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Five Punjabi Centuries Polity, Economy, Society and Culture, c. 1500-1990 [Essays for J.S. Grewal] Reprint,817304175X,9788173041754

Five Punjabi Centuries Polity, Economy, Society and Culture, c. 1500-1990 [Essays for J.S. Grewal] Reprint



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Book Information

Publisher:Manohar Publishers & Distributors
Published In:2000
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:2.24 lbs
Pages:pp. 623, Frontispiece, Tables, Maps, Glossary, Notes, Biblio., Abbreviations

The Title "Five Punjabi Centuries Polity, Economy, Society and Culture, c. 1500-1990 [Essays for J.S. Grewal] Reprint" is written by Indu Banga. This book was published in the year 2000. The ISBN number 817304175X|9788173041754 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. The book displayed here is a Reprint edition. This book has total of pp. 623 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Manohar Publishers & Distributors. We have about 1364 other great books from this publisher. Five Punjabi Centuries Polity, Economy, Society and Culture, c. 1500-1990 [Essays for J.S. Grewal] Reprint is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

The contributors to this volume belong to the disciplines of history, art history, geography, political science, Economics and literature-many of them eminent in their field of interest. Their contributions make this volume multi-disciplinary, with an exceptionally wide scope, making it indispensable for all students and scholars of social sciences and humanities.

Three papers cover polity, economy and society in the Mughal Punjab; six relate to state-formation, economy, society and literature of the period of Sikh rule; one deals with Religion and art in the hills. A masterly essay delineates the major developments in the recent study of Pahari painting.

The period of colonial rule is covered by fifteen contributors who discuss political, economic and socio-cultural developments dwelling on urban society and politics; communitarian, secular and national consciousness; agrarian and urban economy; demographic and social change; Punjabi literature; and gender relations.

There are three papers on the Punjab after independence related to political economy; the bearing of agricultural growth on urbanization; and the movement for the Punjabi-speaking state.

The essay on Professor J.S. Grewal's work becomes virtually a study of new directions in the historiography of the Punjab in its political, social, economic and cultural dimensions.



1. J.S. Grewal : the Historian/Indu Banga

2. Polity, Economy and Society under the Mughals/Chetan Singh
3. Politics under the Later Mughals/Muzaffar Alam
4. Formation of the Sikh State, 1765-1845/Indu Banga
5. Muslim Anjumans and Communitarian Consciousness/Ikram Ali Malik
6. The Punjab Hindu Sabha and Communal Politics, 1906-1923/K.L. Tuteja
7. Sikh Politics and Religion : the Bhasaur Singh Sabha/N. Gerald Barrier
8. The Ghadar Movement : A New Consciousness/Harish K. Puri
9. Urban society and Urban Politics : Lahore in 1919/Ravinder Kumar
10. Akalis and the Nationalist Politics/Mohinder Singh
11. Movement for the Punjabi-speaking State/A.S. Narang

12. Water Resources and Agricultural Landscape : Pre-colonial Punjab/Tripta Wahi
13. Agrarian Production and Distribution in the Late Eighteenth Century/Veena Sachdeva
14. Agrarian Society in Transition : Mid-Nineteenth Century/Radha Sharma
15. Land Revenue and Peasant Protection in Early British Punjab/Andrew J. Major
16. Changes in Agrarian Society in the Late Nineteenth Century/Himadri Banerjee
17. Canal Colonization and Socio-economic Change/Imran Ali
18. Agricultural Development and Urbanization, 1921-1981/Gurdev Singh Gosal
19. Political Economy Since Independence/G.S. Bhalla

20. Society in Punjabi Literature, 1750-1850/Daljinder Singh Johal
21. Pre-colonial Agrarian Society : the Upper Bari Doab/Bachan Singh Hira
22. Urban Revolution under Colonial Rule/Reeta Grewal
23. Emergence of the Middle Classes and Forms of Political Articulation/Sukhdev Singh Sohal
24. The Sikh Community : Demography and Occupational Change, 1881-1931/Joginder Singh
25. Changing World of the Artisans, 1849-1947/Harish C. Sharma
26. Changing Gender Relationships Among Hindus in Early British Punjab/Kenneth W. Jones

27. Historical Dynamics of the Qissa/J.S. Rahi
28. Political Change and Punjabi Literature in the Nineteenth Century/Attar Singh
29. Religion and Art in the Punjab Hills : A Study in Relationship, c.1600-1850/Karuna Goswamy
30. On the Study of Pahari Painting/B.N. Goswamy


1. Indu Banga, Professor of History, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Publications include Agrarian System of the Sikhs (1978), and The City in Indian History (ed 1994). Current research on 'Hindu Consciousness in Colonial Punjab'

2. Chetan Singh, Associate Professor in History, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. Publications include Region and Empire : Panjab in the Seventeenth Century (1991). Current research on 'environment, society and economic development in Himachal, 1800-1950'

3. Muzaffar Alam, Professor of Medieval Indian History at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Publications include The Crisis of Empire in Mughal North India : Awadh and the Punjab, 1707-1748 (1986). Current research on 'Ideology and Political Culture during the Seventeenth Century'

4. Ikram Ali Malik, Professor of History, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Publications include A Book of Readings on History of the Punjab, 1799-1947 (1970), and Hindu-Muslim Riots in British Punjab, 1849-1900 : An Analysis (1984)

