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Disorienting Dharma Ethics and the Aesthetics of Suffering in the Mahabharata

Gender and Narrative in the Mahabharata,0415544718,9780415544719

Gender and Narrative in t ...

Simon Brodbeck, ...

Our Price: $ 81.22

Making Sense of the Secular Critical Perspectives from Europe to Asia,0415536952,9780415536950

Making Sense of the Secul ...

Ranjan Ghosh

Our Price: $ 191.37

Brahmanical Temple Art and Architecture in Hadoti From Earliest Times to Seventh Century A.D. 1st Edition,8180903001,9788180903007

Brahmanical Temple Art an ...

Ambika Dhaka

Our Price: $ 59.76

Disorienting Dharma Ethics and the Aesthetics of Suffering in the Mahabharata,0199860785,9780199860784

Disorienting Dharma Ethic ...

Emily T. Hudson

Our Price: $ 69.99

Modern Hindu Personalism The History, Life, and Thought of Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati,0199865914,9780199865918

Modern Hindu Personalism ...

Ferdinando Sard ...

Our Price: $ 75.61

Goddess Worship in the Western Himalayas Temples, Tradition, Art and Rituals,8173201242,9788173201240
58 %

Goddess Worship in the We ...

Deepak Rawat

List Price: $ 70.00

Our Price: $ 29.38

The Physics of Karma A Requiem to Time,9382788050,9789382788058

The Physics of Karma A Re ...

V. Dwaraknath R ...

Our Price: $ 11.42

Indian Conceptual World Philosophical Essays,8177421182,9788177421187

Indian Conceptual World P ...

Anindita N. Bal ...

Our Price: $ 18.59

Re-figuring the Ramayana as Theology A History of Perception in Premodern India 1st Edition,0415687519,9780415687515
33 %

Re-figuring the Ramayana ...

Ajay K. Rao

List Price: $ 145.00

Our Price: $ 97.52

Textual Authority in Classical Hindu Thought Ramanuja and the Vishnu Purana,0415695759,9780415695756

Textual Authority in Clas ...

Sucharita Adlur ...

Our Price: $ 141.89

Sandalwood and Carrion Smell in Indian Religion and Culture,0199916322,9780199916320

Sandalwood and Carrion Sm ...

James McHugh

Our Price: $ 65.88

मन का तुलसी चौरा 1st संस्करण,9350722275,9789350722275

मन का तुलसी चौरा 1st संस् ...

तरुण विजय

Our Price: $ 15.26

Life One Hundred Quotes and Thoughts with one Hundred Paintings of Lord Krishna 1st Edition,8124606188,9788124606186

Life One Hundred Quotes a ...

R.N. Kogata

Our Price: $ 10.74

The Chaitanya Vaishnava Vedanta of Jiva Gosvami When Knowledge Meets Devotion 1st Edition,0415860288,9780415860284

The Chaitanya Vaishnava V ...

Ravi M. Gupta

Our Price: $ 73.95

ऋग्भाष्य-पदार्थ-कोषः यास्कतः दयानंदपर्यंतम् 8 Vols. 1st संस्करण,8171104266,9788171104260
34 %

ऋग्भाष्य-पदार्थ-कोषः यास् ...

ज्ञानप्रकाश शास ...

List Price: $ 160.66

Our Price: $ 106.21

Integral Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo,8186921575,9788186921579
7 %

Integral Philosophy of Sr ...

Aparna Banerjee

List Price: $ 15.00

Our Price: $ 13.99

कालीतंत्रम् सटिप्पणभाषाटीकासहितम् ; श्रीरुद्रचंडीतंत्रम् : भाषाटीकासमन्वितम्,9381484112,9789381484111

कालीतंत्रम् सटिप्पणभाषाटी ...

एस.एन. खंडेलवाल

Our Price: $ 11.66

Religion and Science A Philosophical Approach,8180699153,9788180699153
9 %

Religion and Science A Ph ...

Hamid Rezania

List Price: $ 16.00

Our Price: $ 14.50

वेदांत दर्शन 1st संस्करण,8171104053,9788171104055

वेदांत दर्शन 1st संस्करण

विनय कुमार मिश् ...

Our Price: $ 11.46

शिरडी के साईं बाबा [एक स्मृति कथा] नवीन संकरण,8121617936,9788121617932

शिरडी के साईं बाबा [एक स् ...

रामकुमार भ्रमर

Our Price: $ 8.83

मोक्ष ज्ञान,9350500639,9789350500637

मोक्ष ज्ञान

कृष्ण कुमार बाल ...

Our Price: $ 14.34