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Advances in Microbiology 1st Edition

Advances in Microbiology 1st Edition,8172333323,9788172333324


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Book Information

Publisher:Scientific Publishers
Published In:2003
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:2.15 lbs
Pages:xii + 367 Pages, Figures, Illustrations, Charts, Tables, Index, References

The Title "Advances in Microbiology 1st Edition" is written by Pravin Chandra Trivedi. This book was published in the year 2003. The ISBN number 8172333323|9788172333324 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 1st Edition edition. This book has total of pp. xii + 367 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Scientific Publishers. We have about 821 other great books from this publisher. Advances in Microbiology 1st Edition is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Microbiologist have made significant contributions to basic biological sciences as well as in the applied areas of public Health and Medical sciences, agriculture, industry and environmental sciences. The most dramatic current development in applied Microbiology is due to development of Genetic Engineering and recombinant DNA technology.

The Book "Advances in Microbiology" provides a comprehensive and critical review of the work done on different areas of microbiology including agriculture, industry medical science, bioremediation etc. The book contains 24 chapters. Chapters cover information on the status of microbial diversity, application of biosensors, Azolla as biofertilizer, Frankia. - nitrogen fixing actinomycetes, extraction of metals from ores using bacteria, alkaliphiles, Citric acid fermentation, biodiversity of cyanobacteria, microbial degradation of xenobiotics etc. Aspects, covering biotechnological applications of microbes for improved plant productivity and new approaches for development of vaccines have been specially included to project their role and use in the twenty-first century. Comprehensive account of microbes in the Management of soil borne diseases and plant parasitic nematodes throw, light on the importance of microbes in the management of plant pests.

This book will be useful to researchers, teachers and students of microbiology, botany, Zoology and agriculture.


1. Significance and Status of Microbial diversity/D.C. Sharma and T. Satyanarayana
2. Biosensors and their applications/S.S. Kanwar and Sunita Devi
3. Thermophilic xylanases : Molecular and biotechnological perspectives/S.P. George, D.S. Nath and M.B. Rao
4. Potential use of Azolla biofertilizer in sustainable rice production/K. Kumar and S. Kannaiyan
5. Phosphate solubilizing activity of microbes and their role as biofertilizer/Jyoti Saxena and Vinay Sharma
6. Frankia/A promising nitrogen fixing Actinomycetes/Mahadev Swamy, M. Sreenivasa and M.K. Naik
7. Endophytic association of Azorhizobium caulinodans for nodulation and nitrogen fixation in Cereal crops/S. Kannaiyan and K. Kumar
8. Extraction of Metals from ores using Bacteria/A Review/N. Anuradha, N.S. Sashidhar and H. Polasa
9. Biological remedies for groundwater pollution/R. Kaushik and I.K. Sharma
10. Optimization of factors affecting Nickel bioleaching by two strains of Thiobacillus ferroxidans/N. Anuradha, A.K. Mathur, N.S. Sashidhar and H. Polasa
11. Development of new antimicrobial agents/Issues and options/C.K.M. Tripathi and Vinod Bihari
12. Biotechnological approaches in management of Soilborne diseases/M.K. Naik, Mahadeva swamy and Arun Sataraddi
13. Keratin colonizing Fungal Flora/R.K.S. Kushwaha
14. Alkaliphiles : Microbes in alkaline environments/S. Barkar and S. Bhosle
15. A Novel inexpensive technique for isolation of Anaerobes /Nandita Ashtaputre and R.H. Balasubramanya
16. Development and structure of nodules in Leguminous weeds /P.S. Jain
17. Emerging new approaches for development of Vaccines/G. Prasad, Minakshi and Yashpal Malik
18. Phosphate solubilising microbial system/Geeta Singh
19. Biotechnological application of microbes for improved plant productivity/S.K. Dwivedi and P. Dwivedi
20. Mycorrhizal fungi as deterrants of root pathogen/D.A. Sumana, A.N. Kalakrishna and D.J. Baggary
21. Citric acid fermentation : A Current Pespective/Sanjay Gupta and Chandra B. Sharma
22. Biodiversity of Cyanobacteria/B.V. Singh, O.N. Tiwari, Dolly Wattal Dhar and P.K. Singh