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Collected Poems, 1970-2005 1st Published

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Book Information

Publisher:Penguin Books
Published In:2006
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:0.92 lbs
Pages:pp. xv + 355

The Title "Collected Poems, 1970-2005 1st Published" is written by Keki N. Daruwalla. This book was published in the year 2006. The ISBN number 014306200X|9780143062004 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 1st Published edition. This book has total of pp. xv + 355 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Penguin Books. We have about 111368 other great books from this publisher. Collected Poems, 1970-2005 1st Published is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Keki Daruwalla established himself as a name to reckon with in Indian poetry with the publication of his very first book, Under Orion (1970). With nine published volumes so far, including The Keeper of the Dead which won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1984, and Landscapes, which won the coveted Commonwealth Poetry Prize for Asia in 1987, he is today one of India’s foremost poets. His poetry, characterized by a trademark vigour and immediacy of language, a razor-sharp tone and subtle imagery, consistently strikes an ingenious balance between image and statement. With his capacity to blend a larger-than-life canvas with an unfailing eye for detail, he addresses a remarkable variety of themes in his poems-from the epic concerns of culture and history, myth and Religion to the quotidian affairs of life and death, love and passion.

This definitive edition, testimony to his prodigious output and astonishing breadth of vision, brings together over three decades of Keki Daruwalla’s work and also includes a whole new section of Poems previously unpublished.

About the Author

Born in 1937, Keki N. Daruwalla obtained his master's degree in English Literature from Government College, Ludhiana, University of Punjab. He joined the Indian Police Service in 1958. His first book of poems, Under Orion, was published in 1970 and he has since then published eight more volumes of poetry. His poems have been translated into many languages, including French, Swedish and Magyar. He has given extensive poetry readings abroad and his poems have appeared in various prestigious anthologies. He won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1984 and the coveted Commonwealth Poetry Prize for Asia in 1987. He lives in Delhi. Cover Photograph : Sohrab Hura


I. NEW POEMS (2000-2005) :
1. Bypass
2. Urban VIII Confesses
3. Sappho Poems
4. The Tawang Monastery
5. Epiphany
6. We, the Kauravas
7. Notes from the Underground
8. Underwater Notes
9. To a Palestinian Poet
10. Yahudi
11. Gujarat 2002
12. The Death of Distinctions
13. Nurse and Sentinel
14. Fish
15. Of Ledges and Moss
16. Poem for a Granddaughter
17. Before the Word
18. News from Osama
19. Invocation
20. The Happy Woman Speaks to Herself

1. Curfew in a Riot-torn City
2. Pestilence
3. The Epileptic
4. Monologue in the Chambal Valley
5. Shiva : At Timarsain
6. Ecce Homo
7. Elegy I
8. Elegy II
9. Black Rain
10. Easy and Difficult Animals
11. Dialogues with a Third Voice
12. Collage I
13. Collage II
14. My Poetry
15. A Simple Poet
16. The Wrong Match
17. The Revolt of the Salt Slaves
18. Under Orion
A. Poems from the Terai :
i. The Ghaghra in Spate
ii. Death by Burial

1. Fire-hymn
2. Apparition in April
3. The Snowman
4. Pilgrimage to Badrinath
5. Carvak
6. To Writers Abroad
7. Food and Words, Words and Food
8. Routine
9. Love in Meerut

A. The Waterfront :
1. Boat-ride Along the Ganga
2. Nightscape
3. Dawn
4. Vignette I
5. Vignette II
6. Vignette III
7. Death Vignette
8. The Dip
9. Mother
10. Beads
11. River Silt :

