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Objective Resolution and Its Impact on Pakistan Constitution and Law


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Book Information

Publisher:Royal Book Company (Karachi)
Published In:1996
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:1.03 lbs
Pages:pp. [xiii] + 202, Appendix

is written by Tanzilur Rehman.

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About the Author

Dr. Tanzilur-Rehman holds a Ph. D degree in Islamic learning. His area of specialization is Islamic Law. He practiced at the Bar for about 25 years (1955-79). He has been Legal Advisor to the Islamic Research Institute, Government of Pakistan, Karachi-Islamabad (1964-79), Judge of the High Court of Sindh (1980-90) and Chairman, Council of Islamic Ideology, Government of Pakistan (1980-84), Chief Justice, Federal Sharia't Court of Pakistan (1990-92). Member; Pakistan Law Commission (1980-84, 1990-92).

He is the Author of over two dozens of books on Islamic Law; A Code of Muslim Personal Law (2 volumes); Essay on Islam; Islamization of Pakistan Law; The Judgment That Could Not Be Delivered; English-Urdu Law Dictionary with explanatory notes of about 20,000 legal terms; Majmu'ah Qawaneen-i-lslam (6 vol.); Islami Qawaneen-i-Hudud, Qisas wa Diyat; Islami Qanoon-i-Shahadat; Islamic 'Qanoon-i-lrtitad, Fiqh Islami Ka Tarikhi Irtiqa; Jurm wa Saza Ka Islami Falsafah; Islami Nizam-i-Adalat, Khulasah Matalih-i-Qura'an; Qura'an-i-Hakim Awr Hamari Zindagi (2 vol.), etc.

Besides, he contributed various research papers to law journals and delivered various talks in a number of National and International Conferences both in and outside Pakistan.

He visited U.S.A., UK, U.A.E., Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.


Ali Khan

Objectives Resolution; Significance of the Objectives Resolution; Opening address of Shaheed-i-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan in the First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan; Addresses by other Members of the Assembly-Dr. Ishtiyaq Husain Quraishi; Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani; Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar; Sir Muammad Zafrullah Khan; Chaudhry Nazir Ahmad Khan; Dr. Omar Hayat Malik; Nur Ahmad; Dr. Mahmud Husain; Begum Dr. Shaista Sahrawady Ikratnullah; Reply by Shahecd-i-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan; Resolution Carried; Sovereignty of Allah; Obedience to the Holy Prophet; Talimat-i-Islami Board and 22 Points; Dissolution of Constituent Assembly; Constitution of Pakistan 1956-Islamic Provisions; Constitution of 1956 abrogated; Constitution of Pakistan 1962-Islamic Provisions; Constitution of 1962 abrogated; Constitution of Pakistan 1973-Islamic Provision; Constitution of 1973 Suspended, ; Islamization Ushers in a New Era; Revival of Constitution of 1973 and Insertion of Article 2A; Background of the insertion of Art. 2A; Constitutional Recommendations of the Council of Islamic Ideology; Commission's Recommendations; Effects of Article 2A; Analysis of the Objectives Resolution; Principles and Provisions set out in the Objectives Resolution; Enforceability of Article 2A; Islamization of Laws-the Five Modes

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Appraisal; The Role of Judiciary and the Objectives Resolution; Non-amenability of Article 2A; Article 2A as a subsequent provision; Violation of Article 2A involves violation of oaths; Article 2A deals with the question of authority, 163; Court's plea of Non Self-executory; The role or function of Judiciary; Judicial Activism-Need for; The phrase, "Effect shall be given accordingly"; To Resolve the conflict-Duty of the court; Legislative bodies as exclusive repositories of sovereignty; Objectives Resolution and challenge to Constitution; Is Islamization Business of Legislature only?; Asma Jellani's

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