Political Philosophy,041557921X,9780415579216

An Introduction to Politi ...

A.R.M. Murray, ...

Our Price: $ 189.70

The Concept of Social Change A Critique of the Functionalist Theory of Social Change,0415579201,9780415579209

The Concept of Social Cha ...

Anthony D. Smit ...

Our Price: $ 153.43

The Social Democratic Image of Society A Study of the Achievements and Origins of Scandinavian Social Democracy in Comparative Perspective,0415561159,9780415561150

The Social Democratic Ima ...

Francis Castles

Our Price: $ 70.53

Keynes' Economics Methodological Issues,0415552990,9780415552998
3 %

Keynes' Economics Methodo ...

Tony Lawson, Ha ...

List Price: $ 170.00

Our Price: $ 165.16

Memories of Class The Pre-History and After-Life of Class,0415571278,9780415571272

Memories of Class The Pre ...

Zygmunt Bauman

Our Price: $ 209.46

Family Men Middle-Class Fatherhood in Industrializing America,0415917875,9780415917872

Family Men Middle-Class F ...

Shawn Johansen

Our Price: $ 59.68

Political Philosophy and Social Welfare Essays on the Normative Basis of Welfare Provisions,0415557933,9780415557931

Political Philosophy and ...

Raymond Plant, ...

Our Price: $ 71.67

In Praise of the Cognitive Emotions And Other Essays in the Philosophy of Education,0415582717,9780415582711

In Praise of the Cognitiv ...

Israel Scheffle ...

Our Price: $ 69.24

Reappraising J. A. Hobson Human and Welfare,0415564298,9780415564298

Reappraising J. A. Hobson ...

Michael Freeden

Our Price: $ 71.30

The International Politics of Surplus Capacity Competition for Market Shares in the World Recession,0415572819,9780415572811
52 %

The International Politic ...

Susan Strange, ...

List Price: $ 135.00

Our Price: $ 65.19

Contest of Faculties Philosophy and Theory after Deconstruction,0415572371,9780415572378

Contest of Faculties Phil ...

Christopher Nor ...

Our Price: $ 180.68

Free Market Conservatism A Critique of Theory and Practice,0415570476,9780415570473

Free Market Conservatism ...

Edward Nell

Our Price: $ 71.49

The Metaphysical Theory of the State,0415557860,9780415557863
29 %

The Metaphysical Theory o ...

L.T. Hobhouse, ...

List Price: $ 54.95

Our Price: $ 38.99

The Medieval Idea of Law as Represented by Lucas de Penna,0415571553,9780415571555

The Medieval Idea of Law ...

Walter Ullmann

Our Price: $ 203.38

The Radical Tradition A Study in Modern Revolutionary Thought (Routledge Revivals),0415570506,9780415570503
2 %

The Radical Tradition A S ...

Richard Gombin

List Price: $ 39.95

Our Price: $ 38.99

Free-Thought in the Social Sciences,0415578566,9780415578561
53 %

Free-Thought in the Socia ...

J.A. Hobson, J. ...

List Price: $ 140.00

Our Price: $ 65.48

Socialism the Active Utopia,0415571634,9780415571630

Socialism the Active Utop ...

Zygmunt Bauman

Our Price: $ 166.38

Liberalisms Essays in Political Philosophy (Routledge Revivals),0415567858,9780415567855

Liberalisms Essays in Pol ...

John Gray

Our Price: $ 84.75

Marxism and Historical Writing,0415572800,9780415572804

Marxism and Historical Wr ...

Paul Hirst

Our Price: $ 166.96