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Acanthocephala Books

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About Acanthocephala Books

Acanthocephala also called spiny-headed worm is any of various worms of the phylum Acanthocephala that live parasitically in the intestines of vertebrates and are characterized by a cylindrical, retractile proboscis that bears many rows of hooked spines..
Explore in our Acanthocephala books section a wide range of books on Acanthocephala- a phylum of parasitic worms. This splendid collection of Acanthocephala books educate on functional morphology, feeding, nutrition, metabolism, reproduction, embryology, relation to change in eco system, development, epizootiology, life cycle, transmission and much more. Know more about biology and ecology of Acanthocephala . We have books published in Europe, South Asia, South East Asia, North America.
Did You know?
Acanthocephalans lack a mouth or alimentary canal. Adult stages live in the intestines of their host and uptake nutrients which have been digested by the host, directly, through their body surface.