B. Crossing of Rivers :
1. Crossing of Rivers

C. In my Father's House :
1. Death of a Bird
2. Haranag
3. In My Father's House

A. Winter Poems :
1. Suddenly the Tree

B. Hunger 74 :
1. Calendar, Starting with June
2. Notes
3. Jottings
4. Rhapsody on a Hungry Night

C. Variations :
1. Curfew 2
2. Variations
3. Walking to the Centre
4. A City Falls

D. Diverse Moods :
1. Lorca
2. For My Daughter Anaheita

A. The Keeper of the Dead :
1. Hawk
2. The King Speaks to the Scribe
3. Pestilence in Nineteenth-century Calcutta
4. The Revolutionary
5. You, Slipping Past
6. The Mistress
7. Comet and Dream
8. Kohoutek
9. Mehar Ali, the Keeper of the Dead

B. The Unrest of Desire :
1. The Night of the Jackals
2. Love among the Pines
3. From the Snows in Ranikhet
4. The Unrest of Desire
5. The Son Speaks to the Dead Rake
6. To My Daughter Rookzain

C. In The Shadow of the Imamrara :
1. Aag-Matam
2. Sixth Moharram, Lucknow
3. Apothecary
4. On the Contrariness of Dreams
5. The Mazars of Amroha

A. Landscapes :
1. Mandwa
2. Gulzaman's Son
3. Wolf
4. The Last Howl
5. Lambing
6. Fish Are Speared by Night
7. Requiem for a Hawk
8. Migrations
9. The Magician's Son
10. Ruminations at Verinag
11. Chinar
12. Crossing Chorhoti
13. The Round of the Seasons
14. A Pregnancy in the Hills
15. Night Fishing
16. A Take-off on a Passing Remark
17. Striving's End

B. Oxford and After :
1. Coming into Heathrow
2. Christmas Eve Walk
3. Of Mohenjo Daro at Oxford
4. The Eall of Mohenjo Daro
5. The Cross at St Giles
6. Skopje : The Earthquake City
7. Four for Ted Roethke

1. Of Brutus and Borges
2. Invoking the Goddess
3. History
4. Finalities
5. The Glassblower
6. The Last Whale
7. Of Mohommad AH Pasha
8. Cargo
9. The Chillum
10. To Georges Braque
11. The Foal
12. Childhood Poem
13. The World of George Keyt
14. Oslo Fragment
15. Winter View (Midlands)
16. Disparate Pieces
17. Fragment
18. Letter to Pablo
19. The Poseidonians
20. Don't Expect
21. A Tale of Two Statues
22. The Akhond at Isfahan
23. Chess
24. Insomnia
25. The Middle Ages
26. Revisit
27. District Law Courts
28. Returning from the Gulf

1. Exile and the Chinese Poets
2. Living on Hyphens
3. Partition Ghazal
4. A Faiz Quatrain
5. Bird Eclipse
6. Meursault
7. Epitaph for a Spanish Peasant
8. Letter from Helsinki
9. Egyptian Testament
10. On a Dying Millennium
11. Going Down the Night River
12. Dream Log
13. Of Interiors
14. Notes
15. Small Space
16. How the Blood Bank Got Gutted
17. Contradictory You

A. Stalking Mandelstam :
1. Through a Row of Doors
2. The Poem
3. The Stalin Epigram
4. Poem 8
5. Silent Homer, Roaring Sea
6. By the River Kama
7. Speaking to Mandelstam through Poem 119

B. Island Poems :
1. Prologue
2. Coral Poem
3. Ross Island
4. The Night Ferry
5. Vignettes
6. Island Notes

A. Monologues :
1. Old Sailor
2. The Hebrew Professor
3. Nativity Poem
4. The Ghana Scholar Reflects on His Thesis
5. The Mehdi of Sudan
6. AI-Azhar Lecture
7. Old Map-maker
8. Agni Sutta

B. Map-Maker :
1. The Birth of Maya
2. Nadezhda, Widow
3. Map-maker
4. Roof Observatory
5. Of Insights
6. Mirror Poem
7. Time
8. Sky, River
9. Bars
10. Two Words
11. Draupadi

C. Century-End Poems :
1. Century-end Prayer
2. Ruminating on the Galaxies
3. A Millennium Poem
4. This Miracle
5. Migrations

D. The Immolated Kings