5. K.L. Tuteja, Professor of History, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Publications include Sikh Politics 1920-1940 (1984). Current research on 'Communal Ideology in Colonial Punjab'

6. N. Gerald Barrier, Professor of South Asian History, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA. Published articles and books on the Sikhs and the Punjab, including The Sikhs and their Literature, 1849-1919(1970)

7. Harish K Puri, Professor of Political Science, GNDU, Amritsar. Publications include Ghadar Movement : Ideology, Organisation and Strategy (1993). Current research on 'ethno-politics and federalism in India and Canada'

8. Ravinder Kumar, Director, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi; formerly Chairman, Indian Council of Historical Research. Publications include Western India in the Nineteenth Century (1968), and The Making of a Nation (1989)

9. Mohinder Singh, Director, National Institute of Punjab Studies, New Delhi. Publications include The Akali Movement (1978), and The Akali Struggle : A Retrospect (1988)

10. A.S. Narang, Associate Professor of Political Science, Indira Gandhi Open University, New Delhi. Publications include Storm over the Sutlej : The Akali Politics (1983), and Ethnic Identities and Federalism (1995)

11. Tripta Wahi, Senior Lecturer in History, Hindu College, Delhi. Author of The Orient, the Empire and Historical Writing (forthcoming). Current research on 'Irrigation and Social Relations : A Case Study of the Punjab, 1700-1900'

12. Veena Sachdeva, Senior Lecturer, Department of History, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Publications include Polity and Economy of the Punjab during the Late Eighteenth Century (1993). Current research on 'Sutlej-Yamuna Divide : eighteenth-early nineteenth century'

13. Radha Sharma, Reader in History, Gndu, Amritsar. Published articles on aspects of agrarian social structure in the Punjab during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century

14. Andrew J. Major, Senior Lecturer in modern South Asian History at the National University of Singapore. Published several articles on aspects of the Sikh and early British periods, Punjab 'criminal tribes', and 'Sikh Polities'

15. Himadri Banerjee, Professor of History, Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta. Publications include Agrarian Society of the Punjab 1849-1901 (1982). Current research on 'the Sikhs in Bengali, Assamese and Oriya Literature'

16. Imran All, Jamil Nishtar Professor of Agribusiness, and Director, Centre for Management and Economic Research, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. Publications include The Punjab under Imperialism, 1885-1947 (1988)

17. Gurdev Singh Gosal, Formerly Professor of Geography, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Specialization : Population Geography. Publications include Census Atlas of Punjab (1966), and Regional Disparities in Levels of Socio-Economic Development in Punjab (1984)

18. G. s. Bhajlla, Professor Emeritus in Economics, Centre for Regional Studies, JNU, New Delhi. Publications include The Green Revolution and the Small Peasant : A Study of Income Distribution among Punjab Cultivators (1983), and Administration and Implementation of Price Policy in India (1989)

19. Daljinder Singh Johal, Head, History Department, Guru Hargobind Khalsa College, Gursar Sadhar, Ludhiana. Published articles on aspects of literary evidence during the period of Sikh rule

20. Bachan Singh Hira, Senior Lecturer, Department of History, GNDU, Amritsar. Publications include Social Change in the Upper Ban Doab(l996)

21. Reeta Grewal, Senior Lecturer, Department of History, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Besides articles, author of Urbanization under Colonial Rule : The Punjabi Century (forthcoming)

22. Sukhdev Singh Sohal, Lecturer in History, GNDU, Amritsar. Published articles on the middle classes and aspects of socio-economic history, communal politics and nationalism in colonial Punjab

23. Jogindersingh, Reader in History, GNDU, Amritsar. Published articles on aspects of Sikh resurgence in colonial Punjab. Current research on 'Social composition of the Sikh Leaders in the Early Twentieth Century'

24. Harish C. Sharma, Reader in History, GNDU, Amritsar. Publications include Artisans of the Punjab : A Study of Social Change in Historical Perspective, 1849-1947 (1996). Current research on 'the fortunes and vicissitudes of the former nobility of the kingdom of Lahore under colonial rule'

25. Kenneth W. Jones, Professor Emeritus for South Asian History, State University of Kansas, USA. Publications include Arya Dharm : Hindu Consciousness in 19th Century Punjab (1976), and Religious Reform Movements in British India : The New Cambridge History of India series (1989)

26. J.S. Rahi, Professor, Department of Punjabi Studies, GNDU, Amritsar. Publications include Punjabi Novel (1977), and Mask Galp De (1992)

27. Attar Singh, Professor, Shaikh Farid Chair in Medieval Indian Literature, Panjab University, Chandigarh till his passing away in 1994. Among his major works are : Secularism of Modern Punjabi Poetry (1988), and Drishtihon (1963) and Samdarshan (1975) in Punjabi

28. Karuna Goswamy, Senior Reader in History, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Publications include Wall Paintings of Sujanpur Tira (1971), and Glory of the Goddess (1989). Has completed a study of 'Creativity, Production and Patronage in Kashmir Painting' for the IIAS, Shimla

29. B.N. Goswamy, Sarabhai Fellow; formerly Professor of Fine Arts, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Publications include Pahari Painting : The Family as the Basis of Style (1968), and Pahari Masters : Court Painters of Northern India (1992)

About the Editors

Indu Banga is Professor of History at the Panjab University, Chandigarh. Her publications include the Agrarian System of the Sikhs (1978), The City in Indian History (ed 1994), and Cultural Reorientation in Modern India (ed conjoint, 1996).

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