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The Dhammapada Verses & Stories 1st Reprint Edition

by  ,
The Dhammapada Verses & Stories 1st Reprint Edition,8170302218,9788170302216


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Book Information

Publisher:Sri Satguru Publications
Published In:1990
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:1.76 lbs
Pages:pp. xxix + 500, Index, Glossary

The Title "The Dhammapada Verses & Stories 1st Reprint Edition" is written by Daw Mya Tin. This book was published in the year 1990. The ISBN number 8170302218|9788170302216 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. The book displayed here is a 1st Reprint Edition edition. This book has total of pp. xxix + 500 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Sri Satguru Publications. We have about 919 other great books from this publisher. The Dhammapada Verses & Stories 1st Reprint Edition is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Dhammapada is one of the best known books of the Pitaka. It is a collection of the teachings of the Buddha expressed in clear, pithy verses. These verses were culled from various discourses given by the Buddha in the course of forty five years of his teaching, as he traveled the valley of the Ganges and the sub-mountain tract of the Himalayas. Each verse contains a truth (dhamma), an exhortation, a piece of advice. The present books id divided into two parts. Part 1 is the translation of the verses. The present translation of verses is from Pali into English. The Pali text used in the Dhammapada Pali approved by the Sixth International Buddhist Synod. When there is any doubt in the interpretation the dhamma concept of the verses or when the literal meaning is vague or intelligible, the translator has referred to the Commentary (in Pali) and the Burmese translation of the Commentary by the Nyaunglebin Sayadaw, a very learned thera. The second part of the Book contains it is generally believed that the Dhammapada commentary written by Buddhaghosa is a great help towards a better understanding of the Dhammapada. Three hundred and five stories are included in the commentary. A translation of the verses is given at the end of each story. In the end book contains glossary of the terms and an index of the words.


Part I : VERSES :
1. The Pairs (Yamakavagga)
2. Mindfalness (Appamadavagga)
3. The Mind (Cittavagga)
4. Flowers (Pupphavagga)
5. The Fool (Balavagga)
6. The Wise (Panditavagga)
7. The Arahat (Arahantavagga)
8. The Thousand (Sahassavagga)
9. Evil (Papavagga)
10. Punishment (Dandavagga)
11. Ageing (Jaravagga)
12. Self (Attavagga)
13. The World (Lokavagga)
14. The Buddha (Buddhavagga)
15. Happiness (Sukhavagga)
16. Affection (Piyavagga)
17. The Elephant (Nagavagga)
18. Crazing (Tanhavagga)
19. The Bhikkhu (Bhikkuvagga)
20. Bhrhamana or Arahat (Brahmanavagga)

1. The Pairs (Yamakavagga)
2. Mindfulness (Appamadavagga)
3. The Mind (Cittavagga)
4. Flowers (Pupphavagga)
5. The Fool (Balavagga)
6. The Wise (Panditavagga)
7. The Arahat (Arahantavagga)
8. The Thousand (Sahassavagga)
9. Evil (Papavagga)
10. Punishment (Dandavagga)
11. Ageing (Jaravagga)
12. Self (Attavagga)
13. The World (Lokavagga)
14. The Buddha (Buddhavagga)
15. Happiness (Sukhavagga)
16. Affection (Piyavagga)
17. Anger (Kodhavagga)
18. Impurities (Malavagga)
19. The Just or the Righteous (Dhamatthavagga)
20. The Path (Maggavagga)
21. Miscellaneous (Pakinnakavagga)
22. The Chapter onNiraya (Nirayavagga)
23. The Elephant (Nagavagga)
24. Craving (Tanhavagga)
25. The Bhikkhu (Bhikkhuvagga)
26. The Brahmana (Brahmanavagga)
Index to first lines of Pali Verses
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